Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Stellar Anatomy.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1934

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Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Part I. Stellar Anatomy.
by C.C. Zain

One who practices Stellar Healing should possess a much more detailed knowledge of the Stellar, or astral body than is necessary for the successful practices of natal astrology. Such detailed information of the composition of the finer body is as important to the Stellar Healer as is detailed knowledge of physical anatomy to the surgeon. Astral means pertaining to the stars; therefore it is quite fitting that this science of the parts and structure of the astral body should be called Stellar Anatomy.

It has been quite fully explained in Course V and IX that just as the physical atoms of the physical body are composed of protons and electrons, in various relations, as the chief elements of the astral body are made up of nutritive desires and reproductive desires; positive and negative impulses. These elements, corresponding to the material elements of chemistry , are like physical elements, definite centers of energy. But they are centers of energy in astral substances. They are formed by states of consciousness, and are commonly referred to as urges. According to their nature they are grouped in families, called aggressive urges, safety urges, religious urges etc.

These urges, according to the circumstances which bring them together, combine in complexes. A complex within the astral body corresponds to a chemical compound of physical substance. Such a compound, either in physical substance or in astral substance, exerts a definite influence and has well defined properties, and it is quite correct to refer to it as a center of energy.

Throughout the two Courses mentioned these thought-compounds which comprise the chief composition of the astral body have been treated as chemical compounds and as centers of energy, just as it would be quite correct to consider the physical substances and its various compounds in the physical body as chemical compounds and centers of energy. Organic chemistry this does consider and study the composition of physical life-forms. That is, physical life is studied from the standpoint of its chemical composition and chemical reactions.

It is much easier to study the structure of the physical body as if it were merely non-living matter having definite chemical reactions. Also, it is easier to study the structure and composition of the astral , or stellar body, as if it were non-intelligent thought-substances, subject merely to the Laws of Mental Association. And thus we have considered it in some of the other Courses. But the information needed by the Stellar Healer requires that this structure be considered, not merely as inanimate groups of thoughts, constituting centers of energy with definite properties, but as a living stellar organism.

Psychoplasm, Stellar Cells and Stellar Structures.�As you are aware, the physical body of man contains other things, such as uncombined mineral salts, air, water and substances like the nails and hair which are secreted by protoplasm; but the chief substance of the material body is protoplasm. Likewise, while man's astral body contains other things. It is chiefly composed of states of consciousness. These states of consciousness are thought-compounds, even as protoplasm is compound of chemical elements.

Man takes in food into his physical body, and this is converted into the protoplasm of his physical structure. And he has had various experiences, many of them before he came to occupy a physical form, and each of these has been converted into the consciousness structure of his astral body. What foods are to the physical body, thoughts feelings and impulses are to the astral body. Foods are converted into protoplasm, and experiences are converted into cells of consciousness within the stellar body; that is, into psychoplasm.

I am not speaking of the astral forms of the physical cells and physical organs of his material body, but of the structure of the astral body which lives independent of them, able to travel on the four-dimensional plane, and which persists after the dissolution of physical cells and organs; of the astral body which, while the individual occupies a physical form, interpenetrates and reacts with these physical cells and their astral counterparts

This astral body, which can live independent of the physical, is composed of stellar substances which through the action of states of consciousness have been converted into psychoplasm. And just as the protoplasm of the physical body is organized into living cells, so the psychoplasm of the astral body is organized into living, intelligent, stellar cells. These stellar cells, derived from states of consciousness, are like physical cells in that they represent definite compounds and are centers of energy.

The cells of protoplasm which are the chief ingredients of the physical body are differently arranged and compounded into the various tissues of the physical form. According to their functions different tissues, thus chiefly composed of protoplasmic cells, have a different structure. And the stellar cells of psychoplasm which are the chief ingredients of the astral body also are differently arranged and compounded into the various structures of the stellar form. Different stellar compartments within the astral body have different structures.

No one should attempt Stellar Healing without a clear comprehension that the finer body of man is composed, not of unintelligent substance, but of a large variety of less complex and more complex mental units; cells and organizations of cells, having a limited intelligence.

These stellar organizations are arranged in the astral body in twelve different zones . These zones are mapped in the birth-chart by the twelve zodiacal signs. Aries maps the head zone, Taurus the throat and neck zone, Gemini the arms and hands zone, etc.

The Twelve Compartments of the Astral Body.�But in addition to these twelve zones there are also twelve different compartments within the astral body.

Each of these twelve compartments has an affinity for the thoughts, feelings and impulses relating to certain phases of the life, and much less affinity for the thoughts, feelings and impulses relating to other phases of life.

Calcium foods when taken into the physical body are not utilized in building muscle, but in building bone and giving tone to the nerves by correcting the excess of other mineral salts in the blood stream. Iron does at once to the red blood corpuscles; and the fuels to the tissue where needed. That is, some physical foods have an affinity for one department of the physical anatomy and other foods have an affinity for other departments.

Thought, feelings and impulses are the foods of the astral body, and each type of food has an affinity for some one of the twelve departments of the stellar makeup. Thoughts and feelings which revolved around the personality, immediately they are assimilated, move into one section of the astral body. Thoughts and feelings about Money move into another compartment. Thoughts and feelings about brethren ,studies and travel, quickly congregate together in a third well defined region of the astral form, an so on.

Due to variation in human personality and character, these compartments of the astral body in which the stellar cells are retained are not related to the astral bodies of all people alike. In fact, although the order of sequence is always the same, otherwise there is the greatest difference. For instance, the stellar organization relating to money may, in one person's astral form, be in the neck; may, in another person's form, be in the stomach; may in another person's astral form, be in the knee; and still in another's may be in the feet.

This four-dimensional body which we are here discussing presents an appearance much like an idealization of the physical body. So much so that even when it is separated from the physical there is no difficulty in recognizing the person.

But, by virtue of its existence on a plane with an additional dimension, it has certain properties that the physical body does not. One of these four-dimensional properties is that the stellar organization relation got one department of life forms in a specific region of the astral body and not in some other region; and that the region thus occupied by the stellar cells relating to a given department of life differs according to the individual.

The Signs Map Zones and the Houses Map Compartments in the Astral Body.�The zones of the astral body, as mapped by the zodiacal signs, are the same in all people. But the compartments in the astral body where in reside the stellar cells relating to the different compartments of life are accurately mapped in a birth-chart by the mundane houses.

If you have ten degrees of Sagittarius on the cusp of the second house and fifteen degrees of Capricorn on the cusp of the third house, all your thoughts, feelings and impulses, both past and present, regarding personal property, are present as stellar cells in the stellar structure of your legs and knees. But if you have one degree of Aries on the cusp of the second house and one degree of Taurus on the cusp of the third house, your past and present experiences with personal property are present as stellar cells in the stellar structure of your head.

It is absolutely essential in Stellar Diagnosing to understand that the astral body is chiefly composed of states of consciousness organized as cells and combinations of cells, and that where any individual is concerned, these states of consciousness relating to a certain department of life actually are present as stellar cells and organizations of cells within that portion of his astral body bounded by the house-cusps, as they cut the zodiacal signs, in his birth-chart.

In such diagnosing, and also in natal astrology, we must consider not merely the heavens, and what is going on there, but what of corresponding nature is indicated within the astral body of man. Where the heavens are concerned these houses just mentioned are the walls, of varying resistance, about the earth through which the energy from the signs and planets must penetrate. But where man's astral body is concerned, they mark the boundaries of the receptacles of the definite mental factors, which, converted into stellar cells and stellar structures, comprise his finer form.

Thus also, where the heavens are concerned, the signs of the zodiac are the sounding boards, from which the planetary tones reverberate. But where man's astral body is concerned, the zodiacal signs are definite vibratory zones, to which, according to their house position, man's thoughts, feelings and impulse are carried for stellar structure building. These vibratory zones, mapped in the birth-chart by the zodiacal signs, are always related to the stellar body in the same way without variation due to personality. That is, Aries always maps the head ; Taurus the neck, Gemini the arms and hands etc.

Further, where the heavens are concerned, the planets are definite tones, or vibratory rates. But where man's stellar body is concerned they map dynamic thought centers which have been built by the more vivid experiences of his past. These vivid states of consciousness are carried to the zonal region of his astral form which in his birth-chart maps the department of life to which they belong, and are there converted into energetic cells and organizations of stellar cells, which act as intelligent centers of energy.

Each Planet Maps a Receiving Set. � Each of these dynamic stellar organizations or thought-centers, within the astral body is a receiving station for the energy of the planet which maps its position in a birth-chart. That is, where Mars is located by sign and degree in the birth-chart, is a receiving and transmitting set, dialed to the astral frequencies radiated by the planet Mars. Where Saturn is located by sign and degrees in the birth-chart, is a radio receiving and transmitting set, tuned to the frequencies radiated by the planet Saturn. And because they are thus tuned to these planetary vibratory rates, they also pick up thought vibrations and character vibrations of a similar frequency; for the vibrations radiated by objects and by thoughts are essentially of the same kind as those radiated by the planets.

What I mean by the location of a planet by sign and degree is that if Mars is in the sign Leo in the birth-chart, the receiving and transmitting set for Mars vibrations is located in the heart of the stellar body. If Saturn is in the sign Aquarius in the birth-chart, the receiving and transmitting set for Saturn vibrations is located in the ankles of the stellar body. The stellar organization wherever a planet is located in the birth-chart is intensely alive and responsive to the vibratory rates of the particular planet, forming a natural radio set for their reception and transmission.

Aspect Map Aries Within the Astral Body.�And right here is one of the most important thing that a Stellar Haler should understand: Every dynamic thought-center mapped in the birth-chart by a planet, has an antenna, either short or long, for this reception and transmission of the vibratory rates of the planet. If the planet has no aspect, this antenna may be considered merely a short loop aerial, incapable of picking up planetary energy as readily as it would it were a good long aerial.

But when one planet makes an aspect to another planet, this builds an aerial stretching through the astral body between the two�or if a conjunction or parallel, around the two�which readily picks up certain vibratory rates and transmits them to both terminals. That is, the energy picked up by this line within the astral body, travels to the dynamic structure at either end of the line. These dynamic stellar structures are composed of organizations of stellar cells. And the energy thus added gives them much greater activity than if no such aerials permitted planetary energy to reach them.

These dynamic stellar organizations thus given activity, are built up of thought compounds related to some particular department of life, and are thus located within the definite compartment of the stellar body mapped by the house positions of the planets.

A Stellar Cell Has Intelligence�And while we usually speak of thoughts, and organizations of thoughts, as if they were purely mechanical forms; in truth a thought, or group of thoughts, such as is retained in the stellar structure of one of the twelve compartments of man's astral form, has a certain amount of individual intelligence. And within the intelligence which has been imparted to it when it was originally formed, or which can be imparted to it by the person or by a healer, it has a power, operating from the four-dimensional plane, of bringing about events in the physical world.

We commonly say that what a man has within himself he attracts from without. And this certainly is true, as a study of his birth-chart and progressed aspects quickly demonstrates. But we speak as if these forces which, due to progressed aspects, attract events into his life, were blind and mechanical vibrations. And probably it is best usually so to speak of them. But the Stellar Healer soon comes to recognize that intelligent energies within the astral body are stimulated into activity of a certain kind by progressed aspects; and that these, unconscious to the individual, work with such intelligence as they posses, to bring about the type of event, or condition, shown by the progressed aspect.

Within the astral body, then, are dynamic thought centers marked by a planet the birth-chart. And every aspect the planet receives from other planets in the birth-chart marks a stellar aerial extending from the dynamic structure mapped by the other planet to the dynamic structure mapped by this planet.

These stellar aerials, extending between dynamic structure and dynamic structure, are strong or weak, as indicated by whether or not the aspect between the two planets is more or less perfect. The more nearly perfect the aspect, the stronger the receptive qualities of the aerial. But if the orb is too far from the perfect aspect the aerial becomes so weakened as to give no aid to reception, and we say that the planets are not within aspect of each other.

Stellar Aerials that Pick Up Static.�These stellar aerials stretching through the astral body , much as nerves run through the physical body, not only act as instruments to pick up wave-length the broadcast from the planets to the earth, but also, because they run from definite terminals in definite ways, they determine whether the reception is clear and harmonious, or accompanied by inharmony and static.

If one end of the stellar aerial is attached to the Mars terminal in the astral body, this insures that it will pick up Mars energy. That is, and astral energy of the frequencies indicated by Mars, whether harmonious or discordant, and whether from the planet Mars, from some object ruled by Mars, or from some person's aggressive thoughts, that reaches this aerial, is picked up by it.

Such and aerial, however, is always attached at the other end to the dynamic thought structure which forms the terminal for another planet. Not only so, but it crosses a portion of the astral body, between the two terminals, in a definite way, which, when mapped in the birth-chart, is called an aspect. By virtue of the particular aspect�that is the way the aerial joins the two terminals�whatever energy is received over it is given a definite harmonious or discordant trend.

Each of the ten aspects as they form between the planets in the sky gives a definite whirl to the energies that thus meet; each kind having a particular constructive or destructive property (lesson No.41). And each aerial within the astral body is of a length and composition which enables it to pick up and radiate the planetary energy denoted by its terminals in a certain harmonious or discordant way.

The opposition aspect maps an aerial in the astral body so situated with reference to its two terminals that such energy as it picks up or radiates is given a separative quality. That is, the stellar cells it stirs into activity get so much static along with the tone that they act to separate the factors represented by the two terminals. On the other hand, the trine aspect maps an aerial within the astral body so located with relation to its terminals that any energy it picks up or radiates has a powerful constructive trend with stirs, through its harmony, the stellar cells of both terminals to cooperate in a way which attracts good fortune.

There are stellar aerials of ten different lengths that can be present in the Astral body of an individual and each of these recognized lengths of aerial picks up energy and transmits it according to its own particular type of harmony or discord. The aspects between the planets in the birth-chart, which map these stellar aerials of different length, have each been given a Key-word (lesson No. 87) which expresses the observed effect of the energy picked up by the particular length of aerial upon the department of life thus associated.

An Aerial Can Pick up Two Different Tones.�As one end of the stellar aerial thus mapped by an aspect in the birth-chart , terminates in one planet's dynamic structure, and the other end terminates in another planets dynamic structure, any aerial is capable of picking up two different tones of energy. That is, it customarily picks up the vibratory energy of either of the planets which map the ends of the aspect in the birth-chart.

And because these dynamic stellar structures, or thought centers, within the Astral body which are mapped by the two planets are located in some particular compartment of the astral body influencing a certain department of life, whatever energy is picked u by the stellar aerial flows into these two compartments through the two types of dynamic stellar structures marking the terminals of the aerials.

Furthermore, the energy present in one compartment thus has a connection with, and can easily reach and stimulate, the energy within the other compartment; for there is a stellar wire connecting the two, over which energy can travel with ease.

A planet in one house of a birth-chart, then, if it is within some aspect to a planet in another house of the birth-chart, maps a stellar wire, or aerial, stretching between these two compartments within the astral body. And over this aerial energy can easily flow from the one compartment to the other compartment.

If, for instance, there is an aspect between the house of business and the house of marriage�an aerial between the compartments within the astral body ruling these two departments of life�marriage will be found to have an influence upon business, and business will be found to have an influence upon the marriage relation. This condition exists in the life on the physical plane because in the four-dimensional astral body there is an aerial stretching between the two compartments over which energy readily can flow from one to the other. And the kind of an influence each will have on the other may be determined by the length of the aerial. If it is mapped by a square aspect in the birth-chart, marriage will prove an obstacle to business and business will prove an obstacle to harmony with the domestic partner.

Yet even thought there is no aerial stretching to the stellar structure of a certain compartment within the astral body, and even though there is planetary terminal, or dynamic thought center there, the stellar cells and stellar structure of the compartment are influenced, and given some activity, through sympathetic response to the planetary terminal with which it has most close affinity. That is, any energy received by the Mars dynamic thought center, wherever that center may be located, calls out a certain sympathetic response from the whole stellar zone of Aries.

All twelve compartments of the astral body are filled with thought organizations composed of stellar cells, and thus possessing intelligent life. But the cells and structure of certain compartments are far more active than those of other compartments. While there may be no dynamic center in some compartments, nevertheless, these cells and organizations may be given added activity through sympathetic response to the activities of the dynamic center, the planet of which rules the zone where they are located.

Activity Through Sympathetic Response. � Thus, no matter in what part of the astral body the Mars terminal may be located, any activity given this terminal brings out a sympathetic vibration from the whole zone of the head. And whatever compartment of the astral body is covered by the Aries zone, is given activity. That is, its cell-intelligence and organization intelligence are moved to perform work on the astral plane.

Likewise, no matter in what part of the astral body the Sun terminal is located, any activity of the thought-formed terminal mapped in the birth-chart by the position of the Sun, always finds a sympathetic response form the zone of the heart and back, that is, from the region ruled by Leo. And no matter in what part of the astral body the dynamic center that marks the Jupiter terminal is located, any activity of this dynamic Jupiter center, composed of religious urges, brings forth a vibratory response from the whole zone of the astral body marked by the hips and thighs, which is the zone ruled by the sign Sagittarius.

Yet while the zone in the astral body mapped by a zodiacal sign is given some activity whenever the terminal in the astral; body mapped by the planet ruling the sign receives energy; this activity is not nearly so great as that received by the zone where the terminal actually is located.

These zones in the astral body are coincident, according to the birth-chart, with the compartments. Therefore, compartments within the astral body which are not the terminals of stellar aerials�that is mapped without planets in the birth-chart are given far less activity than those that have terminals. In other words, houses in the birth-chart which are not occupied by planets represent compartments of the astral body the stellar cells and structures of which receive stimulation by sympathetic response. Such houses, empty of planets, because the intelligence-factors occupying them are less active, are therefore less important in the individual's life.

As the Stellar Healer must learn to think in terms of the compartments, cells and stellar structures of the astral body, he should understand that if Aries occupies all of the tenth house of the birth-chart, that the various thoughts, feelings and impulses of that individual's past that have to do with honor and position have entered into the thought-composition, or stellar structure, of his head and there remain.

If the sign Taurus occupies all the region of the eleventh house of the birthchart, he perceives that all the thoughts, feelings and impulses that have arisen in the past regarding friends, hopes and wishes, enter into the formation of the stellar structure of the neck. If all the sign Capricorn occupies the seventh house of the birth-chart, he concludes that the various thoughts, feelings and impulses in regard to open enemies, partnership and marriage, are collected in the zone of the astral body denoted by the knees .

Getting this viewpoint clearly, he then envisions the circumstances that wherever in the birth-chart a planet is shown, marks a region in the astral body where the stellar organizations unusually active. And every aspect from this planet to any other planet in the birth-chart marks a stellar line, or aerial, of definite length and proportions, within the astral body, connecting the two types of dynamic stellar structures.

All the stellar cells and stellar organizations in any one compartment of the astral body have been formed by thoughts, or more simple states of consciousness, about the things of life ruled by the house mapping the compartment. The dynamic

6. stellar structures in any compartment is composed of such compounds of thoughts as are indicated by the planetary terminal located there and its aspects. The non-dynamic stellar structures of a compartment is composed of such compounds of thoughts as are indicated by the planet ruling the sign, or the zone of the astral body, and its aspects. Yet it should here be pointed out that the planets, signs and houses of the birth-chart are not the cause of the particular location and organization of stellar thought cells in the compartments indicate; but that the person is born when the planets map dynamic centers, and houses map compartments, as they have already been built into the astral form by experiences before birth.

Where dynamic thoughts, or intense experiences, about some department of life have been built up the most active stellar organizations form a particular type of thought-elements, or urges; there in the birth-chart will be found the planet ruling these urges mapping its terminal. There may be other active cells and structures of a similar types in the compartment represented by the zone, or sign, ruled by the planet. But the place of the planet is always where the most active thought centers of its particular type is located.

If there is an aspect from this planet to some other planet, this signifies that urges, or thought elements-, of the type ruled by each of the planets have commonly, and strongly, been present in consciousness at the same time. This has established a line, or stellar aerial, across the astral body between the dynamic stellar structures built up chiefly of each type of urges, or thought-elements. This aerial is of the length which picks up and radiates energy, giving it the kind of vibrations that are denoted by the association of the two types of urges. That is, thoughts and urges enter into combination within the astral body to form a stellar structure of a definite harmony or discord, and the aerial indicates the facility of exchange between the two types of urges, and the particular harmony or discord of their combination.

When, therefore, two planetary terminals are connected by an aspect, this indicates, not merely that energy flows freely between the two compartments of life in which the terminals are located, but also that the dynamic stellar structure at each terminal is not composed of a single type of urge, but is a compound of the urges, or mental factors, ruled by the planets marking the terminals. If a planetary terminal has more than one aspect, this indicates that its dynamic stellar structure contains a compound in which the urges of these other terminals take part.

Each terminal, mapped by a planet in a birth-chart, marks a dynamic stellar structure. The dominant urge, or mental factory, of this stellar compound, is always ruled by the planet marking the terminal. But every aspect to this terminal shows that the dynamic stellar structure there located in the astral body has in its compound organization the thought-elements, or urges, ruled by the planet marking the other terminal. And the length of the stellar aerial across the astral body, as mapped by the kind of an aspect, in each case indicates whether, and to what extent, these urges have entered into harmonious or discordant compounds in the formation of the dynamic stellar structure.

Furthermore, the less active stellar structure of any particular zone, as mapped by a zodiacal sign, is likewise a compound of the urges, or mental factors, of the type indicated by the planet ruling the sign, in combination with other urges, according to the planets aspected by this ruling planet, and the kind of aspect.

Thus is the whole astral body composed of more or less intelligent stellar cells, and these cells, and the stellar organizations they form, have a composition which is indicated by the planets and their aspects.

The Stellar Ground Wire.-- In addition to planetary aerial, the clairvoyant discerns a heavy line running across the astral body in the region marking the sign and degree on the Ascendant of the birth-chart. When the birth-hour is not known, if this line can be seen, the proper Ascendant can be determined. This ascending degree may also have aerials stretching to the planetary terminals, as may the degree on the M.C. But the Ascendant is unique in that it acts as the grounding wire. That is, it is where the person connects, and exchange energy, through his etheric body and its forces, with his immediate physical environment.

The degree on the Midheaven, however, has almost an opposite function. Such astral energies as find their way to this point are amplified and radiated to the world at large. It is a broadcasting station for the whole astral organism, and the nearer a dynamic center, as mapped by a planet in the birth-chart, is to this point, the more freely its energies are broadcast.

Astral energy to reach the local environment flows along the ground wire with the etheric forces. The astral body is grounded, and connected with, its immediate physical environment, through the etheric radiations of the physical body. This ground wire influence of the personality, therefore , reaches only so far as the etheric emanations flow.

The Stellar Amplifier.�But the wider influence of the individual is not so determined. It depends upon the amount and quality of the astral energy radiated. Each aerial in the astral body not only picks up, but also radiates, astral energy. And

some of this astral energy is brought to a focus in the region of the astral body mapped by the apex of the birth-chart. Clairvoyantly the M.C. is marked through the astral body by a sharp blue line. And all such astral energy, whatever its character may be, which reaches this line, is widely broadcast. The sharp blue line mapped by the degree on the M.C. acts as an amplifier.

Because the various aerials, mapped by aspects in the birth-chart, remain throughout life, except when changed by individual initiative in the application of the principles of Mental Alchemy, they are called permanent aerials. But in addition to these permanent aerials, or stellar wires, across the astral body, which thus persist, there are others which form temporarily.

The planets as they move forward by progression through the signs of the zodiac form points of stimulation. Their energies fall upon the zone of the astral body governed by the sign they are passing through. And regardless of aspect, or aerial, they impact a certain amount of their own energy to the zone, and thus give the thoughts, feelings and impulses of the compartment indicated more than their normal activity. And this is true whether the planet moves through the sign by major progression, by minor progression or by transit; although the amount of energy thus imparted by major progression is far greater.

Temporary Aerials.�But when such a planet, by progression, makes an aspect, either to the place of a planet in the birth-chart, or to the place another progressed planet, there is formed within the astral body a thread of stellar substance connecting these two points. That is, the progressed aspects map temporary aerials that from and dissolve within the stellar form.

They are temporary, but while they last they pick up transmit the energy of the two planets making the aspect to the compartments within the astral body. Energy is thus temporarily added in much volume, and in harmony or discord according to the aspect, to the indicated department of life.

Other than their length of duration there are differences between temporary and permanent aerials. Not only are the permanent stellar aerials more powerful, but they have a wide orb. Statistics we have compiled from many thousands of charts indicate that a permanent aerial may be formed when the planetary terminals making dynamic thought centers are a number of degrees from the specified distance apart. That is, aspects in the birth-chart are potent within an orb of a number of degrees. But a temporary aerial, such as mapped by a progressed aspect, seldom is sound enough to pick up or radiate much energy when the planets mapping its terminals are more than one degree distant from the perfect aspect.

Each individual, according to the thought-composition of his stellar cells, and the permanent aerials connecting terminals in the dynamic stellar structure of the various compartments of this astral body, has a normal relation to each department of life. That is, the average financial fortune, the average honor, the average health, etc., for each individual is different, depending upon the activity and harmony or discord of the stellar structure in the compartment of his astral body related to the particular department of life.

Events Take Place Only when there are Temporary Aerials.�But starting with this normal condition of affairs for the individual, statistics compiled from many thousands of charts show that marked variations of any consequence from this normal only take place when, as mapped by the major progressed aspects of the planets, the compartment of the astral body is given added energy, by a temporary aerial formed to the dynamic thought center within the compartment, or which, through sympathetic response, adds energy to the zone touching the cusp of the compartment.

Minor progressed aspects, and aspects by transit, also form temporary aerials within the astral body; but the amount of planetary energy picked up by these weaker aerials is not sufficient to cause much activity among the stellar cells and stellar organizations of the astral body. Even the aerials formed by the progressed aspects of the Moon are not heavy enough to pick up much energy radiated by the planets in the sky. Minor progressed aspects, aspects by transits, and major progressed aspects of the Moon, all map temporary aerials that pick up energy radiated from the planets and transmit it to the cells and structures of the astral body in definite compartments. They all, therefore, each according to its own strength, through stimulating stellar cell activity, tend to attract conditions and events.

But statistical work covering thousands and thousands of charts indicates that sufficient energy is added to any compartment of life to cause its activity�that is, the intelligent activity of its stellar cells and thought-organizations, working from the four-dimensional planet�to attract any event which is far enough from the normal to be marked by the individual, only when the aerial is mapped by a major progressed aspect, within one degree of perfect, made to the planet actually within the house, or ruling the cusp of the house, indicating that department of life.

This means that departures from the normal only take place when there are progressed aspects; and that these departures from normal are not important unless there is some major progressed aspect, within one degree of perfect, to the planet ruling the house which governs the department of life affected. Small events, which are unimportant departures from the normal, may occur through the energy added by transits, by minor progressions, or by major progressions of the Moon. But larger events occur only when temporary stellar aerials, mapped by major progressed aspects within one degree of perfect, pick up and add energy in volume to the cells and stellar structure of the compartment in the astral body related to the event.

The kind of an event thus brought into the life at a definite time is, of course, determined by the amount and kind of activity given to these stellar cells and organizations. If they are all in a wrangle among themselves, they work to attract events that have an afflicting quality. But if they are in agreement among themselves, they work�and quite intelligently, from the four-dimensional plane�to bring into the life events of a beneficial kind. In so far as their subjective intelligence enables them to do so, they work for these conditions relating to their own compartments which correspond to their own feeling.

These stellar cells and stellar organizations which form the structure of the astral body, completely filling its twelve compartments, are collectively what psychologists call the unconscious mind. But, as psychologists universally recognize, the unconscious mind has many facets. And any one of these facets may be stimulated into human activity, into harmonious activity, or into discordant activity, through a temporary stellar aerial mapped by a progressed aspect in the stellar chart.

It will readily be seen, therefore, that the whole art of determining what will happen in the individual's life and when it will happen, including illness and its cure, depends upon the ability accurately to gauge the amount of activity, and the kind of activity, given at definite times to the cells and structures within the compartments of the astral body mapped by the houses of the birth-chart.

The more activity given any compartment, the more important the events attracted to that department of life. The more discord in a compartment thus given activity, the more unpleasant the events attracted. And the more harmony in a compartment thus given activity, the more favorable the events attracted. This is a true conception of the factors which determine the time and kind of events which come into any individual's life. But its application is not so simple as might be imagined, due to the fact that the energy picked up any temporary stellar aerial may not remain confined to the terminals of the aerial. If, as often happens, the individual permits his feelings to be strongly colored by the astral energy thus received, his etheric body and his nerve currents, thus receiving a corresponding vibration, ace as conductors to carry the astral energy across to any other stellar aerial which may also be present. Spanning the gap in this manner it follows the other aerial to its terminals, imparting its own type of energy to them.

Rallying Forces.-- You may be sure that unless there is a temporary aerial connecting up a particular department of life with incoming energy from the planets, that no events of importance will occur where this department of life is concerned. But if there is any temporary aerial formed which influences this department of life, either a harmonious or a discordant stellar line, the individual's feelings may afford opportunity for whatever energy is received in greatest intensity ever any other aerial. to span the gap and add its own particular quality of energy, harmonious or discordant, to this department of life.

These other powerful energies, picked up by aerials not related to the compartment affected, which thus tend to denote, for the time being, aerials other than their own, are called Rallying Forces.

For instances, Brotherhood of Light Astrological Report No. 4, in which the progressions in the charts of 100 people at the time of death are analyzed, shows that in 21 cases there was no afflictions to the ruler of the 8th. Yet of the 100 charts, in 99 there was a major progressed affliction at the time of death, and a major aspect to the ruler of the 8th.

In 21 instances, therefore, out of the 100, powerful and discordant stellar aerials formed across the astral body and picked up sufficient energy to dominate, through the feeling invoked, the etheric currents of the physical body.

In such circumstances as the weaker, even though harmonious, stellar aerials leading into the compartment governing death were unable to pick up their own type of energy unimpeded. The etheric energies, flowing over the nervous system, and become tuned to the discord of the heavier aerial. And these etheric energies thus picked up additional astral energy of the discordant type, and permitted it, along with the energy from the dominant aerial, to reach weaker, but harmonious aerial. Thus these Rallying Forces, by means of etheric currents induced by feelings, reached, and traveled along the astral wire leading into the compartment of death, giving its stellar structure the activity of their discordant energy.