Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Major Directions of the Moon
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine February 1923

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 112 Course X--K.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. February 1923.
Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Section II
Part XI. Major Directions of the Moon
by C.C. Zain

Major Directions from the Moon are calculated by exactly the same method as are the Major directions from the Sun. This method was explained in the last lesson. Therefore, we will proceed at once to a further example of calculating a direction from the Ascendant; then a series of Major directions from the Moon will be exemplified, and finally we will take up the manner in which the kind of an event signified by a given direction may be predicted.

On the frontispiece of lesson No. 88 is given an example horoscope erected for April 12, 1920, and as the student is probably already familiar with its problems, we will use it as an example for our present computations. (See frontispiece. Chart II.a.)

The first thing, of course, is to find the Limiting Date. The E.G.M.T. is stated to be 10:00 A.M. 10:00A.M. subtracted from12:00 noon give us an Interval of 2h before noon. 2h divided by 2 equals 1 month of life. As the Interval is before noon we must add this 1 month to the date of birth, giving us as the Limiting Date May 12, 1920. (Rule X lesson 111.).

For the sake of illustration lest us suppose the chart given to be the birthchart of a child and that it is desirous to calculate the Major Directions for the year commencing 39 years after the Limiting Date. And for the convenience of those who do not possess a table of houses for exactly 40°.N. Lat., we will use the Table of Houses for New York, as given in the back of Raphael�s Ephemeris.

As the directions sought follow 39 years after the Limiting Date let us count ahead in the ephemeris 39 days, giving us May 21, 1920. The positions of the planets, therefore, on May 21, 1920, as given in the ephemeris, are their progressed positions on May 12, 1959.

To find the progressed house-positions for May 12, 1959, add the zodiacal distance the Sun has progressed to the Radical M.C., and set up a new chart for the latitude of birth with the sign and degree and minute so found on the M.C. The Sun at birth is Aries 22 o - 11´. On May 21, 1920, the Sun is Gemini 0° � 6´ , having moved 1S- 7° -55´. The M.C. at birth is Sagittarius 4° Adding 1S-7°-55´ to Sagittarius 4° gives as the new M.C. Capricorn 11°-55´. Turning to the Tables of Houses for New York we find that when Capricorn 11°-55´ is on the M.C. , Aries 22°-8´ is on the Asc. This is the progressed Ascendant.

Now if we desire to do so we can erect a new chart with Capricorn 11°-55´ on the M.C., placing the signs and degrees on the house-cusps as given in the table of houses. I have found, however, that the chief influence of a Progressed Planet operates through the houses as they are located in the Radical Chart. Therefore, in my own practice, rather than locate them in a complete progressed chart, I find it more convenient merely to indicate the progressed positions of M.C., Asc. and planets with reference to the Radical Houses.(See outside circle on frontispiece)

A glance at the position of the progressed Asc. shows that it is 9´ past the opposition of Mars p., the aspect having been completed about a month before May 12, 1959. The progressed Asc., however, is applying to the conjunction of the Sun r.

The direction Asc. conjunction Sun r. will be complete when the Asc. is Aries 22°-11´. Turning to the Table of Houses for New York we find that when Aries 22°-11´ is on the Asc., Capricorn 11°-57´ is on the M.C. As Capricorn 11°-55´ is on the progressed M.C. May 12, 1959, the M.C. must progress 2´ more. And as the M.C. progresses at the same rate as the Sun, and the Sun progresses on the average 5´ per month, or 1´ in 6 days, the M.C. will progress 2´ in 12 days. 12 days after May 12, gives us Asc. conjunction Sun r. May 24, 1959.

Now let us consider the progressed aspects made by the Moon. The Moon on May 21, 1920 is Cancer 15° � 30´. This is its progressed position May 12, 1959. On May 22, 1920 it is Leo 0° � 6´. This is its progressed position May 12, 1960. Its daily motion of 14° � 36´, therefore, represents the progression for 12 months. And 1/12 of 14° � 36´, or 1° � 15´ is its progression in 1 month, and 1/30 of 1° � 13´, or 2´ is it progression for 1 day.

The progressed Moon on the 12th. Of May 1959 has passed the Semi-square to the Sun p. by 24´. At the rate of 2´ per day this represents 12 days. May 12, minus 12 days give us, Moon semi-square Sun. p. Apr. 30, 1959.

Venus p. is Taurus 18° � 22´, but as it takes approximately 3 months for the Moon to reach the position Cancer 18° � 22´ by progression, Venus will have progressed approximately � its yearly progression, � of 1°-15´, or 19´, to Taurus 18° � 41. The Moon by progression, therefore, must move forward to Cancer 18° � 41´ to reach the sextile of Venus p. To reach this place from its ephemeris position in Cancer 15° -30´ it must progress 3° � 11´. And as it progresses 1° � 13´ per month, or 2´ per day, in 2 months it will move 2° � 26´. This leaves 45´ yet to progress to go the entire 3° � 11´, and 45 divided by 2 equals 22 days. We must then add 2 mo. and 22 days to May 12, 1959, giving us Moon sextile Venus p. August 4, 1959.

When the Moon reaches Cancer 19° it will be sesquisquare the M.C. r. From its ephemeris position of Cancer 15° � 30´ it must move 3° � 30´ . At 1° -12´ per month this will require 3 months lacking 9´ movement. And at the rate of 2´ per day this 9´ equals about 4 days. Then to May 12, 1959 we must add 2 months and 26 days, giving us Moon sesqui-square M.C. r. August 3, 1959.

When the Moon reaches Cancer 19° � 21´ it will be sesqui-square Uranus r. Uranus r. is Pisces 4° � 21´ . From its ephemeris position of 15° � 30´ it must move 3° � 51. At 1° � 13´ per month, in 3 months it moves 3° � 39´ . This leaves 12´ yet to move, which at 2´ per day is accomplished in 6 days. May 12, 1959 plus 3 mo. 5 days, gives us Moon sesqui-square Uranus r. August 18, 1959

Saturn p. (including progression after May 12) is Virgo 5° � 1´ To reach its semi-square the Moon must progress to Cancer 20 o � 1´ . It must therefore move from its ephemeris position 4° � 31´ . In 3 months it moves by progression 3° � 39´, and the remaining 52´ at 2´ per day requires 26 days. May 12, 1959 plus 3 months and 26 days gives us Moon semi-square Saturn p. Sept. 8, 1959.

Now if we desire to eliminate work, the sesqui--square of Moon to Uranus p. and the semi-square of Moon to Saturn r. occurring so immediately after the Moon semi-square Saturn p. we may calculate both of these directions from the latter by more inspection.

Thus, when the Moon reaches Cancer 20° � 20´ it will be semi-square Saturn r. But this position is only 19´ past the place where it made the semi-square to Saturn p. And as the Moon moves approximately 2´ per day by progression, and the semi-square to Saturn p. occurred on Sept. 8, the Moon is semi-square Saturn r. 9 days later, or Moon semi-square Saturn r. Sept. 17, 1959.

The Moon by progression reaches the sesqui-square Uranus p. 29´ after it reaches the semi-square Saturn p. At 2´ per day, by progression, this means 14 days later. So we have Moon sesqui-square Uranus p. Sept. 22, 1959.

I trust the student will have no difficulty in following these two last examples, as they illustrate the manner in which much of the labor of calculating a series of directions may be eliminated. In fact, after calculating the amount of progression per month made by Moon and planets, the date during the year when an aspect is formed by progression may, with a little practice, be found by merely inspecting the ephemeris and working a simple problem n mental arithmetic.

Mars on May 21, 1920 is given in the ephemeris as Libra 21° � 59´. But while the Moon is moving forward from Cancer 15° � 30´ to Cancer 21° � 59´, Mars being retrograde back nearly � its yearly motion by progression to Libra 21°-55´. From Cancer 15° � 30´ to Cancer 21° � 55´ is 6° � 25´. At the rate of 1°- 12´ per month the Moon by progression moves 6°- 5´ in 5 months. This leaves 20´ for it yet to go, which will be accomplished at the rate of 2´ per day in 10 days. Therefore, 5 months and 10 days after May 12, 1959 the Moon will reach by progression Cancer 21° � 55´ . Moon square Mars p. Oct. 22, 1959.

When the Moon reaches Cancer 22° � 11´ it will be square Sun r. Now we can calculate this direction in the same manner as the preceding one, or observing that the Moon reaches Cancer 22° � 11´ by moving only 16´ from the square of Mars p., just found to occur on Oct. 22, we can simply add the 8 days it takes the Moon to move 16´ by progression, to Oct. 22. This gives us Moon square Sun r. Nov. 1, 1959.

Our progressed Ascendant on May 12, 1959 is Aries 22° � 8´. But during the approximately 5 � months that it takes the Moon to move from Cancer 15°- 30´ to Cancer 22° � 8´ the Ascendant also has been progressing. As the M.C. progresses at the same rate as does the Sun, and the Sun progresses on the average 5´ per month, the M.C. will have moved forward about 27´ . Looking at the Table of Houses for New York we find, however, that during the time the M.C. moves from Capricorn 12° to Capricorn 13° the Ascendant moves 1° � 47´. Therefore, during the time the M.C. progresses 27´ the Ascendant will progress 48´ . Aries 22°- 8´ plus 48´ equals Aries 22° � 56´, the position of the progressed Ascendant, some 5 � months after May 12, 1959. Consequently, the Moon to come to the square of Asc. p. must progress to Cancer 22 o � 56´. From Cancer 15° � 30´ to Cancer 22° � 56´ is 7° 26´. At 1° � 13´ per month this requires 6 months with a remainder of 8´ which requires 4 days. Then May 12, plus 6 mo, and 4 days, gives us, Moon square Ascendant p. November 16, 1959.

This problem, while it at first appears a little complicated, can with a little practice, be solved by mere inspection and simple mental arithmetic, to within a few days of the correct date, which is close enough for ordinary purposes. And, to make the directions of the Moon even less difficult to calculate, the student will find in the ephemeris for recent years, that the position of the Moon is given not only for Noon, but also for Midnight. And as midnight is 12 hours after noon, the midnight position represents the progressed position of the Moon 6 months later than the moon position. In this case the position of the Moon at midnight of May 21, is Cancer 22° � 51´, which represents its progressed position on Nov. 12, 1959.

When the Moon reaches Cancer 25° � 20´ it is trine Mercury r. From its midnight position on May 21, the Moon must move 2°- 29´ to reach this place. At the rate of 1° � 13´ per month this will require 2 months, with a remainder of 3´ requiring about 1 day. As the midnight position of the Moon on May 21 represents its progressed position Nov. 12, 1959, we must add to this date 2 months and 1day. This gives us Moon trine Mercury r. Jan. 13, 1960.

The progression of Mercury from its position in Taurus 23° � 34´ on May 12, 1959 is at about the rate of 11´ per month. Without attempting to be precise, the ephemeris position of Mercury at noon and the Moon at midnight indicates that the Moon must move about 2 � months past its midnight position to reach the sextile of the progressing Mercury. Mercury will then have reached about Taurus 26° � 5´. The Moon to reach Cancer 26° � 5´ must move from its midnight position 3 o -14´ . At the rate of 1° � 13´ this will require 2 months, with a remainder of 48´ which equals about 24 days. November 12, 1959 plus 2 months and 24 days gives us Moon sextile Mercury p. Feb. 6, 1960.

But we must not overlook the Parallel aspects made by progression, for these, owing to their long duration, although usually not acute in their influence, are exceedingly powerful in their tendency to influence general conditions.

The progressed Moon on May 12, 1959 has a Declination of 18° � N 1´ and moves by progression during the following year to 15° N 10´ (See ephemeris for May 21 and May 22, 1920). A glance at the table of Declinations for the Radical chart shows that during this progression the only position it comes Parallel with is the Asc. r.

The Asc. r. is 16°-S 20´. The Moon moves by progression from 18° N 1´ to 15°N10´, a distance of 2° � 51´ during the year, or at the rate of 14´ per month. From 18° � 1´ to 16° � 20´ is a distance of 1°-41´ . At 14´ per month the Moon will cover this distance in about 7 months and 6 days. Therefore, adding 7 months and 6 days to May 12, 1959, we get Moon p. Asc. r. Dec. 18, 1959.

Next looking at the Declinations of the planets and progressed angles for May 12, 1959 we find that Venus in the ephemeris on May 21, 1920 has the declination 16° �N 19´ and on May 22 the declination 16° N 41. Two things are evident from this inspection. One is that Venus reaches the direction Parallel Asc. r. soon after May 12, 1959, and the other is that the Moon reaches the Parallel of Venus p.

We have already seen that the Moon by progression reaches 16°�N 20´about 7 months after May 12. So, we are justified in concluding that before the Moon reaches the same declinations Venus will have moved by progression about 7 months. And as Venus moves by declination 22´ during the year�s progress, during the 7 months it will move about 13´, or to about 16° � N 32´. To reach this position the Moon must move from 18° � N 1´ through 1° � 29´, which at the rate of 14´ per month requires about 6 months and 10 days. May 12, 1959 plus 6 months and 10 days gives us Moon P Venus p. , November 22, 1959.

Further, if we look at the progressed declination of Neptune on May 12, 1959 we find (ephemeris May 21, 1920) it to be 18° N 0´. Then the Moon must move only 1´ from its declination by progression on May 12, to reach this position. As it moves about 14´ per month it will move 1´ in about 2 days. Therefore, adding 2 days to May 12 we have, Moon P Neptune p, May 14, 1959.

In the above examples of calculating the Major Directions of the Moon it will be noticed that, while at all times using the same principle of proportion, I have not proceeded uniformly from the same identical starting point. I have done this purposely, for when the student grasps the general principle of the calculations, rather than any particular rule of thumb, he will be able to simplify his work immensely. He will fine it more convenient at times to calculate back from the next day in the ephemeris, and at other times to get the date of one direction from another direction previously calculated. And it is my endeavor here not merely to teach how directions may be calculated, but to indicate the various short-cuts and time-saving methods that tend to make the study of directions, instead of tedious work, a pleasant recreation. And I believe careful reference to the ephemeris in connection with the above examples will enable the student to perceive the principles clearly, which might appear complicated if the work were not thus followed closely.

I am convinced also, that the greatest success in predicting the nature of the events that may be expected from directions, is not to be attained through following set rules, but through a full comprehension of what direction is, and how a particular direction releases energy in the astral body so that it simulates corresponding states of consciousness, which in turn attract events.

Let it always be held in mind then, that the Radical chart is a map of the various centers of energy, organized by consciousness before birth, in the astral body. The Progressed planets map Points of Stimulation. And when these Points of Stimulation make aspects to the centers of energy in the astral body, or to other Points of Stimulation, they tend at the time of their release to set up trains of thoughts and feelings in the astral body. And unless these subliminal thoughts and feelings are canceled by properly directed conscious thoughts and feelings they attract events in the departments of life ruled by the aspecting planets, of the general nature of the aspecting planets, and of harmony or discord as indicated by the aspects.

In judging the effect of any direction the first thing to consider is the house position and house rulership of the planets forming the aspect. This applies to Transits and Minor Directions as well as to Major Directions. An in considering this house rulership and house position I have found it advantageous to progress the planets through the Radical houses, rather than to consider them as influencing the life through Progressed houses. That is, if we set up a complete Progressed Chart, the planets usually will be found different houses than if we permit the signs to remain on the houses as at birth. Thus in the example charts on the frontispiece if a complete progressed chart be erected the progressed Sun will remain in the Second house, but by permitting the signs on the house-cusps to remain as at birth the progressed Sun has moved into the Third house. And in my practice I have found that the influence of a planet usually operates in connection with the department of life signified by Radical house position and rulership.

This does not mean that the House of the Radical chart into which a planet moves by progression through the zodiac is less significant than the House that the planet occupied at birth. On the contrary, the house of the Radical chart actually occupied by either a Radical planet or a Progressed planet is the house governing the department of life then most influenced by that planet. Thus in the chart on the frontispiece the chief influence of both Mercury and Venus in the birth-chart is in the First house, but the chief influence of both Venus and Mercury by progression is in the Third house.

I do not wish to be misunderstood here. I am not positively asserting that the planets have no influence in the houses shown by a complete Progressed chart. But the common error among beginners is to place too much stress upon the progressed Houses. Therefore, at least until the student has had much experience in judging directions, I believe it better to merely indicate the degree and minute to which the Asc. and M.C. have progressed, and permit the signs and degrees to remain on the house-cusps just as they were at birth. In fact, I have never been able to determine to my own satisfaction if any dependence can be placed upon the progression of the Minor Houses. But the Ascendant and M.C. are polarizing points for solar energy in no mean degree, and their progression through the zodiac affords Points of Stimulation quite as effective as the progression of the Sun itself.

Let us then consider the birth-chart as a map of the astral body, each house in the birth-chart showing the section of the astral body where states of consciousness relating to a given department of life have their energy stored.

It will be seen then that any planet moving into or through one of the houses of the Radical chart directs its rays to the particular section of the astral body governing the department of life signified by that house position of the Radical chart. Its influence is to stimulate subliminal, and perhaps conscious, thoughts regarding that department of life. Therefore, while a progressed planet has some significance concerning the department of life it rules in the birth-chart, its most pronounced influence is that of stimulating the department of life governed by the Radical house through which it is progressing.

This is well illustrated in the case of Transits. As stated elsewhere, I place no reliance, whatever, on the aspects formed by transiting planets, except where they actually form conjunction with a Radical or a Major Progressed planet. But transits�that is, the place of the planets from day to day as given in the ephemeris for the current year�are, nevertheless, important. Their energy is released from the astral body as received. The positions of the planets from day to day afford Points of Stimulation. These Points of Stimulation constantly impart energy to the astral body. This energy has not the power of the energy received soon after birth, that we call Major Directions, but it does operate day after day to stimulate thoughts, conscious, and subliminal, concerning the department of life ruled by the house in the Radical chart through which the transiting planet moves.

Therefore, before we can determine the exact extent to which may expect either a Major or Minor direction to act, it becomes advantageous to inspect an ephemeris for the year the Major or Minor direction will release its energy to determine the Transits of the heavier-and slow-moving planets. The swifter planets move through a house by transits so quickly that their influence to stimulate thought is not important. But the transits of the Superior Planets should be taken into consideration. Their position for future years may be determined from �Raphael�s 5 Superior Planets from 1900 to 2000�. These points of stimulation which we call transits have a general influence upon environment. Their influence is not precise, but the house transited by one of the superior planets indicates the department of life that is thus being stimulated, and the nature of the planet will indicate the quality of the stimulating energy.

So, taking the chart of birth, and noting what houses are being transited by the superior planets, let us consider this as a picture of the general environment temporarily attracted. The Major Progressed planets represent Points of Stimulation of much greater volume and intensity which excite thoughts concerning the department of life ruled by the houses through which they are progressing. They have intensity and volume enough that when they form an aspect the release of energy that then takes place not only affects conditions generally, but engenders thoughts that actually attract events of importance. Further, the Minor Progressed Planets represent other Points of Stimulation the volume and intensity of whose energy is not great but whose release is much more precise than that of planets transiting houses of planets forming Major Directions.

It is essential that the student get this picture clearly. Planets as they transit the Radical houses gradually, almost imperceptibly, tend to attract corresponding environmental conditions, but not signify specific events. Major Directions denote the release of energy in such a way as to tend to bring definite events within a time limit of fairly broad proportions. Minor directions indicate the release of energy in a manner tending to attract less important events, and tending to denote the time of these less important events, and also the time of those indicated by Major Directions, with great precision.

In predicting the nature of the event attracted by a direction we must bear in mind that an aspect is a combination of different forces, each signified by one of the aspecting planets. If one be a Radical planets, its chief influence is in the house it occupies, and its lesser influence is over the house whose cusp it rules. A progressed planet has chief influence in the house of the Radical chart into which it has progressed and a lesser influence over the houses it ruled in the Radical chart. Also, as indicated in a previous lesson, each planet has a general significance. And further, each aspect tends to operate in its own way, as indicated in lesson No. 87., where I have given in detail the conditions usually attracted by each of the ten aspects. together with a Key-Word suggesting the influence of each.

Now suppose we are called upon the predict the event signified by some Major Direction.

The First thing we must recognize is that the progressing planet rules a group of thoughts, or Urges, and that its influence by progression is to stimulate into activity this group of thoughts it rules. (See lessons No. 96 and No. 106). Then we must note what house of the Radical chart is occupied by the progressing planet. This will indicate the department of life stimulated into activity by the Urges ruled by the planet being set in motion concerning its affairs. Also, we must note as a secondary factor the houses ruled by the planet in the birth-chart, for a planet wherever it progresses continue to influence somewhat the houses ruled at birth. But the chief influence is in the house into which it has progressed.

The Second thing we must recognize, is that the Radical or Progressed planet with which the progressing planet forms an aspect also represents or stimulates a group of thought-elements called Urges. If the planet is Mars the Aggressive-Urges are involved, if the planet is Saturn, the Safety-Urges, etc. And the formation of an aspect to this planet stimulates states of consciousness, or Urges, such as the planet rules, in connection with the department of life indicated by the house-position of the planet at the time the aspect is formed. And here also, if it is a progressed planet, we must note as secondary factors the houses ruled by the planet in the birthchart.

The third thing we must clearly recognize about a direction is the general significance of the planets forming the aspects apart from house position and house rulership. Thus Mercury has general rule over writing and travel; Mars over construction and destruction; the Sun over the vitality in man and the constitution in woman; the Moon over the vitality in woman and the constitution in man; Venus over the affections and pleasures; Jupiter over wealth and business; Saturn over labor and business; Uranus over attachments and separations and sudden happenings; and Neptune over promotions and psychic matters. Thus a direction to or from any planet tends to stimulate subliminal thoughts concerning the things over which it has general rulership , and these thought-currents attract conditions into the life such as are signified by the general rulerships.

The Fourth thing we must recognize is the nature of the aspect formed. If it is a semi-square the Points of Stimulation tend to promote a Friction-Complex. This attracts friction between the departments of life indicated by the house-positions of the aspecting planets. If it is a sextile the Points of Stimulation tend to excite an Opportunity Complex. This attracts opportunity through the relation of the departments of life indicated by the house positions of the aspecting planets, one to the other. If it is an opposition the Points of Stimulation engender a Separation Complex. And this causes a separative condition to arise between the departments of life ruled by the house-positions of the aspecting planets.

The Fifth thing we must recognize about a direction is that nothing should be expected from a direction beyond the possibilities clearly indicated in the chart of birth. Directions are not powerful enough to completely change the centers of energy as they exist at birth. Therefore, the effect of a direction as comparative. It tends to attract in particular departments of life harmony or discord that are such by comparison to other periods when no directions affect these departments. The wealth or health or position attracted by a good direction is such only by comparison with other periods of the life when it is not so affected by directions.

As I have above indicated, then, there are just Five considerations to be kept in mind when predicting the nature of an event from a direction. 1. The Urges ruled by the progressed planet, the house it is in, and to a minor extent the houses it ruled in the birth-chart. 2. The Urges ruled by the planet to which the aspect is formed, the house this planet is in, and to a minor extent the houses it ruled in the birth-chart. 3. The general rulership of the planets making the aspect. 4. The nature of the aspect. 5. The possibilities shown by the birth-chart.

In considering directions formed by progressed planets to the Asc. r., or when considering aspects formed by the progressed Asc. to planets, the Ascendant should be regarded as signifying the Personality. And in considering directions formed by the progressed planets to the M.C. r., or when considering directions formed by the progressed M.C. to planets, the M.C. should be regarded as the station in life and business.

Thus in the chart on the frontispiece we have found the direction Asc. conjunction Sun. r. , May 24, 1959. The Ascendant (1) represents the Personality. It has progressed into the Radical Second house, and therefore tends as a Point of Stimulation to engender thoughts about money. (2) The Sun rules the Power-urges, and is in the Second house, having some influence over the house of partnership. Therefore, thoughts of pride, dignity, self-esteem and approbation are stimulated in association with thoughts about money. At the same time thoughts regarding partnerships are associated with the other thoughts, but in a minor degree. (3) The Sun also has some influence over the vitality, and thoughts regarding health and vitality are somewhat stimulated. (4) The aspect formed is a conjunction, hence the influence is to stimulate a Prominence-Complex. (5) The birth-chart promises activity in money matters.

The result that we may expect them will be that such a person during the period that this direction releases its energy � in this case for at least a year before and a year after May 24, 1959�will think strongly and firmly of money in connection with personal matters. He will have the feeling of confidence, dignity and self-esteem. The thought so stimulated will not be particularly joyful or sad, but they will be firm and strong and of good volume. They will be positive, and by the very power of his personality during this period he will attract to himself vitality and money transactions of much importance.

In some manner as that just illustrated every direction that can occur in a horoscope may be analyzed by these Five distinct steps. And the accuracy in prediction that may thus be obtained will be a surprise to those accustomed to use only the prevalent loose methods.

The next direction be calculated for the chart on frontispiece is Moon semi-square Sun p. Apr. 30, 1959.

This is a direction lasting but a short time, and of unimportance. Yet we may subject it to the same system of analysis. 1. The Moon rules the Domestic Urges. As it has reached Cancer 15° � 6´ by progression, it is in the Fifth house stimulating thoughts concerning love, speculation and pleasures. To a much less extent, through its Radical influence, it tends to bring secret enemies and illness to the fore. 2. The Sun, ruling the Power-Urges has progressed to Gemini 0° � 5´, and so is in the Third house, and chiefly stimulate the desire to study, travel and contact relatives. Its lesser influence, so indicated by its Radical rulership, is upon Money and partnership. 3. The general rulership of Sun and Moon is over the vitality and health and the opposite sex. 4. The aspect is a Friction aspect. 5. Of the various things stimulated, two traveling planets being in the First house of this birth-chart indicates that little stimulation is required to cause travel, and the birth-chart inclines somewhat to pleasures as well as to money matters. The result will be that sometime during the release of energy of this direction, a period of a few weeks thoughts concerning domestic matters as affecting pleasures, and thoughts of power and authority as affected by journeys will be united in a slightly disagreeable way causing friction, and the condition attracted will be� a short trip in which business and pleasure are mixed and during which there will be petty annoyances.

We found also that the direction Moon square Mars p. formed on the 22nd . of October 1959. 1. The Moon rules the Domestic Urges, and has now progressed to Cancer 21° � 55´ , chiefly stimulating thoughts of domestic association with those of work and illness (Sixth house). 2. Mars rules the Aggressive Urges, and is still in the Eighth house, house of the partner�s Money. 3. The Moon has some general significance over health and women, and Mars over strife. 4. The aspect is such as to stimulate the formation of an Obstacle-Complex. Mars in the birth-chart afflicts both the health and money matters.

Thoughts then, arising from domestic conditions and having to do with lack of health will be stimulated, and thoughts of the aggressive and combative type having to do with the partner�s or public�s money will be stimulated. And these thoughts and desires will be stimulated in such a way that they react upon each other in a strongly disagreeable manner. The condition then attracted is such that other people�s financial actions will place an obstacle in the way of health and the condition of the health be an obstacle to hinder getting other persons to take desired financial action. And, as the Aggressive Urges are thus disagreeably included in the forming complex, there will be strife with others over work and financial matters.

In the very brief analysis of the three aspects as given I have stated what it is safe to predict from such aspects. But it seems to me that the more accurate predicting as to the time and nature of events in a person�s life is like making an accurate diagnosis of a disease without suggesting a remedy. What the person desires is to know what to do when conditions are not satisfactory to improve them. And if I fail to indicate just what a person should do under each direction to gain the most benefit from it if it is harmonious, or to cancel its influence if it is inharmonious, I feel that by far the more important astrological problem is left unsolved.

Further instructions in this department of the art must largely be left for the following lessons. But the basic principles may here be stated.

When the directions are harmonious by aspect, the person should make it a point to associate as much as possible with the things ruled by the aspecting planets, and to direct his energies as fully as possible to using the departments of life shown by the house-positions of the aspecting planets, to further his ends. And he should cultivate thoughts of the nature of the aspecting planets concerning the things he desires to transpire, and should associate these two sets of thoughts as strongly and pleasantly as possible. He will thus utilize the energy released by the Points of Stimulation to build up harmonious mental complexes which will have unusual power to attract favorable conditions.

When the directions are inharmonious by aspect, the person should associate as little as possible with the things ruled by the aspecting planets, and should direct his energies as much as possible to other things, and other departments of life, than those ruled by the house position of the aspecting planets. And he should cultivate thoughts of nature of the planets that form the natural antidotes to the afflicting planets of the direction, and he should associate these cultivated feelings and desires as strongly and as pleasantly as possible with the thoughts and feelings stimulated by the afflicting planets. Thus, by cultivating a definite mental state, and holding it strongly, during the period the direction releases its energy, he will, by his volitionally directed thoughts, cancel and annul the influence of the points of stimulation to cause the formation of discordant mental states and complexes, and thus the vent that otherwise would have taken place, and which under ordinary circumstances might safely be predicted, fails to transpire.

In the direction mentioned above, during the two years the Asc. conjunction Sun r. releases its energy, the person would do well to associate thoughts of money with thoughts of health as joyously as possible, allowing his self-esteem and dignity and love of power to act as a lever to action.

During a week or two before and after Apr. 30, 1959, when the Moon is Semi-square Sun p. he should bring the thought of pleasure in fighting for offspring and family to unite with his thoughts and feelings about pleasure, and thus by using the Aggressive-Urges cancel the tendency of the Domestic-Urges to form a Friction-Complex with the Power Urges. And during the two months that Moon Square releases its energy, he should endeavor to transmute the Obstacle-Complex which there is tendency to form, into a Luck Complex by, whenever the thoughts of ill-health and other people�s money intrude themselves; crowding out these unpleasant relations by visualizing and thinking about as joyfully as possible the pleasure of strife for the benefit of the family or of the weak and unprotected.

The astrologer of the future will predict the time and nature of happy events, and will indicate when and how it is necessary to use the power of Directed Thought to avoid events that without such advice would cause unhappiness.

The Brotherhood of Light
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
Serial No. 112, Branch Letter -- K
Course X, Branch of Science�Natal Astrology
Section II, Part XI
Subject � Major Directions of the Moon
Examination Questions

1. Is the influence of a progressed planet stronger in the house shown by a complete by a complete progressed chart or in the house as shown in the birth-chart?

2. What is the advantage of indicating the progressed Asc. and progressed M.C. in houses of the Radical chart without erecting a complete progressed chart?

3. Is the influence of a progressed planet stronger in the house of the birth-chart into which it has progressed or in the house where located at birth?

4. What is the nature of the influence of a progressed planet moving into or through a house of the Radical chart.

5. In what way do transits influence the life?

6. How may the influence of important transits for future years be determined?

7. In what way does the influence of Major Directions differ from that of transits?

8. In what way does the influence of Minor directions differ from that of transits?

9. In what way does the influence of Minor directions from that of Major directions?

10. What is the First thing we must recognize in predicting an event from a direction?

11. What is the Second thing we must recognize in predicting an event from a direction?

12. What is the Third thing we must recognize in predicting an event from a direction?

13. What is the Fourth thing we must recognize in predicting an event from a direction?

14. What is the Fifth thing we must recognize in predicting an event from a direction?

15. In considering directions to or from the Ascendant what does the Asc. signify?

16. In considering directions to or from the M.C. what does the M.C. signify?

17. Why is the mere predicting of the time and nature of an event inadequate to most the requirements of human life?

18. When directions are harmonious with what things should a person associate?

19. When directions are inharmonious what things should the person avoid?

20. When directions are harmonious how should the thoughts be directed?

21. When directions are inharmonious how should the thoughts be directed?

22. Why should departments of life signified by a discordant direction be avoided?

23. When planets ruling urges that are mental antidotes from inharmonious directions how may their energy be transmuted?

24. How may the influence of the direction Moon sesqui-square Sun be canceled?

25. How may the influence of the direction Asc. conjunction Sun be utilized?