Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
The Technique of Stellar Healing.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1934

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Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Part IV. The Technique of Stellar Healing.
by C.C. Zain

Stellar Healing was not only practiced in ancient Egypt, as I pointed out in the previous lesson, but it was practiced by Jesus and the disciples, and by those who follow their methods even to this day, as Healing by Laying On Of The Hands.

It is true that Jesus, and those who as healers followed in his footsteps, emphasized faith. That is, as Stellar Healers always should do, they combined Mental Healing with the use of the planetary energies which were permitted to flow through their bodies to the astral form of the patient. This psychological factor, which is important in healing by any method. Was reportedly emphasized by Jesus, as which he said to the sick woman who touched the hem of his garment, "Thy faith hath made thee whole".

But, as Mark relates this episode, 5:27-32 "When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, if I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up: and she felt in her body that she was healed of the plague. And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes? And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest Thou, Who touched me? And he looked round about to see her that had done this thing."

If the woman had been cured solely by her own mental attitude, it would not have been reported that virtue went out of Jesus to her in the healing process. This virtue was an actual healing energy which passed through the body of the healer to the body of the one healed.

There are those at this day who are natural healers, and others who develop the ability, through whom these energies form the planets flow in large volume. And it is unnecessary for such a healer to touch his patient in order to communicate this planetary energy to him. It is even quite possible to send it to a patient at a distance by establishing the proper rapport between patient and healer.

But commonly it is easier to communicate the healing planetary energies to the patient through the hands, by holding the hands close to, or actually in contact with the part to be healed. And we find from the biblical account that Jesus, with all his natural healing ability, found it expedient at times actually to place his fingers in contact with the part to be healed. Math. 9:28-30: "And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus said onto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. Then touched he their eyes saying, according to your faith be it unto you. And their eyes were opened."

This method of healing was not confined to Jesus, nor to his day. It was the common method practiced by initiates of various countries at that time, and Jesus instructed his twelve disciples in the art, and in turn the method was entrusted to those who followed in their footsteps. Because the healing energies are more easily imparted to the patient through the actual contact of the healer's fingers. Christians who use it commonly refer to it as Healing by Laying On Of Hands.

Luke,9:1-2 " Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick."

Healing by Laying On Of Hands Distinguishes True Christians.�If we are to believe the Bible, the two things which Jesus commanded his followers to do , and emphasized in a manner to indicate they were of equal importance, were to "Preach the Gospel and to heal the sick". And historians record that healing was a common practice among all believers in Christianity for several hundred years after the crucifixion. Iranasus, in 110 A.D. , for instance, chronicles, "Man healed the sick by laying their hands on them."

I am presenting no brief in favor of Christianity. But I am pointing out to those who follow this religion that its founder placed equal emphasis on preaching and healing by laying on of hands. It is to be presumed that a leader who knew he was departing from the earth would embody in his last command to those who were to carry on his work, that which he considered most important. And the last command Jesus gave: Mark 16:17-18, indicated how those who were true Christians might be known from those who were merely pretenders to Christianity: "Those signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they shall lay hands upon the sick, and they shall recover."

Therefore did the disciples and these who followed after them actually heal the sick. Religion and healing went hand in hand in those times, and should go hand in hand at this day. Some of the orthodox faiths are beginning to recognize this, and to incorporate healing in their services. After all, it is the function of religion to teach people how best to live and to help them live in the manner which contributes most to universal welfare. And because an individual can not contribute his utmost to society when ill, religion is called upon to do its utmost to help him regain health.

Yet it was not necessary for the disciples who cured by the laying on of hands to know that the energy which passed through their bodies was derived from the planets. For them to benefit by sunshine it was not necessary for them to know that light is a transverse wave motion of the ether, or that this light which gave them warmth traveled at the rate of 180,300 miles a second across a space of 93,000,000 miles. They had learned by experience how to get warm in the sunshine, how to permit its rays to come into their houses through open doors and windows. And they had been taught the technique of tuning in on the energy radiated by the planets and permitting it to pass through their bodies as a healing current.

Even Akhenaten, of Egypt, who practiced and taught this healing technique more than 1,300 years before the twelve disciples were born, probably had no notion as to tuning in on the energy he desired to use. How such energies are picked up by the nervous system acting as a radio receiving set, is knowledge made possible only since the discovery of radio. But both Akhenaten and the twelve disciples, through actual practice, had learned how healing energies from some source outside of themselves were induced to flow through their bodies and into the bodies of others to produce healing.

Because Akhenaten was an Egyptian Initiate, he understood astrology; a subject about which the disciples, who were illiterate, probably knew nothing. While, therefore, Akhenaten probably knew nothing of radio terminology, he was able to perceive that the energy thus used came primarily from the Sun, and was transmitted to the earth by the planets as definite qualities of healing energy.

Instead, therefore, of proceeding along more general lines, such as no doubt the disciple of Jesus followed, Akhenaten was able to discern the inner factors of the disease from the horoscope of the patient. And with this knowledge he was in a position to administer the healing energy which more specifically was adapted to the cure of the disease.

The technique which he developed, as indicated by the pictures he has left us, included the use of color, music and thought, to enable the Stellar Healer to tune in on the particular planetary energy he desired to use. Having tuned in on the vibratory rate desired, the healer directed this energy through his finger tips to the part or organ to be healed.

In reality, healing through laying on of the hands, whether so recognized by the healer or not, utilizes in varying proportions, three different and distinct types of energy.
1. The thoughts of the healer and the patient are sure to have some influence .
2. The astral vibrations which pass from the planets through the healer's body to the patient.
3. The etheric energies, prana, or magnetism, of the healer, which pass from him to the patient.

Because the part played by the electromagnetic emanations of the healer came to be confused with the part played by the mental factor, a discovery of supreme importance to the healing art made nearly 150 years ago by Franz Anton Mesmer, came into disregard. Mesmer found that there was a vital fluid, which he called Magnetism,

At a later date others developed hypnotism and suggestive therapeutics, which depend on the mental factor quite apart from any such passage of Animal Magnetism from the healer to the patient. And because results often were obtained which paralleled those of Mesmerism, the two methods came to be confused. Hypnotism came to be synonymous with Mesmerism, when in fact they are quite distinct. The only point in common is that the passes of Mesmer by which the healer's magnetism � or electromagnetic energy�is imparted to the patient thus receiving the vital fluid are in themselves suggestions, and that the patient more readily accepts whatever suggestion is offered.

But quite apart from suggestions offered or received, the electromagnetic energy of one person�commonly called magnetism�can be imparted to another person with healing effect.

This electromagnetic energy which permeates the physical body and flows over the nerves is in truth the life-force of the physical body. It is the connecting medium by which energy from the astral body is communicated to the physical body, and by which energy from the physical body is communicated to the astral body.

Etheric (Electromagnetic) Energy Which Forms the Materialization also Can Heal the Sick.�I shall not here go into a discussion of the electromagnetic body and the electromagnetic energies, because these are matters thoroughly explained in Course I. Lesson No. 40 indicates that the formative power of all external life lives within the astral substance associated with the physical body, and that the energies from the physical to astral and from astral to physical are transmitted by the electromagnetic (etheric) energies. And it is shown in the last three lessons of Course I how all physical phenomena produced by mediums, such as levitation, etherealization, stigmata, spirit photographs, rapports, and materializations are the result of the use of the etheric energies of the medium and those present. The cold draft commonly felt just preceding such a physical manifestation is the sensation accompanying the withdrawal of the etheric energy from the body to be used by the astral molding force in the production of the desired phenomena.

I am not suggesting�in fact I object to such a method � that the Stellar Healer permit any discarnate of other intelligence to take control of him. I am merely pointing out that the various phenomena produced by mediums under control are produced by utilizing electromagnetic energy�animal magnetism, or prana, or etheric force�and that the same energy can be utilized by the healer, independent of such control, to mend torn tissues, stamp out infection, to restore normal action to diseased organs, and to cure whatever other afflictions may be present.

If, as seems certain lesson No. 45, page 208), materialized hands and feet of actual flesh and blood can be temporarily formed, paraffin casts made of them, and then these hands and feet dematerialized, leaving behind the sound casts, through which it would be impossible to withdraw a normal hand or foot; this same etheric energy directed to that purpose should have no difficulty in healing any known disease.

To Accomplish much, Etheric Energy must be Guided by Astral Energy.�While it is the etheric energy, because it can directly impart its motion either to matter or to astral substance, which directly brings about changes in the physical body of man or other physical substance, it should not be lost sight of that to cause such changes it must be guided by astral energies.

Of itself, other than to act as the vital principle of physical life, electromagnetic energy accomplishes nothing. It is merely plastic energy, which takes the direction and does such work as the astral energies associated with it direct. It tends, in so far as it can communicate its motion to physical substance, to reproduce in matter whatever form or condition is present in the astral substance with which it is associated.

Consequently, no matter how great a change is imparted to the physical structure, by means of this electromagnetic energy, unless the thought-structure is also permanently changed, as I have repeatedly pointed out, the astral structure, through the intermediary of the electromagnetism, tends to cause the physical to resume the condition it had before. Materializations, as produced by mediums, are not permanent, because the thought-structure molding them is temporary, and the electromagnetic energy is insufficient to maintain such forms.

A spirit photograph, on the other hand, once formed through a temporary thought-form, has no later thought-energy associated with it, as a living organism does, to change it back into a reproduction of the more permanent thought structure.

Again I should emphasize, as so fully explained in Course I, that astral substance, including the astral thought structure has no power to affect material substances except through imparting its motions to electromagnetism, and the other imparting its motions to the physical. The thought of a discarnate entity, the thought of some other person in the flesh, or the thought of the individual, cannot change the physical structure of the body, cannot induce any movement of the physical body, nor even result in conscious thought, except as there is etheric energy present which can be used as a means of conveying the astral motions to the physical. The astral, high-velocity plane, is unable to influence the physical low-velocity plane, except electromagnetic energy is present of a quality it can use for this purpose.

All organic life generates etheric energy as a result of its physical life processes. There is a constant exchange of energies between the astral form and the physical form through the medium of etheric forces. Consequently the thought structure of the astral form, as tissue is replaced through metabolism, continually is molding the physical into a reproduction of it. Yet for any rapid change to be brought about in the physical structure through the action of thought, or through the action of planetary energies, because these affect directly the astral, there must be present an abundant supply of etheric energy, that is of electromagnetism or animal magnetism.

Because the physical structure can only be changed through the action of etheric energy. it is essential that there be present sufficient etheric energy to bring about the desired change. The electromagnetic energy, of itself, however, is quite limited as to what it can do.

As the life force of the body, it does have of itself certain definite healing properties. No matter how perfect the physique otherwise, if the electromagnetic energy becomes too depleted the life departs. That is, in so far as the physical body is concerned, it is the vital fluid. And, because it is the vital fluid, when it is present abundantly in certain organs, the tendency is for those organs to be vigorous and thus able to throw off disease.

Magnetic healing, mesmerism, and kindred methods of healing impart new electromagnetic energies to the patient through the hands of the healer, and this additional vital force applied to a diseased organ increases its vigor and power and enables it to eliminate disease.

As this magnetism, or etheric energy, normally passes from the hands of a magnetic healer, the magnetism from the right hand of a right-handed person tends to a concentration of the nerve currents in the patient's body, and that from the left hand tends to a diffusion of the nerve currents. Commonly, if the person is left-handed, the reverse is true.

A magnetic healer, for instance, when he wishes to cause a boil to come to a head, or the poisons of the body to be collected in a certain spot, places his right hand directly over the inflamed part and his left hand as nearly directly opposite as possible. Whenever there is any inflammation which tends to produce pus, the right hand directly over it and the left hand under it, thus causes a drawing sensation. Also, when there is an old sore which needs a new blood supply, the right hand is placed over the sore, and the left hand opposite.

But the magnetic healer, when he wishes to diffuse the poison, and scatter it, places his left hand over the inflamed part, and the right hand on the opposite side of the body limb. The magnetism from the left hand is of opposite polarity, tending to soothe rather than stimulate, relaxing the part, and scattering the poison along with the blood, from the spot. If the liver is afflicted, for instance, the magnetic healer's right hand over the liver and the left hand on the back, opposite , causes pain to be felt. But if the hands are reversed, with the left hand over the liver and the right hand on the back opposite, the pain ceases.

Stellar Healing, however, is something more than magnetic healing; being more specific and adding essential elements abut which magnetic healers know nothing. But Stellar Healing, along with the planetary energies, also transmits to the patient the etheric energies which alone are responsible for the cures of the magnetic healer.

The magnetic healer knows that there is a vital fluid, or energy, which he calls magnetism, which flows from his hands to the patient and effects cures. He knows also that the energy which flows thus from his right hand is different in its effect from the energy that flows from his left hand. Often a diseased part which is made worse through the magnetism from one hand is cured by the magnetism of the other hand. That is, according to the special need of the part to be healed, both the positive magnetism and the negative magnetism have healing virtue.

Man's Etheric Body is a Soli-Lunar Form.�The reason of this, which the magnetic healer does not know, is that the etheric body of man is an electro-magnetic form, comprised of a union of etheric energies of opposite polarity. These two types of etheric energy, the one masculine penetrating, stimulator and controlling, and the other feminine, enfolding, soothing and mediumistic, are given a certain amount of color by the other planets; but they are respectively under the dominion of the Sun and the Moon.

The life processes of any physical organism generate etheric energy. Some of this etheric energy is masculine in quality, and dominated by the Sun. It gives physical vitality. Some of this etheric energy is feminine in quality, and dominated by the Moon. It gives the magnetic constitution. Man's etheric body is a Soli-Lunar form.

The magnetic healer whose right hand is positive, therefore, radiates Solar etheric energy from his right hand, and Lunar etheric energy from his left hand. This Solar etheric energy vitalizes and stimulates the place where it is applied. The Lunar etheric energy sooths and relaxes the place where it is applied.

The nerve currents of the body are currents of this etheric energy which travel over the nerves. And wherever there is nerve stimulation in a region there the blood tends to flow more abundantly. Consequently, adding the vital etheric energy of the right hand to a part tends to give it not merely a healing energy, but also an additional blood supply. And this may be what the tissue or organ needs.

On the other hand, if the condition to be cured is due to congestion, it needs to be relaxed. Already the nerve currents flow too freely to the part, and the blood supply tends to increase the inflammation, perhaps by robbing other parts of the body. In such a condition, instead of the vital etheric energy, what is needed is the soothing, relaxing, pacifying energy from the left hand. That is, what the tissue or organ needs is not more vitality, but more of the healing, feminine energy of the magnetic constitution.

In this place, as a digression from healing proper; but nevertheless as indicating how these etheric energies operate, it should be explained just what an individual's personal magnetism is.

Determining the Quality of the Personal Magnetism.�Personal magnetism, or physical magnetism, of course, is the etheric energy a person radiates which other people feel as an attraction or repulsive force. In reality it is composed of the etheric trends given by all the planetary energies within the astral body. That is, it represents the radiations of the etheric form.

This etheric form, as just indicated, is composed of Solar etheric energy and Lunar etheric energy, of Vital magnetism and Constitutional magnetism, the reaction between the two being recognized as life.

However, every planet aspecting the Sun colors the Vital magnetism by its quality, and every planet aspecting the Moon colors the Constitutional magnetism by its quality. That is, while the Vital etheric energies always can be recognized as such by anyone feeling them, they have a different quality in different individuals, which can also be recognized. And while the Constitutional magnetism�such as usually flows from the left hand�can be recognized as such, it also has a different quality in different individuals. Water is easily recognized as water; but some water is clear, some muddy , and some brackish. Milk also is milk; but it may be sweet. Sour, clabbered, skim milk, or rich with cream.

In reaching the outside world the Solar etheric energies and the Lunar etheric energies, thus colored, must pass through the first house. This first house maps the influence of the physical body as an instrument through which these etheric energies must flow. The ascending degree is the ground wire, connecting the astral and etheric energies with the earth ; and the first house, as a compartment of the astral body, is the place where personality makes its contacts.

In determining the personal magnetism of anyone, then, and how it will blend with the personal magnetism of another, or how it will affect another, the signs occupied by the Sun and Moon, and the heavy aspects received by them must be considered, together with the sign on the cusp of the first house and any planets in the first house, and aspects to the Ascending degree. Personal magnetism is not a simple energy, but a compounds of the Solar energy and the Lunar energy, in proportion as shown in the birth-chart, which is given a still further quality by the zone (sign on the Ascendant) through which it must flow to reach the outside world.)

To state the matter in the language of ancient Egypt, all life is the product of the union of Osiris (Solar energy) and Isis (Lunar energy), and this life manifests as Horus (the Ascendant). Therefore, hours is represented as carrying the ankh, symbol of united Solar and Lunar etheric energies, in his hand. And we must consider all three, and the quality contributed by each, to get a full picture of the Personal Magnetism. Because it is personal, this magnetism must flow through the personal compartment, and is thus contributed to by the zone on the Ascendant and any planets in the first house. But the quality of the Soli-Lunar magnetism which thus flows through the ascending degree, is not so stable as this picture, unmodified by temporary influences, would imply. Whatever the individual feels strongly tunes the nervous system, and the etheric currents it carries, to that vibratory rate, and this, while the feeling lasts, colors the quality of the etheric energy radiated through the ascendant .

The planet which, more than any other, thus contributes to the temporary vibratory rates, is Mercury, represented in Egypt by Thoth. The conscious thoughts of the individual, chiefly through the solar plexus, tune the sympathetic nervous system and the nerve currents to vibratory rates of a similar quality.

When an individual is gloomy he does not radiate the same personal magnetism he does when he is cheerful. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant indicates the normal quality of the magnetism as uninfluenced by the thoughts which pass through his mind. But if we wish to determine the habitual trend of these , and how they affect the personal magnetism during the time they are active, we must also consider the strong aspects of the planet Mercury.

This quite brief explanation of personal magnetism, and how it is determined, is made necessary because in giving Stellar Treatments the etheric energies of the healer are colored, according to the needs of the patient, with planetary energies. That is, they are given temporarily, and in much stronger volume, the planetary trend which some people normally radiate.

The chief factor in the treatment is the supplying of the requisite planetary energies to the part being treated. But because etheric energy is the natural avenue through which astral motions are communicated to physical tissues, the etheric energies imparted to the patient at the same time the planetary energies are applied, also partake of this planetary quality.

This etheric energy, whether Solar or Lunar, has certain power to vitalize or strengthen. It is so much life applied to the organ, tissue or body. But it has no specific quality, no power to alter structures or reorganize tissue, except as astral energy associated with it directs. Either the positive vitality or the negative magnetism is merely plastic etheric energy which needs direction in order that it may accomplish anything more than add to the living energy.

But when it is associated with planetary energies, which are astral rates, whatever changes in the astral structure are made by them, it quickly imparts to the physical. If abundant electromagnetic energy is not at hand, changes in the astral structure must await the slow generation of etheric energy in the body by the life processes in order to convey the changes to the tissues. And if the patient is depleted at the time this may be a tedious process. But if the healer, at the time of adding the astral energies to the thought structure of the astral body, also supplies the patient with abundant electromagnetic energy, it enables the changed thought structure to bring about a quick change in the physical body.

Because electromagnetic energy is thus necessary to reproduce changes in the physical body readily which have been made in the astral body, and because it is the life of the physical organism, the Stellar Healer should have a surplus of this life giving magnetism. Those who are natural healers, as a rule, have a vital force which can readily be felt by others, and which they readily can impart to others through their hands. And their recuperative powers are such that, after thus imparting the Soli-Lunar life force to another they quickly recharge themselves.

Tuning In on the Proper Planetary Energy.�But this surplus electromagnetic energy, which can be imparted by passes or by laying on the hands, is not sufficient to make a Stellar Healer. The Stellar Healer must learn to engender in himself the emotion, or state of feeling, which for the time being causes him to pick up and radiate into his normal magnetism, but a magnetism charged and colored by the astral energy of any particular planet of his choice.

For the time being he causes to be his normal self, and through his mood, feels only the constructive energies of a single planet. Placing himself in this state of feeling, in which other states of feeling are not present, his nervous system, through the electric energies flowing over it, picks up these astral planetary energies. And because he has practiced at such time permitting the etheric energies to flow abundantly from his hands, the particular planetary energies thus intercepted flow, along with the Soli-Lunar magnetism, out of his fingers to the patient.

Not everyone can become a Stellar Healer. Some have too little electromagnetism energy for their own needs, or recharge so slowly that giving treatment would lead to their own depletion. But even of those through when etheric energies flows abundantly and who have vitality enough that they quickly recover from the loss occasion ed in treating, some are so stolid in their nervous makeup that, even though good magnetic healers, they never can become Stellar Healers.

A Stellar Healer must be able, not merely to control his thoughts during the time of treatment, but must be able to induce in himself, for the time being, the emotion be desires. As an actor, to be successful, must be able to feel the part of the character he plays, as the Stellar Healer must be able to induce in himself the feeling of the planetary energy he wishes to use. And he must induce this feeling in himself as a pleasant experience.

The energy of any planet can be given either a destructive or a constructive trend. When the feelings are pleasant and agreeable at the time it flows through the nervous system, its energies are harmonious and constructive. But if the mood changes as to worry, despondency, anger, or other unpleasant feeling while the treatment is being given, destructive energies are added to the patient's astral form. Hence the healer must be able to determine his emotions during the time of treatment.

To tune in on the vibratory rates of a particular planet, the emotion, or state of feeling commonly induced by that planet in its constructive aspects should be established as completely as possible. It should so permits the whole body that no other type of thought, feeling or emotion is experienced.

Color and Music as Healing Helps�One of the best aids in this endeavor is, through the imagination, completely to saturate the body, and send through the hands to the patient, the color ruled by the planet. In fact, the planetary energy used in treatment, when viewed from the astral plane, has this color in vivid intensity. Consequently, such visualization is a correct conception of what actually takes place.

When difficulty is experienced in changing to the emotion of the planetary energy desired, sounding the chord a few times of the musical key ruled by the planet often will aid in tuning the mind and nervous system in an planet's energies.

The Egyptians developed a fine technique in this. This note of the planet was sounded to give the effect of a continuous hum which was followed by striking the full chord a few times. To indicate how they thus used the musical tone and key to help tune in on the planet's vibratory rate, I give the note and chord under each planet's heading.

In the Egyptian practice an assistant was employed thus to sound the note and chord all during the time treatment. And undoubtedly this is the most effective way of using sound effects in healing. But any music appropriate to the planet, the vibrations of which are being used, is a pronounced help.

In these days of radio phonograph it is not to difficult to have martial music when treating with Mars energy; slow, measured, solemn music when the cold, blue ray of Saturn is used; music of pomp and ceremony when the vital orange of the Sun is employed; hymns for Jupiter, love themes for Venus, soothing, sleepy-time melodies for the Moon, and the volatile and changeable dance rhythms for Mercury.

It is a most difficult thing to explain to another how to induce and hold a particular emotion. It would be difficult to explain to an actor how to feel joy, how to feel sorrow, how to feel righteous indignation or consuming wrath. The attitude itself, through its muscular association, helps to induce the mood. But not all who assume an attitude can feel what it implies, otherwise there would be more good actors.

The problem, therefore, of the best technique to induce the desired feeling in full measure, must largely be left to the individual to solve for himself. Thus much, however , can be said with definiteness: Whenever the individual feels strongly aggressive and energetic, at that time he is actually tuned in on Mars planetary energies. Whenever he feels coldly methodical and calculating, at that time his nervous system is actually picking up Saturn planetary energies in some volume. But during the time he does not feel the energy of Mars, or the energy Saturn, or the energy of any particular planet, he is not tuned in, nor transmitting, the particular planet's vibrations in more than normal volume.

While, therefore, it must be left to the individual, through practice and experiment, to discover the technique which is best suited to his own particular temperament in the matter of inducing the desired emotion, he need not remain in doubt, once a feeling is fully established, that he is well tuned in on, and capable of transmitting, in volume, the astral energies of the planet corresponding to the emotion.

The Color Must Flow to be Effective.�According to personal experience in the past, which have set up associations in his mind, he may find that thinking about some event is a ready way to tune the mind in on a particular emotion, or state of feeling. But aside from these personal helps in tuning in on the required vibratory rate, the use of color is universally application. That is, when treating with the energy of a planet, visualize the color as flowing from his hands, along with the magnetism, to the place being treated. And in using this method the color must not be permitted to remain stationary, but most actively flow to the patient, and to the part to be healed.

Animal magnetism, as I have explained, is etheric energy. And it flows over the nerves as nerve currents, and as such determines the blood supply of the various parts. The more concentrated the etheric energy at a certain point in the body the greater supply of blood received at that place. Conversely, if a blood supply if induced in a certain part, etheric energy flows there more abundantly.

This if a fact equally important to the magnetic healer and to the Stellar Healer; for the Stellar Healer depends upon the etheric energies flowing from his fingers to guide the astral energies he is tuned in on. But etheric energy will not flow from cold fingers; this coldness indicating they have a poor blood supply and a poor etheric supply. Therefore, before treating, the hands should be rubbed together, or the arms flung about vigorously, until the hands are not only warm, but pulsating with the blood thus forced into them.

And still further consideration is that etheric energy does not flow well from dry fingers. If the fingers are dry, even if warm and full of blood, it indicates that the etheric energy is not flowing from them in the proper abundance for treatment.

8. When they are warm, and slightly moist with perspiration, they are in the best condition for either magnetic or Stellar Healing. When dry, therefore, there should be a basin of warm handy, in which, from time to time, the fingers should be dipped, just often enough to keep them suitably moist.

Although the etheric energy flowing from the right hand is of the vital quality ruled by the Sun, and the etheric energy flowing from the left hand is of a nutritive quality ruled by the Moon, when they thus flow from the hands in giving Stellar Treatments, both these etheric energies become permeated with, and in some measure take on the characteristics of the planetary energy being used.

When, therefore, the energy of some particular planet is being imparted in proper volume to the patient along with the etheric energies, or magnetism, the hands and fingers commonly vibrate to these energies. This vibration felt in the hands is distinctive for each planet. And the Stellar Healer comes to recognize, through this vibratory sensation in the hands, which planetary energy is flowing through them, and whether or not it is passing to the patient in proper volume.

Warning.�Tuning in on planetary energies is, of course, tuning n on the four dimensional astral world. Through a similar process, therefore, one can tune in on the minds of people and other entities occupying the astral plane. But this is not the object sought in Stellar Healing, and any attempt to control the healer by an invisible entity should always be discouraged.

If control is not permitted when learning this technique, the healer soon forms the habit of tuning in exclusively on the selected planetary energy, without interference from any astral intelligence. But if he once permits control, or interference from such an entity, it requires more effort to prevent tuning in on the entity again.

Individuals who have not sufficient control to be able to tune in on planetary energies without undue interference from astral intelligences should not attempt Stellar Healing, and should cultivate directed thinking, as explained in lesson No. 64.

Sun Vibrations.�Musical accompaniment: D---D-F#-A-D.

The etheric energies flowing from the positive hand normally are under the dominion of the Sun. They have a special vital healing power even when uncharged with astral planetary energies. But to give them still greater vital power, and the astral energy to impart life to the astral form, they should be charged with solar vibrations.

The feeling to be induced is that of dominant vital power. The healer should saturate himself with orange color, and cause it to flow through his hands to the patient as a strong, warm, life-giving current of invigorating quality.

While thus tuned in on the solar radiations, this astral energy will flow adequately through both hands, not being confined to the positive.

Moon Vibrations.�Musical accompaniment: F---F-A-C-F

The etheric energies flowing from the negative hand normally are under the dominion of the Moon. They have a nutritive, magnetic, healing influence even when uncharged with astral planetary energies. But to give them still greater power to sooth and nourish they should be charged with lunar vibrations.

The feeling to be induced is that felt by a mother for the babe in her arms. It is an unfolding, caressing, gentle and sustaining vibration, rounded and strictly feminine.

While thus tuned in on the lunar radiations, this astral energy will flow as a clear green color through both hands, not being confined to the negative.

Mercury Vibrations.�Musical accompaniment: B--- B-D-F#-B.

These astral vibrations are active and restless, moving chiefly in straight lines. They have no warmth, but great power of penetration.

They are the vibratory rates commonly picked up when the healer's mind is actively engaged with some problem requiring concentrated thought. Consequently, to tune in on these rates, instead of feeling emotion, the thoughts should be concentrated on the healing task at hand, and these astral energies directed, with the etheric energies flowing from the fingers, as a violet stream, into the patient.

Venus Vibrations.�Musical accompaniment: E--- E-G#-B-E

This is the love vibration, into which none of the passion of Mars should be injected. It is best felt as a deep and abiding affection, quite apart from the ordinary connotations of sex. As felt flowing from the fingers, the energy is mildly warm and enfolding, distinct alike from the genial warmth of Jupiter and the intense power of the Sun.

Care must always be used when treating a person of opposite sex with this vibratory rate that it does not stimulate a personal affection which would prove embarrassing.

But as a kindly yellow light, mellow and gently warm, passing to the region under treatment, it can be kept sufficiently impersonal to avoid such complications, and at the same time do its work as the natural antidote of Saturn. And because so many diseased conditions are of the Saturn type, the use of the planetary energies of Venus are frequently required.

Mars Vibrations.�Musician accompaniment: C--- C-E-G-C.

These astral vibratory rates when seen clairvoyantly are red. To tune n on them the whole organism should be given the feeling of abundant and positive aggressive energy.

As applied to treatment the best color is scarlet. It is a vibration which is highly stimulating, and care should always be sued that no disagreeable, or antagonistic feelings are present during the application. As they pass from the fingers these energies give the sensation of pulsating, glowing heat.

Jupiter Vibrations. � Musical accompaniment: A--- A-C#-E-A

Those astral vibratory rates can be tuned in on through prayer and through the feeling of devotion to God's Great Plan. When passing through, these energies give a feeling of generous warmth and gratitude.

The blue is warmed by red, and they are correctly visualized as a rich purple.

Saturn Vibration.�Musical accompaniment: G--- G-B-D-G.

The state of feeling to be induced in tuning in on the planetary energies from Saturn is that of cold, unbending justice, in which warmth is displaced by an intense steel-blue vibration. The heavy vibratory rates Saturn�those that feel like lead �should carefully be avoided. Instead, the energy streaming from the finger tips should be accompanied by a cold sensation which, although unyielding and strict, is not unpleasant. If any unpleasantness is felt the treatment should be discontinued, as such indicates that destructive energies are being delivered to the patient.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Vibrations.�The vibrations of Uranus have a penetrating and disruptive quality, those of Neptune are elusive and soothing, and those of Pluto, from its constructive side, are ecstatic and spirituality uplifting. These upper octave vibrations, however, are not commonly employed in Stellar Healing.

The Brotherhood of Light. Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. Branch Letter -� D. Serial No. 200. Course XVI.

Branch of Science�Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.

Part IV. The Technique of Stellar Healing. Examination Question.

1. What two things in particular did Jesus command His followers to do?

2. In the last command given by Jesus how did He indicate true Christians might be distinguished from pretenders to Christianity?

3. Did Jesus at times find it expedient to Lay His Hands on those He healed rather than rely upon faith alone?

4. What was the nature of the virtue which Jesus knew went out of Him to the woman who was healed when she touched the hem of His garment?

5. Whether he realizes it or not, what three distinct types of energy in varying proportions are always utilized in healing by Laying on of Hands?

6. What brought Mesmerism into a disregard?

7. What does the cold draft which commonly preceded the manifestation of physical phenomena in the presence of a spiritistic medium imply?

8. To use this same energy for healing work, which mediums employ in producing remarkable physical phenomena, is it necessary or wise for the healer to permit any discarnate or other entity to control him?

9. What must guide etheric energy if it is to perform work?

10. Why must abundant etheric energy be present to bring about any rapid change in the physical structure through the action of thought?

11. What is the difference in the magnetism, or etheric energy, which flows from the left hand as compared with that which flows from the right hand?

12. Etheric energy from which hand relaxes and from which hand congests?

13. What are the three factors which must be considered in determining the individual's normal personal magnetism?

14. Why must the planet Mercury be considered to determine the temporary trends of the personal magnetism?

15. Why should the Stellar Healer have a surplus of life-giving magnetism?

16. How does the Stellar Healer tune in on the planetary energy he desires to use?

17. How is color used in Stellar Healing?

18. How may music be used as an aid Stellar Healing?

19. How does the healer know when the proper energy is flowing through him?

20. How should the hands be prepared for treating?

21. How does the healer know when the planetary energy is flowing through his fingers in proper volume?

22. Why should the healer, from the start, confine his tuning in process to his healing work?

23. When tuned in on the solar radiations does this astral energy flow through both hands or through only one?

24. Why, in giving the Stellar Treatment, should the healer induce in himself a pleasant and harmonious feeling?

25. If any unpleasantness is felt while applying the treatment, why should the treatment be discountinued for that time?