Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
The Basis of Stellar Diagnosis.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1934

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Copyright, 1934 by Elbert Benjamine.
Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Part II. The Basis of Stellar Diagnosis.
by C.C. Zain

Because the astral body of man is composed of psychoplasm, organized into stellar cells and stellar structures, which determine the condition of the cells and tissues of the physical body, a map of these stellar cells and structures, such as the birth-chart and progressed planetary positions afford, provides an unusually reliable method of diagnosis.

In so far as health, or well being in any department of life, is concerned, disease is synonymous with discord and health is synonymous with harmony. Where harmony manifests there is ease, and therefore, lack of disease.

Ease, however, is not synonymous with either strength or activity. Either strength or activity implies an adequate volume of energy. No matter how great the volume of energy present, if it is discordant enough there will be weakness due to disease. But even when such energy present is harmonious, if the volume of energy is inadequate, there is little activity, or strength. Volume of energy does not imply strength; but where there is much strength and activity there must be energy in volume.

Therefore, in determining the condition of the stellar cells and stellar structures within any compartment of the astral body, we must consider the amount of their activity as well as whether or not they are composed of harmonious or discordant mental compounds.

In Matters of Physical Health all Twelve Zones must be considered.�Unlike most departments of life, the mental factors of which, organized as stellar cells and stellar structures, are confined chiefly to a single one of the twelve compartments within the astral body, no section of the whole astral body should be entirely neglected when considering physical ability.

Certain compartments, to be sure, and certain centers of energy�dynamic stellar structures�are more important where physical health is concerned. But the astral body interpenetrates the physical body so completely, and its stellar cells and stellar structures are so closely associated with the physical cells and physical tissues of the zones, as indicated by the zodiacal signs, where mapped in the birth-chart, that every stellar cell and every stellar structure has some influence over the corresponding cell and tissue of the physical body.

In Stellar Diagnosis, there as applied to the health of the physical body, all twelve zones, as mapped by the signs, should be scanned with the object in view of determining the amount of energy there located, and whether, and to what extent, that energy is harmonious or discordant.

Such zones of the astral body�head, lungs, heart, stomach, etc. � which in the birth-chart are shown to contain planets, have within them stellar organizations of unusual activity which enable them to act as terminals for the reception of energy direct from the planets. And because the stellar structures of these particular zones of the astral body receive and transmit energy in greater volume than the stellar structures of zones not containing such terminals, the corresponding section of the physical body, its cells and tissues, are given a similar accelerated activity.

No impossibility is involved in the changing of the type of stellar structure occupying any compartment of the astral body. Its psychoplasm and its cells have been built by states of consciousness that have a definite composition. And this composition can be altered by adding to them states of consciousness of an appropriate kind.

The birth-chart does not of necessity map the kind of stellar cells and stellar structures within the astral body of an individual at any later period of life. It only maps, and very accurately, the mental composition of the astral body in great detail at the moment of birth. It shows what kind of stellar cells and what kind of stellar organization occupied each compartment of the astral body at the time the individual was born.

But because the basic factors of character change so slowly, those stellar cells and stellar structures that are weakest at birth usually remain so throughout life. In fact, they do remain weakest throughout life unless some unusual effort is made to give them a different composition. And very few people are sufficiently versed either in Mental Alchemy or in Stellar Healing to work intelligently to bring about such desirable changes.

Birth-Chart and Progressed Constants should be determined Statistically.�As a general rule, then, from which the exceptions are so few as revealed by statistical study of thousands of birth-charts that they need no consideration in ordinary practice, the birth-chart correctly maps both the strong and healthy and the weak and defective stellar structures within the astral body. And the defective structures, discordantly compounded of mental factors, each according to its particular location and nature, represent a corresponding lack of balance or vigor in the physical tissues of the body where located.

Discordantly compounded stellar structures map those regions in the physical body which are particularly susceptible to disease.

From the birth-chart, therefore, can be determined, and quite reliably, the particular kind of disease to which any individual is predisposed.

Such determination is not a matter of theory, but, when proper methods are follow- ed, rests upon carefully collected and compiled statistics.

I am not in the least in favor of drawing conclusion form inferences as to what astrological conditions in the birth-chart probably coincide with a tendency to some particular disease. Instead, I believe that the birth-chart of people who have actually suffered from a given disease should be collected. The more birth-charts covering the particular disease the better. But in our own research department we never consider that the report is fully finished until at least 100 birth-charts of persons suffering from the disease have been analyzed.

With such a list of birth-charts at hand, a comparative study invariably reveals certain astrological factors common to all of them. These factors stand out in such prominence that they afford a certain guide to the detection, from any birth-chart, whether or not there is a tendency to the disease in question.

When any birth-chart does not show these astrological factors, we may be sure that the person will not have this particular disease. In any birth-chart which does show these astrological factors, we may be sure, even though the disease has not developed as yet, that there is a weakness which, were it given proper opportunity, would permit the expression of the disease.

It is also demonstrated by the collected statistics that the time when the disease develop coincides, according to the particular disease under consideration, with major progressed aspects to definite planets. Consequently, for the purpose of research work in establishing the astrological constants for any given disease, data are only valuable when the time of the person's birth, as well as the date, place and sex are known; and only when the date, at least approximately, when the illness became manifest also is known.

Thus the astrological basis of Stellar Diagnosis is that of statistically compiled reports, each report being confined to determining the birth-chart constants and the major progressed constants of the singles specified disease. That is, the Stellar Healer should have a hand a reference volume containing classified reports on the various diseases, covering as many different diseases as possible.

The compilation of such a volume is a tremendous task. And it is due to the need for accurate data in such large volume that this course is the last of the 21 Courses on The Religion of The Stars to be written. For the past six years we have been making appeals for data on disease, and have sent out over one-hundred-thousand blank forms soliciting the astrological information needed for this work.

The response to those appeals for astrological data has been quite liberal. Yet there are so many diseases that should be considered that the number of cases reported of some particular disease is usually as yet far short of the 100 which we deem necessary in making a final astrological report.

Nevertheless, while not able as yet to publish a final report, based on 100 cases of each disease considered, we have enough data on hand, covering quite a variety of diseases, that I feel justified in giving the preliminary findings as to the birthchart constants and the major progressed constant covering these diseases.

Except where a special note to that effect is made, it is unlikely that the final report on the constants for any disease considered in these lessons will be found to vary much from those given here. But in the final report on the disease, these constants will be given in terms of percentage, as actually found in 100 charts of people who have suffered from the given disease.

Because I believe the statistical method of determining the astrological factors associated with a disease is the only proper method of approach to Stellar Diagnosis, it will be understood that no disease is considered in these lessons that I have as yet not had the opportunity to study statistically. That is, I shall only discuss these diseases of which I have the birth-charts of diseased persons, and the positions of the progressed planets at the time the disease made itself known.

As a consequence, the astrological constants, and the proper treatment, of many diseases will here be missing. But it is contemplated that in time this deficiency shall be completely filled.

Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing are applicable to All the Ills of Life.-Nor should it be understood that Stellar Healing is confined to the physical body. Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing are equally applicable, and quite effective, when applied to any of the ills of human life.

I do not, in these lessons, contemplate listing obscure diseases. But I do contemplate listing every disease�including those dramatic, affectional, financial, relating to honor, relating to employment, relating to friends, relating to relatives, relating to disappointments, etc.,-- with which the Stellar Healer is likely to be brought in contact. I have no doubt overlooked some; but these will be included as fast as they are bought to my attention.

Avoiding technical names as much as practicable, I shall, for a convenience in reference, list these diseases of the body and these diseases of fortune, alphabetically. Those for which at the present time there is sufficient data available, I shall give the Stellar Constants and the method of Stellar Treatment. Those for which as yet, I have insufficient data. I shall merely list by name, with a notation to that effect.

As data on these other diseases of the physical body and diseases afflicting other departments of life are obtained, their Stellar Constants and method of Stellar Treatment will be published in The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Reports, and a reference here will be made, following the name of the disease, to the published report. Both preliminary and final reports on diseases, including the proper method of Stellar Treatment, from time to time, will be published in THE CHURCH OF LIGHT QUARTERLY, and later will be made available in more permanent form.

Ultimately every Disease of Body and Fortune to be Included.�One of the aims of The Church of Light is alleviating human suffering of all kinds. And to aid the Stellar Healer in such work, it is our intention to make of The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Reports just such a reference volume as the Stellar Healer should have.

Ultimately they should cover every physical disease and discordant condition of Life. They will give each disease, or discordant condition, careful statistical analysis, and unless the Stellar Treatment has already been given in this course of lessons, will also indicate the treatment. They will, therefore, form a complete supplement to these lessons. And for convenience in reference, Brotherhood of Light Astrological Reports No. 15 to No. 50, and certain numbers above No. 100 will be devoted exclusively to the Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Treatment of these various diseases.

Now it should be understood that the astral body of man, composed of psychoplasm which has entered into the composition of stellar cells and stellar structures, is as dependent upon the energies received from the planets as the physical body is dependent upon the oxygen we breathe. These energies from the planets, however, are not analogous to oxygen, except that the activity of physical tissue is dependent upon oxygen, and the activity of the stellar organism is dependent upon the planetary energy, or its thought equivalent, received.

The action of the planetary energies upon the stellar cells and stellar structures is more similar to an electric influence. The planetary terminals in the astral body receive the energy as by radio, and this energy, thus transmitted to a certain stellar cell-group, imparts to it a greater activity. These stellar cells and stellar organizations, when receiving very little planetary energy, are not dead, they are completely dormant. To give them activity sufficiently that they have a pronounced influence upon the physical tissues of the body, or the physical life, they must received new planetary energy or new thought energy.

Each of the planetary terminals, as mapped in the birth-chart, is the point in the astral body where the dynamic thought-structures are tuned to the vibratory rate radiated by the particular planet. The Mars terminal does not received the vibratory rates radiated by the planet Venus. The Moon does not receive the vibratory rates radiated by the Sun. Each terminal is tuned to its own planetary rate and does not respond directly to the energies radiated by any of the other nine planets.

It is only when a planet makes an aspect to another planet that is terminal in the astral body receives energy of a vibratory rate other than its own. The aspect maps a stellar aerial stretching across the astral body. And this aerial picks up the energy radiated by both planets marking its terminals, and gives these energies such a harmonious or discordant resonance as is indicated by the length of the aerial, that is, the nature of the aspect.

But even when a planetary terminal, as mapped in the birth-chart, is connected strongly with other planetary terminals by stellar aerials, mapped by aspects in the birth-chart, the chief energy received by the terminal is that from its own planet. The other energy received corresponds in volume to the other, and minor, thought-elements which have entered into the composition of the stellar cells at that point.

Wherever a planetary terminal is located, then, marks the place in the astral body where the energy of that planet is received. Because the stellar cells and stellar structure in that particular zone of the astral body thus are stimulated in a definite way, the cells and tissues of the physical body also partake of the quality of the particular planetary energy there received. And the zone of the physical body covered by the sign ruled by the planet is, to a less extent, through sympathetic response of the astral zone, given a similar quality.

The importance of understanding this lies in the fact that the energy from each of the ten planets has its own particular function. And to be able to diagnose correctly it is necessary to understand the function performed by the energy from each planet. In so far as physical disease is concerned, for instance, we must understand not merely how to determine the predisposition to particular disease, and when these diseases are likely to manifest, but also the natural ability of the patient to survive when thus attached by disease.

There are numerous rules that have been propounded by astrologers to find the giver of life, called Apheta, Hyleg, or Prorogator. This place, or planet, according to these theories, carries with it the life of the individual until it comes to the place or evil aspect of the Anareta, or planet which destroys life, when death ensues. It has also been customary practice, in gauging the life of a woman, to consider that her vitality comes from the Moon, while the vitality of a man comes from the Sun. Then again, if the Sun is below the horizon in a man's chart, and the Moon above the horizon, both the Sun and Moon were given equal importance.

I shall not go further into these older rules for judging length of life and strength of vitality, because we have made a statistical study of vitality and length of life in Brotherhood of Light Astrological Report No. 17. And this study, based upon the birth-charts of 150 people whose time of birth accurately is known, and who each lived to be more than 70 years of age, shows that the rules for judging vitality

4. and length of life are the same for woman as for man. Of these 150 birth-charts, 70 are those of women, and 80 are those of men. For the details I must refer you to the report. The conclusion there are drawn, however, is that the Vitality (though not the length of life should be judged, both for man and woman, from the Sun.)

The Etheric Body is composed of Two types of energy United.-- The etheric body the interaction, or union, of the feminine etheric energy, ruled by the Moon, with the masculine etheric energy, ruled by the Sun, which forms the etheric body and provides nerve currents.

Vitality, from the physical standpoint, is merely the positive, electric, controlling etheric energy, ruled by the Sun, flowing through the body in ample volume and harmony. Whether for man or woman, for child or adult, therefore, the vital power which enables the individual to live in spite of disease, and which gives recuperative ability, must be gauged by the volume of energy and the quality of energy received into the astral body by the Sun-terminal. It is one of the functions of the Sun to give vital energy.

Abundant vitality, however, insures neither health nor length of life.

Not only does the Moon rules the soothing, feminine etheric energy which nourishes the magnetic constitution, and is so necessary to keep it in health, but every planetary terminal, as mapped in the birth-chart, marks a dynamic stellar structure where the energy from that planet enters the organism. And if this dynamic stellar structure, and the cells in the zone which sympathetically responds to these vibratory rates, are weak and inharmonious, they afford an opportunity for the development of disease.

To state it in astrological terms, every afflicted planet in the birth-chart, including the Sun, represents a condition in the astral body which points to structural or functional derangement of the organs or tissues there located in the physical body, which may become the focus of disease.

A birth-chart which shows that the vital energy, as mapped by the Sun, is deficient or very discordant, may belong to an individual who enjoys good health. If the other planetary terminals are mapped by planets which are harmonious, and not conducive to disease, it is unlikely that the Sun terminal alone will be so discordant as to cause ill health. But whenever the progressed planets do make aspects which are sufficiently discordant to attract disease, as by this weak Sun making a progressed affliction to some planet, such an individual dies.

He is comparatively free from illness while he does live; but his vitality is defective, and unable to cope with a disease which another person, with a stronger vitality, would recover from easily.

On the other hand, our statistical charts give us examples of people whose birthcharts show unusual Sun power; but whose charts otherwise are full of pernicious discords. These people, who have lived beyond the three score and ten years, have had much serious illness. Some of them have been almost invalids most of their lives. Their physical bodies have never been sound. They have had accidents, undergone operations, and had one disease after another. Yet the vital power, as mapped by the Sun in their birth-charts, was sufficiently strong to enable them to continue to live in spite of a body that was always suffering.

No matter how strong the vital power, if the discords otherwise afflicting the constitution are severe enough the individual dies. That is, the Sun in a birthchart, no matter how situated, can not prevent the dissolution of the physical form if there are enough other strong forces devoting themselves to destroying it.

To determine if the patient can recover from an illness, and to determine the length of life�apart from anything contributed by the healer�the defects of the constitution, as indicated by the planets in the birth-chart and progressed map, must be weighed against the vitality, as indicated by the Sun in the birth-chart and progressed map. No matter how ill the patient may be, if the vital power is shown to be stronger than the disease, the patient will not die. And no matter how strong the vital power, if the planetary afflictions indicating the disease are more powerful still, the patient will not recover without vigorous assistance from the healer.

The Constitution.-- Vitality and health are not the same thing. Vitality comes from the Sun. Health depends upon the soundness and magnetic strength of the constitution, and this is mapped by the various planets and aspects; all having some part to play, but of chief importance are the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, the Ascendant and the Sixth House.

Of exactly opposite polarity to the positive electric energy received from the Sun, is the feminine. Magnets, negative energy received from the Moon. In so far as vital force is concerned, the Sun is the exclusive ruler; but in their effect upon the magnetic constitution: that is, upon the soundness of the astral body, the Moon is equally important.

To state it still another way, the feminine force, which nourishes the body, is quite as important as the masculine vital force, in the preservation of health.

Of all the planetary terminals in the astral body, the one mapped by the Moon in the birth-chart is the most widely receptive. While this center in the astral body picks up energy in great volume, the energy thus transmitted to the astral body is less characteristic of any particular quality than that transmitted by other terminals. It simply carries in whatever energy is picked up, as determined by the stellar aerials reaching it.

In purely astrological terms, the Moon is negative, and takes on the quality of any planet with which it makes an aspect. And it is this energy, of a character denoted by the other planet and aspect, which is picked up in such large volume, and finds its way into the astral body through the Moon terminal.

The individuality of a man, of course, embraces the sum total of all his characteristic traits. And one can not discern these from a birth-chart without considering the contributions made by the mental factors mapped by every planet in the chart. But each individual has characteristics so deep seated that they are habitually manifested in conduct, and which throughout life undergo very little change. These most deep-seated characteristics, which are more stable than any others, are mapped in the birth-chart by the Sun. Hence we say the Sun in a birthchart indicates the Individuality.

Yet apart from these fixed inclinations and character traits, each person has the ability to absorb information of certain kinds, and in his mental activities he has well defined inclinations which give him a ready understanding of some things and little understanding of other things. He receives information, and feels emotion, from one viewpoint and not from another. And this habit of receiving all impressions from the outside world in a particular way develop his mental capacity.

In the same way that we say the Sun rules the Individuality, we say also that the Moon rules the Mentality.

We don not mean by this that the manner in which the mind expresses itself to the outside world is ruled by the Moon ; for mental expression is ruled by Mercury. But we mean that the mental capacity is ruled by the Moon.

This mental capacity has been developed by the habit of receiving all impressions from the outside world through a particular channel. It is not reasoning process, so much as a feeling process. We feel in a certain way about something. Some things we do reason about quite laboriously, and this process is ruled by Mercury. But the majority of our mental processes are carried out in the unconscious mind apart from the reasoning of objective consciousness. And even of those states of consciousness of which we are aware, most of them are fleeting impressions, transient emotional reactions, and spontaneous thoughts not directed specifically by the will.

Thus, just as the Sun determines the avenue through which vital energy finds its way into the astral body, so the Moon indicates the avenue through which impressions from the surrounding world most readily find access to the astral body.

As the astral body is entirely a thought-built organism, the type of thoughts which reach it is greatest volume and intensity are those which are most influential in affecting health. And the most numerous of impression reaching the unconscious mind of man come from the contacts of his domestic life and from his contacts with the common people. The thoughts, feelings and impulses derived form these two sources belong to the type of thought-elements called the Domestic-urges, which are ruled by the Moon.

A person may have special abilities, and special trends of thought, as mapped by the other planets in the birth-chart, but because the impressions received from domestic life and from contact with the common people are so numerous, and also often so strong in their emotional content, the general trend of his mentality depends more upon them than upon any other contacts. That is, the states of consciousness derived from these sources, because of volume and energy, do more than any other group to determine his Mental Capacity, and to influence the everyday trains of thought which pass through his unconscious mind.

Yet, as I have pointed out, the health of the physical body is determined by the vigor and harmony of the astral body. And in turn, the vigor and harmony of the astral body is dependent upon the vigor and harmony of the thought cells and thought structures which comprise it. Therefore, because these Domestic-urges are so freely added to the astral structure, because they are so charged with emotional energy, and because they determine the etheric nutrition of the physical body, they are, perhaps, the most potent of all in their influences upon the physical constitution.

In the actual diagnosis of disease, however, we give the Sun and Moon about equal importance, because any stimulation of the dynamic thought center which is the terminal for solar energies, not only affects the structure of the astral body in other respects, but also quite directly affects the inflow of vital energy.

Progressed aspects to the Moon, or the even more transitory progressed aspects of the Moon, stimulate the ever fluctuating, loosely organized by abundant thought-cells having to do with every-day life and its ordinary contacts. Because these stellar cells are so loosely organized, and because the terminal mapped in the birthchart by the Moon is the most openly receptive of all the terminals, this most readily alters the thought-structure of the astral body. And this, in turn, alters the condition of the physical body and its health; especially so as, of the two etheric forces of the body, the Moon determines the strength of one.

When the Sun makes or receives progressed aspects, the deep-seated and more permanent Power-urge group of thoughts is stimulated into activity. These are not so fluctuating and easily changed as to their organization as those of the Domestic-urge group, and as a consequence do not so readily alter the thought-structure of the astral body. Yet when this Sun-group is stimulated in any way, in addition to such changes in the astral structure as are brought about, the inflow of vital energy is affected. And it is because of this additional influence which affects the vitality that in diagnosis we must consider the Sun-terminal as having an influence also upon the health equally as important as that of the Moon-terminal.

Mercury Tunes the Nerve Currents to Astral Vibrations.-- Next in importance to the dynamic thought-center which acts as the terminal for the reception of vital force and the dynamic thought-center which acts as the terminal for the reception of magnetic, or feminine, energies, is the dynamic thought-center, which directs the flow of the nerve currents, and through the conscious processes of thought, tunes them in on such vibratory rates as they customarily pick up most freely. This is the center mapped in the birth-chart by the planet Mercury.

Mercury is truly the messenger. The etheric energies which flow over the nerves are furnished by the Sun and Moon; but Mercury is constantly building images in the conscious mind; constantly sending trains of words and sentences through the mind. He is the ruler of the nervous system, and all these thoughts we express either mentally or verbally, tend to tune the nerves so that the etheric energy passing over them picks up astral vibrations of a corresponding type.

Furthermore, aside from thus tuning the nervous system and the etheric currents passing over them to astral energies, and aside from the suggestions offered by the patient's thoughts about himself and his health, these verbally and mentally expressed thoughts actively add new thought-substance to the astral body, and build with it, according to their import and harmony or discord, new stellar cells and new organizations of stellar cells.

It is not without significance that Mercury is the ruler of the natural sixth house, because the type of stellar building material thus being added through conscious thinking is indicated by it. Nor is it lacking in significance that the symbol used for Mercury is the Sun and Moon united above the cross of matter, because in their expression on earth the united masculine and feminine etheric energies are given direction and quality trend by those mental processes ruled by Mercury. And so universal is this importance of Mercury, that not merely in the diagnosis of disease, but in any consideration of the birth-chart, the Sun, Moon and Mercury must always be given careful attention.

All Etheric Energy is Grounded through the Ascendant.-- Next in importance to these three where physical health is concerned, is the dynamic thought-center which acts as the ground-wire, which through the etheric energies flowing over it, connects the astral body most closely with the physical plane. This is mapped in a birth- chart by the degree on the Ascendant.

That compartment of the astral body in which the mental factors most readily tend to collect and organize thoughts which have to do with the physical body, its form and method of expression, is the zone mapped in a birth-chart by the signs in the first house. Those thought-groups which related the individual most directly to the physical world through bodily contact are present in this section of the astral body. And the degree on the Ascendant is the particular point where the whole astral organism, through the etheric energies, is grounded.

In astrological parlance we say that the Ascendant rules the Personality. It thus rules the personality because any and all of the thought-cells and thought structures which express themselves in physical activity can do so through this etheric ground wire.

An individual who possesses mental capacity may have a tremendous influence in worldly affairs through his writings, through business management, or through some other indirect method of contact, in spite of physical appearance and disagreeable personal magnetism. But to have a powerful and agreeable personal influence, the first house and the degree on the Ascendant must be strong and harmonious; because whatever astral energy is expressed through personal appearance, through personal contacts, and through personal magnetism, must express in association with the etheric energy which flows over the ground wire afforded by the Ascendant.

Furthermore. while every thought-cell and thought-structure, and every planetary terminal, in his astral body, has some influence over the personality and the physical body, the compartment having chief influence over them is the region mapped by the first house. Therefore, the degree on the cusp of the first, and any stellar aerials extending to it, as mapped by aspects, are important in matters of health and personality. Also, any dynamic thought-structures, as mapped by planets in the first house of the birth-chart, are important.

If this first house is vigorous and harmonious, as mapped by the ascending degree and the planets in the first house receiving good aspects, it indicates a vigorous and harmonious physical body. But if the planets in the first house are much afflicted, and the degree on the Ascendant is afflicted, it indicates that the physical body in a similar manner is subject to discords.

Now just as we rightly consider the first house of a birth-chart as indicating The physical strength, so there is another house in very birth-chart which is associated with physical weakness. Less energy from the planets finds its way into the astral body through the zone mapped by the sixth house of a birth-chart than through any other of the twelve zones. This zone, consequently, in all birth-charts, represents a compartment in the astral body of great weakness. And if a malefic planet located in the birth-chart n this zone, this indicates a planetary terminal where disease finds most ready access to the physical body.

In the diagnosis of physical disease, therefore, while every zone and every planetary terminal must be considered, there are five outstanding factors that always should be given special consideration, as follows:

1. The Sun as ruling the Vitality
2. The Moon as ruling the Magnetic Constitution
3. Mercury as ruling the Conscious Thoughts
4. The Ascendant and First House as representing the Physical Body.
5. The Sixth House as representing the zone of Least Resistance

To illustrate the significance of the First House and Sixth House where health and disease are concerned we can consult any Brotherhood of Light Astrological Report on disease or accident. Thus we find that accidents seldom take place except when where is some major progressed aspect, other than the Moon, to the ruler of the first. Report No.14 thus considers 100 accidents, and shows such an aspect operative in 91% of the cases, and that in 85% of the cases the major progressed aspect to the ruler of the first house was an affliction.

The reports on bodily disease indicate that a person is seldom ill in a manner serious enough for comment, unless there is a major progressed aspect, other than from the Moon, to both the ruler of the first house and the ruler of the sixth house. These progressed aspects must be within one degree of perfect to be considered in the reports.

Thus in Astrological Report No. 15, in which 100 cases of typhoid fever are analyzed, it is shown that in 100% of these cases there was such a major progressed aspect to the ruler of the first house, and that in 100% of these cases there was also a progressed aspect in operation to the ruler of the sixth house. Astrological Report No. 16, in which 100 cases of pneumonia are analyzed, also shows that in 100% of the cases there was a major progressed aspect in force to the ruler of the first house, and that in 100% of the cases there was also a major progressed aspect to the ruler of the sixth house.

Rallying Forces Dominate Through Feeling.�This does not signify that the discord chiefly responsible for the manifestation of the disease at the time is mapped by the aspect either to the ruler of the first or to the ruler of the sixth. On the contrary, in the cases cited above, the discords which enable the disease to manifest were seldom located in the zone of the body mapped either by the sixth house or the first house. They had their origin I other compartments of the astral body.

But in order that these discordant energies, stirring pernicious thought-compounds into activity and creating conflict among the thought-cells and tearing down thought-structures, should be able to influence the physical health, some temporary stellar aerial had to give them access to both the compartment of the astral body governing the physical body and the compartment of the astral body governing illness.

These temporary stellar aerials, mapped by progressed aspects to the ruler of the first and the ruler of the sixth, may have been either harmonious or discordant. They may, or may not, have indicated the chief factor of discord at the time. But the statistics show that more frequently than not there was no aspect between the heavy progressed affliction at the time and either of these two compartments, or houses.

What really happened in most of these cases was that heavy discordant aspects formed which were not directly associated with either the first house or the sixth house. More frequently than not the Sun or Moon was involved in these heavy discordant aspects. Thus the vitality or the magnetic nutriment was affected. But whether Sun or Moon was, or was not, involved, in every case a discordant temporary stellar aerial was present, as indicated by a major progressed aspect, which picked up and radiated the energy of the planets corresponding to its terminals, in volume, and in distressing discord.

This discordant planetary energy reaching the thought-centers at the terminals of the aerial, stimulated these into destructive activity. And because of their strength, these tended to communicate their discord to the etheric, or nerve, currents at that point.

If the individual permitted himself to be strongly influenced in his feelings by the astral discords of these compartments thus stimulated by discordant planetary energies, the dial of his consciousness�not a thought process, but a feeling process�to the extent he thus permitted it, was turned so as to tune in on these discordant astral energies.

As he permitted himself to feel discord, his nervous system, through the etheric energies flowing over it, picked up planetary energies of this type, and gave them free access to any stellar aerials that were present.

Discordant Feelings Give Access to All Aerials.-- Etheric energy is the only avenue by which astral energies can influence physical substance, and it is thus the natural conductor of planetary energies. But to be a conductor for any particular type of astral energy, it must have a corresponding vibratory rate. That is, it must be tuned in on the astral energy it transmits.

When the individual feels intensely, this feeling, if he occupies a physical body, is the recognition by his consciousness of etheric vibrations of a particular kind. Whatever he feels, to the extent it constitutes a dominant feeling, his etheric body and nerve currents are tuned in on. And, which is a most important factor in Stellar Healing, he can tune in on any vibratory quality the feeling of which he can induce in himself.

When the individual is tuned in on a particular planetary vibration, his nerve currents not only pick up this type of vibration from the astral vibrations reaching him from the planets, from the character vibrations of objects, and from the thoughts of similar rate radiated by others, but these nerve currents, also act as natural conductors for the astral energy of corresponding vibratory rate, picked up by a temporary stellar aerial.

Thus if a powerful temporary stellar aerial formed, as mapped by a powerful progressed aspect, and its vibrations are permitted to dominate the feelings, the nerve currents readily conduct its energy wherever they reach. And as they reach other temporary stellar aerials that are present at the same time, they enable the astral energy from the dominant temporary aerial to span the gap and travel over this other temporary aerial to its terminals. This weaker temporary aerial thus is not permitted to pick up and carry its own type of energy unimpeded. Instead, under such circumstances, its own energy is dominated by these energies of another kind, which are called Rallying Forces.

These rallying forces, however, can not reach the compartments mapped in the birth-chart by the first house and sixth house in sufficient volume to cause pronounced ill health, unless at the same time there are temporary aerials, mapped by major progressed aspects, leading to terminals that directly are associated with the first house and the sixth house.

Permanent aerials always have a pronounced influence upon the condition which develops, But a physical disease only develops, except when present form birth, when there is a major progressed aspect of some kind to both a ruler of the first house and to a ruler of the sixth house. These temporary aerials are necessary to carry the rallying forces present into those compartments having to do with health and disease.

To locate the nature of the disease, therefore, we first scan the birth-chart with the object in view of determining, form the heaviest afflictions, especially these of Sun, Moon and Mercury, the natural predisposition of the individual to disease.

Then we observe all the major progressed aspects that are within one degree of perfect, and observe in what way they stimulate discordantly the thought-structures which the birth-chart shows to be defective. When the healer thus determines, from a consideration of the birth-chart and major progressed aspects, the most discordant influences affecting the person at a given time, his knowledge of the constants which invariably are present for each disease, enables him to give a correct diagnosis.