Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Major Directions of Planets
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine March 1923

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 113 Course X--L.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. March 1923.
Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Section II
Part XII. Major Directions of Planets
by C.C. Zain

In this lesson, as in the last, I will illustrate by further examples the Major directions already explained, before exemplifying others. For the same method of calculations applied to the Major directions of the other planets, which is now our chief topic, that we applied to Sun, Moon, M.C. and Asc.

And as an example chart, upon which to practice, let us this time take Example Horoscope III, given on frontispiece of lesson No. 89, and reproduced on the frontispiece of this lesson as Example Horoscope IIIa. The E.G.M.T. as given is 6h- 23min. P.M. 5h. divided by 2 equals 3 months. 23 min. divided by 4 equals almost 6 days. The date of birth, June 28, 1920 minus 3 months and 6 days equals March 22, 1920. This is the Limiting Date.

Note � in erecting a birth-chart the E.G.M.T. Interval is sometimes greater than 12 hours past noon on the day of birth. When this occurs, to avoid the con fusion of reckoning progressed positions from the day following birth in the ephemeris the student is advised to convert the Interval E.G.M.T. after noon on the birthday into months and days to find the Limiting Date, rather than attempt to use the E.G.M.T. Interval before noon on the day following the birth.

A glance at the chart on frontispiece shows that the M.C. is progressing toward Jupiter and will form the conjunction with Jupiter at a time in life when it will attract very beneficial conditions in business. The M.C. is Cancer 12° . Jupiter r. is Leo 17° � 33´. The M.C. , therefore, must progress 1S- 5° -33´ to reach this place. The Sun at birth is Cancer 6°-42´. Cancer 6°-42´ plus 1S-5° 33´ equals Leo 12°-15, the position of the progressed Sun then the aspect is complete. On Aug. 5, 1920, in the ephemeris, the Sun is Leo 12°-43´. This is 28´ too much. As the Sun progresses at the rate of 5´ per month, it will progress this distance in 5 months and 18 days. August 5, is 38 days after birth, and the planets is the ephemeris on that day represent their progressed positions 38 years after the Limiting Date, or March 22, 1958. Taking 5 months and 18 days from this date, we find, M.C. conjunction Jupiter r. Oct. 4, 1957.

Next we notice that rather early in the life the Asc. progresses to the conjunction of Mars. This will be a somewhat feverish period, in which the person should take good care of the health and not overwork, and should pleasantly cultivate the Domestic Urges.

Mars r. is Libra 25°-47´. Referring to a table of houses for the Latitude Of birth we find Libra 25°-47´ is on the Ascendant when Leo 0° -23´ is on the M.C. (See lesson No. 86 for an explanation of finding the exact minute on Asc. and M.C.) As Cancer 12°- is on the M.C. of the birth-chart, the M.C. must progress 18°-23´ to reach Leo 0°-23´. The Sun at birth is in Cancer 6°-42´. Add to this the 18°-23´ the M.C. must progress and we have Cancer 25°-5´ as the position of the progressed Sun when the Asc. makes the conjunction with Mars r. On July 17, 1920 the Sun is in Cancer 24°-34´. It must then move 31´ to reach Cancer 25°-5´. As it progresses at the rate of 5´ per month, this will require 6 months and 6 days. And as July 17 is 19 days after birth, it represents the progressed planets 19 years after the Limiting Date, or March 22, 1939. To this add the 6 months 60 days and we have Asc. conjunction Mars r. Sept. 28, 1939.

One of the most significant directions n this chart, coming about a year and a half before the rather uncertain aspect Sun conjunction Neptune r. is Sun trine Moon r. It here indicates a journey, leaving the old environment behind, and moving to a different locality where new friends and new conditions will enable him rapidly to build up a sound credit and successful business.

The Moon in the birth-chart is Sagittarius 8°- 27´ . Therefore, the Sun will be trine Moon r. when it reaches Leo 8°-27. On July 31, 1920, the Sun is Leo 7°-56´ . To reach Leo 8°-27´ it must progress 31´ . At the rate of 5´ per month this will take 6 months and 6 days. And July 31 is 33 days after birth, it represents the progressed planets 33 years after the Limiting Date, or March 22, 1953. 6 months and 6 days later gives us, Sun trine Moon r. Sept. 28, 1953.

To make the most of his directions this person during 1953 and 1954 should push his business affairs to the utmost. He should write letters, and travel, in the interests of business and his own enlightenment. And he should contact both the ruling class and the common people, for they are represented by Sun and Moon. He should encourage the feeling of pleasure in meeting people, and in business transactions with them. At the same time he should observe the Major directions of the Moon and adapt his thoughts and actions from time to time also to meet their requirements.

But as the Sun more and more closely approaches the conjunction of Neptune r. it will be well for him to change his conduct and his thoughts. The Sun comes conjunction Neptune r. May 10, 1955, and then to the conjunction Neptune p. Sept. 10, 1956. This is not a serious direction, but one that usually indicates schemes and plans and apparent opportunities that dissolve before they are ever realized. The Point of Stimulation indicated by the progressed Sun excites the Utopian Urges to undue activity; which is a very fine thing for psychic investigations and soul-unfoldment, but at the same time may entangle one in responsibilities that can not be met. So, while this direction is operating, promotion schemes and hazardous ventures, as well as get-rich-quick methods in general should be avoided, and wherever business and health (Tenth house and Sixth house) are concerned, there should be a liberal application of the natural antidote, the Safety Urges.

During the period in which the direction Sun conjunction Neptune is releasing energy, there is another direction of better material import. For I would emphasize that such a direction to Neptune, while doubtful for material ventures, is an exceptionally fine influence for psychic and spiritual matters. But this other direction, Mars sextile Saturn p., presents certain opportunities also for furthering material ends.

Mars on Aug. 2, 1920 is Scorpio 1 0°-31´, and Saturn on the same day is Virgo 1 0°-34. On this day the daily motion of Saturn is 7´ and the daily motion of Mars is 32´. As 32´ represents the progression of Mars during 1 year, his progress during 1 month is a little less than 3´ . But as in 1 month Saturn moves forward about ��, Mars to reach the sextile Saturn p. must move about 3 ��. At a little less than 3´ per month this will require about 1month and 10 days. So, as August 2, 1920 represents the progressed planets on March 22, 1955, adding 1 month, 10 days to this date we have Mars sextile Saturn p. May 2, 1955.

It will be seen that during the year 1955 while the direction Sun con junction Neptune is releasing energy, that the direction Mars sextile Saturn is also releasing energy.

And here let me insert a word of caution. Thoughts which form natural antidotes for the Urges stimulated by a direction, if associated with these Urges and the department of life they rule in the horoscope will cancel the action of the direction. But is so unusual to find two different directions operating over the same period and associated with the same departments of life and reacting upon each other as natural antidotes, that it need not enter into the ordinary problem of predicting. The almost invariable rule is that each direction at tracts events and conditions similar to its own nature. Thus it is not uncommon for a person to lose a relative by death, and at the same time inherit considerable money. The death is indicated by one direction and the gain by another. Also, sometimes a person will greatly gain through one transaction and at the same time lose through another transaction. One direction indicates the gain and another direction the loss. So it is the rule in predicting events to consider to consider that two directions releasing energy at the same time attract two different events, each corresponding to one of the directions.

Such simultaneous directions, particularly when one is harmonious, afford a condition that may be taken advantage of to a marked degree. For usually it is not difficult to distinguish the department of life affected by each direction. And when so distinguished the things denoted by the planets forming the adverse direction may be avoided as much as possible, a proper mental antidote may be provided for the direction, and the energies may then largely be directed into those channels and to those departments of life indicated by the planets forming the favorable direction.

Thus in this chart, during 1955 the direction Mars sextile Saturn p. releases its energy. The Aggressive Urges and the Safety Urges are thus stimulated into activity and tend to unite in an Opportunity-Complex. They chiefly affect the personality and friends. They tend to bring some opportunity of a constructive character through elderly persons, involving energy and labor. And conservative methods applied to lands and houses at this time may be made a source of considerable revenue. But by its methods, the kind of persons associated with it, and the absence of the get-rich-quick element, such constructive enterprise, requiring a gradual building up along acknowledged lines of procedure, may be easily distinguished from the wonderful schemes attracted by Sun conjunction Neptune.

For the sake of example let us next calculate some direction from Mercury. We note, for instance, in the ephemeris that Mercury on the 14th. of July turns Retrograde and afterwards moves back again to the Inconjunct aspect of Uranus r. and Uranus p. These are not important aspects in themselves, for they tend toward expansion and somewhat toward disruption. But if the persons is aware of the influence, and understands how to utilize it, he can gain great benefit through it.

Uranus in the birth-chart is Pisces 5°-32´. Mercury on July 25 is Leo 5°-14´ On July 24, it is 5°-57´. Therefore, its daily motion is 43´. Then as this daily motion of 43´ is Mercury�s progressed motion for a year of life, it motion during 1 month is about 3 �� . As Mercury is Retrograde, it has on July 25, passed the Inconjunct of Uranus r. by 18´. At 3 � � per month this 18´ will represent the progression of about 5 months. And as July 25 is 27 days after birth, it rep resents March 22, 1947. Subtract 5 months from March 22, 1947 and we have Mercury Inconjunct Uranus r. Oct. 22, 1946.

On July 25, 1920 Uranus is given in the ephemeris as Pisces 4°-54´. Mercury�s position on the same day is Leo 5°-14´. Therefore to reach the Inconjunct aspect Mercury must Retrograde 20´. And while Mercury is Retrograde 20´ Uranus will have Retrograded 1´ to Pisces 5°-53´, so that to reach the Inconjunct Mercury must Retrograde 21´. In the above example we found that Mercury at this time is retrograding at the rate of about 43´ per year by progression. It will then require a little less than 6 months to move 21´, or about 5 months and 21 days. As we found that July 25 represented the release of energy March 22, 1947, we add to this date 5 months and 21 days, giving us Mercury inconjunct Uranus p. Sept. 13, 1947.

Let us now proceed to analyze this direction with the object in view of determining the proper mental attitude and the proper line of conduct by which its energies as released can best be utilized.

In the first place, any direction from Mercury or to Mercury, unless it is severe enough to unbalance the mind, which would only occur in the very few horoscopes showing mental unbalance at birth, favors intellectual effort. And to a less marked extent the same may be said of any direction to, or from, the Moon. A direction of a discordant nature may incline to mental over-work, and thus tend to a nervous breakdown, and unless its influence is counteracted it most surely will attract events of a discordant nature. But while a discordant direction to, or from, Mercury makes it difficult to get writing published, and tends to trouble through correspondence, yet the Intellectual Urges are stimulated into increased activity, and it is thus favorable for study and writing. A careful survey of the directions operating in the lives of authors bears this out. For much of their best work has been done when they were under adverse directions from Mercury although, more frequently, what was then written was not actually published until the directions are more favorable. Any direction of Mercury, then, whatever either troubles or benefits it may attract, favors intellectual effort.

The same also be said of Uranus, the octave expression of Mercury. Any direction to Uranus favors intellectual effort, especially along the line of the new, the original, and the unusual. And further, there are two general features that may be expected from any direction to Uranus. One is that Uranus rules the etheric body, hence has a peculiar power of attraction and repulsion. And on this account directions to Uranus quite commonly bring people into the life, or take them out of the life, and the event signified by the direction is frequently brought to pass through association with some sudden acquaintance. Possibly this is due to Uranus being the ruler of Aquarius, governing the house of friends in the natural chart. The other feature of directions to Uranus is that when harmonious, the benefit attracted from one source is accompanied by some small detriment from another. And when unfavorable, the less in one quarter is in a small measure compensated for by a little gain in some other way. Also, it is the rule that every strong direction to Uranus stirs up the Individualistic Urges and thus when past leaves the person with a new and more advanced outlook upon life.

The Inconjunct aspect, which we are now considering, tends toward the formation of an Expansion-complex. And if it were desirable to cancel and annul its influence, they being the antidote for both the Intellectual Urges and the Individualistic Urges, the Religious Urges should be cultivated in connection with thoughts concerning pleasures and business. But a better plan still, in this case, is to endeavor, through the pleasure derived from applying original methods to business, but in a conservative way, to endeavor to transmute the Expansion Complex into a Luck-complex. It should not be lost sight of that the direction does not warrant much speculation, or the taking of hazards, although it will attract the conditions to do so. But from the new acquaintances it will attract much may be learned that will be of advantage later, but this advice is not such as should be followed at this time. So, by taking keen delight in learning new methods and in originating improvements upon them, yet ignoring disruptive influence that may appear, not only may the business be satisfactorily expanded, but, if the proper attitude has been held, what otherwise would have been a very unstable time may be converted into a period of great business prosperity.

Also, in addition to purely material gain, at this time there would be a natural inclination toward and aptitude in astrology and occultism. For any aspect whatever to Uranus incline to occultism, and may be turned to advantage in its study.

Now let us consider some direction from Venus. And as people are more inclined to think and act properly under good directions than under those adverse we will use for illustration Venus square Mars r. Mars r. is Libra 25°-47´. On July 16, 1920, Venus is Cancer 25°-53´. It has therefore progressed past the square aspect by 6´. Its daily motion on this date is 1°-14´. As this is its progression during 1 year, it progresses at the rate of about 6´ per month. There fore, it has passed the square on March 22, 1937(for July 15 is 17days after the birth, representing 17 years after Limiting Date), by about 1 month�s progression. So we have Venus square Mars r., Feb. 22, 1937.

The progressed Venus is stimulating the Social Urges in that part of the astral body associated with honor and business. The Radical Mars indicates Aggressive Urges organized in the astral body in connection with the health and personality, and now being stimulated into unusual activity by a progressed aspect. The tendency is to stir up states of feeling in such as way as to form a more or less temporary Obstacle-Complex. Bearing in mind the age is just under seventeen years, we may be certain that in addition to the departments of life mentioned such a stimulation of the passing (ruled by Mars) and the affections (ruled by Venus) will attract a fervid love-affair. And the affair attracted by these conditions, unless they are neutralized or transmuted, will place an obstacle in the way of the health and the honor and the future business prospects.

It certainly is not a time favorable either for affectional matters or for honor. And the proper course of effort should be to associate pleasantly the Domestic Urges�thoughts of obligation to the family, and of seeking their well fare-- with all thoughts that arise regarding personal initiative and aggression. So also, with all thoughts of affection there should be pleasantly associated thoughts of the Safety Urge group�thoughts of the responsibility to oneself and to others of keeping the credit good and the reputation clean. And as little notices as possible should be paid to incidents that would stir the passions or wound the affections. To be sure, the feelings will need an outlet, but that outlet should be through writing (where the Moon ruling the Domestic Urges is) and through friendship and labor with elderly friends(where Saturn ruling the Safety Urges is). For when it is not otherwise clear where the energies should be directed during an adverse release of energy by a planet, it is always safe to choose the department of life ruled by its natural antidote.

Having already given examples of directions from Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun, let us now calculate a direction from Jupiter. Mars r. is Libra 25°-47´, therefore when Jupiter progresses to Leo 25°-47´ it will be sextile Mars r. On Aug. 7, 1920, Jupiter is Leo 25°-43´. To reach Leo 25°-47´ it must progress 4´. Jupiter�s daily motion here is 13´, it progress being 13´ per year, or about 1´ per month. So it will take about 4 months to progress to the place indicated. As Aug. 7, is 40 days after birth, it represents 40 years after the Limiting Date, or March 22, 1960. To this add 4 months and we have, Jupiter sextile Mars r., July 22, 1960.

Now Mars in the Radical chart indicates the Aggressive Urges organized in the astral body about the personality and health. The progressed Jupiter rep resents a Point of Stimulation causing unusual activity amid the Religious Urges in connection with friendship. The sextile tends to the formation of an Opportunity-complex between these Aggressive Urges and the Religious Urges. Opportunity for personal development and the attainment of personal advantages will be attracted through friends. Likewise, the unusual energy displayed by the personality will attract influential and wealthy friends, for Jupiter rules influential and wealthy persons. But these advantages will be coincident with, and attained by, considerable strife, for any event attracted by the aggressive urges, even if stimulated by favorable directions, is accompanied by some measure of strife. Also, in spite of the aspect being favorable, there will be a tendency to over-expansion. And as Jupiter is one of the financial planets, there will be opportunity for favorable financial transactions. But to reap the full benefit of this direction it is necessary to moderate the tendency to excess by somewhat cultivating the Intellectual urges.

I have already mentioned that directions to Neptune, disregarding the house position of the planet, tend to bring glowing expectations that are seldom realized in full measure even when directions are favorable. I may add in regard to Neptune that when the direction is discordant it attracts an involved or chaotic state of affairs through steps taken based upon such false expectation ions. But the most characteristic influence of a discordant direction to Neptune is to cause a great deal of worry over something that, after all, never comes to pass. And even the more favorable directions to Neptune are sometimes coincident with the voluntary renunciation of some cherished object for the sake of an ideal.

Adverse directions to Saturn also attract worry, but better founded in pas sing events. However, while Saturn is the planet of sadness and loss when afflicted, the most characteristic influence of all its directions is to attract labor and responsibility. The most characteristic influence of all directions of Venus is the social element involved in them. And the most characteristic influence of Jupiter�s directions is the spending or making of money. And it should be noted that among the very finest directions are those in which good aspects are formed between planets that govern natural mental antidotes. Thus a good direction between Mercury and Jupiter is exceptionally fortunate, for the intelligence combines harmoniously with the benevolent feelings and attracts un usual favors from the environment. So also, a harmonious direction between Saturn and Venus stabilizes the affections and attracts the finer forms of friendship and tends toward permanent success. And a favorable direction between Saturn and Neptune lacks the illusory quality of Neptune�s other directions, for it seems that Neptune visualizes as an ideal Saturn has the power largely to make concrete.

But now let us pass to a direction from Saturn. Saturn moves so slowly that he progresses to few people during the course of a lifetime. Yet those directions, operating over long a period, are quite important. As Mars r. is Libra 25°-47´. Saturn will be semi-square Mars when it reaches Virgo 1 0°-47´. On Aug. 4, 1920, Saturn is Virgo 1 0°-48´. It has therefore progressed 1´ too far. Its daily motion at this time is 7´. As this 7´ represents Saturn�s progression for 1 year, the movement of 1´ represents its progress during not quite 2 months. As Aug. 4 is 37 days after birth, it represents the release of energy 37 years after the Limiting Date, or March 22, 1957. Subtract 1 month and 25 days from this and we have Saturn semi-square Mars r. Jan. 27, 1957.

Saturn in this direction stimulates the safety urges regarding friends and to a lesser measure regarding the home. Mars represents the aggressive urges organized around the personality. The aspect formed tends to stimulate a friction complex between those departments of life. And while a friction-aspect is not a very powerful aspect, yet because this direction releases energy over such a very long period it becomes quite a serious consideration. Chronic diseases, as a whole, are ruled by Saturn, and acute diseases by Mars. So here, if un counteracted by proper actions and mental antidotes, we have the formation of a complex that will attract a constant stream of abrading and irritating circum stances, and finally culminate in an illness that will cause less of friendship and money, and perhaps confinement of the home.

To prevent any such disagreeable event from happening the person should realize that the tendency of Saturn�s stimulation is to pile up work and responsibilities, and the tendency of Mars is to strenuously undertake to accomplish the work provided by Saturn. But such a course here will result in over-work and a break-down of the health. Therefore, for a year or two at least before Jan. 27, 1957 a program of moderation in work should be adopted. And also, as the aspect attracts minor annoyances, the mind should be trained to ignore the friction imposed by environment.

This is an aspect of all work and no play. But it should not be permitted to operate in this manner. Instead, the social urges should be pleasantly and frequently associated with the safety urges through cultivating an interest in artistic and social matters whenever there is contact with friends. And further, recreation should be had through taking a general interest in the welfare of children and the indigent, and thinking of them in connection with plans for and thoughts about, personal development and health. Thus the intensity of the aggressive urges will be canceled by the domestic urges. Such a plan of thought and action carried out as a matter of recreation during the period of maximum release of energy of the direction Saturn semi-square Mars, would not only annul its ill effects, but would make this an enjoyable and profitable periods.

And, as the direction Sun square Mars p. releases its maximum energy about Nov. 7, 1956, special stress should be placed upon cultivating the domestic urges in pleasant association with the aggressive urges, for the thought-vibrations stimulated in the subliminal by this direction should also be canceled.

Uranus and Neptune progress so slowly that they seldom form directions to the other planets, and from what has already been given no trouble should be experienced in calculating them when they do occur. So now let us direct our attention to those numerous and temporary releases of energy brought about by the progression of the Moon. The Moon rules domestic urges, and its directions stimulate thoughts, conscious or subliminal, tending to enter into combination with other groups of thoughts. As the thoughts thus stimulated are of domestic nature it will be seen that discord or harmony in the domestic life, conscious and subliminal, have a great deal to do with the temporary periods of success and failure.

The Major directions of the Moon as contributing to the conditions previous to and after Venus square Mars r. Feb. 22, 1937 will be suitable to our purpose. The progressed positions of the planets for March 22, 1937 are given on the frontis piece outside of the birth-chart. It is probable, however, that the event attracted by Venus square Mars 4. has its inception as far back as the time the Moon is conjunction Venus and trine Uranus, fro Uranus in the Fifth, trine to progressed Moon, tends to produce sudden, unusual and strong attachments�and we may be sure give also that conventions are not considered in any direction to Uranus. On July 14, 1920 the Moon in Cancer 2°-29´. It must move 3°-3´ to reach the trine of Uranus r. The Moon here progresses 15°-11´ per year, or 1°-16´ per month. So it will take the Moon about 2 months and 12 days after March 22, 1936 to reach the trine Uranus r. Therefore we have Moon trine Uranus r. June 4, 1936.

Uranus p. is but 20´ back of this position, so we have Moon trine Uranus p. about May 24, 1936. The conjunction of Venus is but 13´ back of the same position, so we have Moon conjunction Venus r. May 27, 1936. And the Moon conjunction Sun r. is but 1°-10´ ahead of the same position, and we have the Moon conjunction Sun r. July 2, 1936.

Here then, about the last of May or first of June, 1936�at the commencement of school vacation for this 16 year old youth�we have an array of Major directions from the Moon indicating a change (Uranus like Mercury is a travel planet) coincident with a new acquaintanceship, good luck in love-affairs; and social matters and the affections brought pleasantly into Prominence; the further changes indicated by the prominence-complex stimulated by a Moon conjunction Sun r.

Immediately following the period in which the attachment is formed and furthered we find a period when the safety-urges are harmoniously stimulated. The Moon is sextile Saturn r. when it reaches Cancer 7°-6´, and sextile Saturn p. when it reaches Cancer 8°-40´. To make the former, from its progressed position on March 22, 1936 it must move 4°-37´ , and to reach the latter it must move 6°-11´. At 1°-16´ per month this will take about 3months and 20 days, and 4 months and 26 days respectively. Therefore, we have Moon sextile Saturn r. July 12, and Moon sextile Saturn p. August 18, 1936. We may expect this to attract increased responsibilities, to bring opportunity for work of some sort, and kindly and advantageous advice from elderly persons. It will tend to make this youth less impulsive and to lend more seriousness to his thoughts. To grasp its influence to the utmost he must cultivate elderly friends and work cheerfully for his future advancement.

The next direction of any importance made by the Moon is Moon square Asc. r. and Moon conjunction M.C. r. In the ephemeris on July 14, 1920, the Moon�s position at midnight is given as Cancer 1 0°-4´. To reach Cancer 1 0°-34´ it must move 30´. At 2´ per day (average progression of Moon, although it is here moving faster) this requires 15 days. The midnight position represents six months after March 22, 1936, or Sept. 22, 1936. Then we have Moon square Asc.r. about Oct. 7, 1936. And is Cancer 12°- is 1°-54´ past the midnight position, or 1 month 19 days by progression, we have Moon conjunction M.C. r. Nov. 11, 1936.

During the latter part of September and the first part of October, then, this youth, to avoid disagreeable conditions affecting the health and personal matters should pleasantly cultivate a positive attitude toward others in general and the opposite sex in particular (denoted by the Moon) and should feel a joy in all matters pertaining to health and strength of constitution. The aggressive urges thus brought into play will tend to cancel and annul the tendency to obstacles otherwise attracted by the square of the Moon. The conjunction of the Moon with the M.C. needs no antidote, but the best plan of action during November is to grasp every opportunity to become more widely and favorably known.

Due to the tendency of the Moon by progression to develop intense temporary releases of energy, the final climax and settlement of the direction Venus square Mars r. would not occur until the Moon came to conjunction Venus p. and square Mars.r. On July 15, 1920, the midnight position of the Moon is given as Cancer 25°-15´. To reach the square of Mars r. the Moon must move from this position 32´, requiring about 16 days progression. The midnight position represents six months later than March 22, 1937, or Sept. 22, 1937. 16 days later gives us Moon square Mars r. Oct. 8, 1937; and also very close to the same time we have Moon conjunction Venus p. Oct. 22, 1937. Therefore we may expect the final chapter of this attachment started about the first of June 1936 to be read about the first of November 1937.

And here seems to be the place to mention that due to the nature of the vibrations themselves, the release of energy by a direction to Saturn tends to be slightly later than otherwise might be expected, and the releases of energy by a direction to Mars tends to be somewhat ahead of time. Further, because Mars stimulates the desires, directions to Mars regardless of whether they are harmonious or discordant, bring approximately as many marriages as directions to Venus.

So in the case under consideration about the first November 1937 there will be a strong impulsion to marriage. And only a judicious cultivation of the safety-urges in connection with the social inclinations, and the application of an aggressive and positive attitude toward being influenced by the opposite sex, uniting the joy of fighting for his parental obligations with thoughts of honor and personal advancement will prevent some hasty and ill-advised step being taken at this time.

Now if the student will glance at the example chart on the frontispiece, and conceive of it as chart of the centers of energy that have previous to birth been organized in the astral body, he will have no difficulty in perceiving how the planets, as they move forward in the zodiac as shown by their ephemeris position, may act as points of stimulation. It is even possible to conceive that due to the diurnal rotation of the earth on its axis Mars is carried up to the Ascendant, Mercury is carried over the M.C. to the Mundane position of the Sun, and so on. And on the supposition that such a movement and relationship transpires the system of Directing known as the Semi-Arc method was originated. This method is usually called the Ptolemaic Method, because it was derived from certain hints given by Ptolemy in his writings, although just what Ptolemy really meant no one seems to know. Then Placidus added still other features to those supposed to have been hinted at by Ptolemy. And the Semi-Arc method as usually practiced today, in which not only the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and M.C. are regarded as significators , but the planets also, presents such an array of important directions for almost every year of life that almost anything can be predicted from death to great elevation, according to the mood of the prognosticator. Yet is we confine ourselves to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and M.C. as the only points in the chart to which directions of the planets may be formed, we are brought to wonder why directions between planets also do not tend to attract events

But if we progress all the house-cusps, giving a complete Progressed Horoscope, as we did in the outer chart on the frontispiece of lesson 111., it would seem that by this motion the position of Mars would not only carried up to the Ascendant, but that the position of the Sun would be carried to the posit ion of Venus (See chart on frontispiece of this lesson).

I have long believed that the whole semi-arc system of Directing was based upon, if it were properly understood, just such a progression of the horoscope. And we have astrologers today who not only progress the angles directly, but conversely also. Thus they not only calculate when the Sun reaches the M.C. by direction, but also when the M.C. moves to the mundane point held by the Sun.

But I have never been fully convinced that the diurnal rotation of the earth on its axis really does impress the energies of the planets upon the astral body in any such way. For according to this system, the movements of the planets through the heavens, due to the earth�s rotation during a period of about 4 minutes is released in one year. I am inclined at the present time, instead, to believe that the house-cusps are mere polarizing points for solar influence, and that instead of being carried forward by the diurnal motion of the earth, they move forward proportionally as the Sun, from which they derive their power, moves by progression through the zodiac. If this by true, instead of Mars being carried up to the Ascendant by the diurnal rotation of the earth, the Ascendant progresses down by zodiacal motion to the degree occupied by Mars. And ac cording to this conception of progression there would be converse directions, and all Major Directions and Minor Directions owe their influence to their regular and observable progression through the zodiac.

I have no desire to infringe upon controversial matters. And the above theoretical consideration have been inserted merely as an explanation of the points of similarity and difference between the Semi-Arc method and the Hermetic System. And it answers the often asked question as to why there are more than one system of directing. The student will find that in a surprising number of instances, due to the close conformity of heavenly movement between important sections of the two systems, many of the prominent directions calculated by the semi-arc system coincide in time and nature with those of the Hermetic System.

I not only wish to avoid controversial matters, but I desire also in presenting the Hermetic System to avoid incorporating in any element not fully tested and reliable. It seem to me much better not to mention a factor unless its merit has been thoroughly proven. For if the cause of an event is obscure, that at once will be apparent, and will incite investigation. But if we have a multitude of rules and elements given, many of which are of dubious value, the student will always be able to find apparently and adequate cause for an event or condition, but when he seeks to predict an event or condition he is apt to choose a worthless factor upon which to found his prediction. So it seems to me that the essence of astrological accuracy is to eliminate all factors and theories except these of very certain value. For the fewer the factors with which we work, and the greater the precision with which we know their influence, if important elements so not omitted, the more reliable the work accomplished. Hence, too few rules are better than too many.

In my own practice of Natal Astrology I have never found the need, in ac counting for past events or in predicting these of the future, for other factors than the Major Directions, Minor Directions and Transits, as presented in those lessons. But of more importance even than the adequate use of these directions is the ability to instruct a person as to a course of thought and action that will enable him to take full advantage of a harmonious directions, or to completely cancel and annul the influence of an inharmonious direction. And to be able to give such priceless instructions I would urge astrologer to carefully study the use of Mental Antidotes

The Brotherhood of Light
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
Serial No. 113, Branch Letter -- L
Course X, Branch of Science�Natal Astrology
Section II, Part XII
Subject � Major Directions of Planets
Examination Questions

1. When the E.G.M.T. is greater than 12 hours past noon is it better to convert this Interval into months and days, or to reckon from the Interval to the following noon, in finding the Limiting date?

2. What is the usual rate of progressions per month made by the Sun?

3. What urges should be cultivated during the period when Mars forms and adverse direction?

4. What urges should be cultivated, and what matters may be pushed to advantage during the direction Sun conjunction Neptune?

5. What should be the general line of thought and conduct during the period the direction Sun trine Moon r. releases its energy.

6. Do directions releasing energy during the same period usually cancel each other�s influence?

7. When two directions, one harmonious, and one inharmonious, are releasing energy during the same period, how may this situation be taken advantage of?

8. What things often may be pursued to advantage during an adverse direction to Mercury ?

9 What line of effort may be pursued to advantage under an adverse direction to Uranus?

10. Does any direction to Uranus favor a conventional outlook?

11. When it is not otherwise clear where the energies should be directed during an adverse direction what department of life, as general rule, should be chosen?

12. Even when favorable directions from Mars are releasing energy, should we expect a quiet peaceful period?

13. What is the most characteristic influence of a discordant direction to Neptune?

14. What is the most characteristic influence of a direction to Saturn?

15. What is the most characteristic influence of a direction from Venus?

16. What is the most characteristic influence of a direction to Jupiter?

17. What condition is usually attracted by the direction Moon trine Uranus?

18. How may the direction Moon sextile Saturn be taken advantage of?

19. What should be the general line of thought and conduct during the direction Moon square Ascendant?

20. Directions from what planet often are slow to externalize?

21. Why do directions to Mars often coincide with Marriage?

22. Why is it better to work with few factors than with many in astrological work?

23. What may usually be predicted from the direction Moon conjunction Uranus?

24. What common condition in life tends to attract many temporary and less important periods of success or failure?

25. When the midnight position of the Moon is given in the ephemeris how may this be taken advantage of in calculating the Major Direction of the Moon?