Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Stellar Healing in Practice.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1934

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Serial No. 201. Course XVI. - E.
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Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Part V. Stellar Healing in Practice.
by C.C. Zain

Before any treatment should be attempted, the birth-chart of the patient should be erected, and from the birth-chart positions, and the major progressed positions, of the planets, a Stellar Diagnosis should be made. This diagnosis, showing both the birth-chart discord and the temporary discords, which enable the disease to manifest, determine the nature of the specific stellar treatment to be given. Obviously the special treatment is different if the planet is being treated for financial difficulties than if he is being treated for physical ill-health.

Assuming, however, that the Stellar Diagnosis has been completed, and that a patient suffering from some disease is ready for treatment, let us take up, in their proper sequence , the four distinct factors embraced in Stellar Healing. Commonly all four, in proportions which vary to meet the specific of the patient, are employed. We will consider them in the following order:

1. The Educational Factor; in which the patient is instructed as to the proper thoughts, diet, hygiene and other conditions beneficial to his health.

2. The Mental Factor; which embraces the thoughts imparted to the patient, carried by the etheric energies and planetary energies which are transmitted to him during treatment.

3. The General Stellar Treatment; in which nerve congestions along the spine are relieved, organs are given a new supply of etheric energy, soothing Lunar planetary energies are imparted to the medulla oblongata, thought-energies are applied to the solar plexus, and the spleen, as the vital storage battery of the body, is recharged with Solar planetary energy.

4. The specific Stellar Treatment; in which the proper planetary energy is added to the astral seat of the disease, at the place where the disease is located in the physical body.

The Educational Factor.-- As has been pointed out in some detail, every disease of the body or of fortune is the manifestation of inharmonious thought-compounds in the stellar cells, or inharmonious combinations of such though-formed cells, within the astral body. Even though the Stellar Healer is able temporarily to change these thought-compounds and thought-organizations into a more harmonious condition, the cure will not be permanent unless the patient can be induced to desist from feeding into his astral body the inharmonious thoughts, feelings and impulses which build the discordant stellar cells and discordant organizations of stellar cells which are responsible for the disease.

Nearly every patient who comes to the healer for treatment of a physical illness will be found to have distorted ideas about himself and about the condition of his health, which feed unhealthy thought-substance into the compartments of his astral body mapped by the First House and the Sixth House. And a little conversation with him will also reveal, if full confidence is established between patient and healer, other discordant trends of thought.

Such discordant trends are also clearly shown by the birth-chart and progressed aspects. But if the healer can get the patient to talk freely about himself, and thus reveal the exact thoughts which habitually pass through both the conscious and the unconscious mind, it opens the way to giving the proper advice as to how, and in what direction, the thinking should be changed.

As the details of determining the strong trends of the unconscious mind, and just what kind of thinking should be used to produce a specific result, is given in Course IX Mental Alchemy, it need not be repeated here. The healer, however, when he discovers unruly or diseased thinking, should never merely tell his patient not to think these thoughts. He should get the confidence and cooperation of his patient, and instruct him how he can refrain from thinking the pernicious thoughts, by substituting in their stead other thoughts of a beneficial nature which by their presence will displace them.

If the patient is to remain well, he must desist from building into his astral structure the thought-substance which is responsible for the illness. . This thought substance,. If built into the astral body, attracts the physical conditions which contribute to the weakening of the physical body. Therefore, the first thing a healer should do it to establish a friendly confidence, and to enlist the patient in changing his habits of thought in such a manner that they will add only constructive thought-substance to his stellar form.

The Egyptians expressed the matter in rather a quaint way. They said that the first thing was to create a perfect world, and then, after the perfect world was created, to create a perfect body for the patient, and to place this perfect body in the perfect world.

The patient has certain ideas about life and about his environment. And such of these as are strongly discordant must be changed. It is, of course, his attitude towards the things which happen which must be changed. When his attitude is changed he will then find himself in a better world. Therefore, to help him get the proper attitude toward his problems, the healer should be thoroughly familiar not only with Course IX, but also with Course III Spiritual Alchemy. And he should have the tact and ability to impart to the patient, in friendly conversation, the particular information from these Courses which are applicable to the patient's problems.

The Mental Factor.�No matter what method of healing is employed, the suggestions offered by the words and actions of the healer have an important influence. Every doctor, no matter of what school, is aware that he makes more cures when he brings to the sick room an atmosphere of cheerfulness, and when he inspires the confidence of his patient.

Therefore, while the chief reliance is placed on planetary energies, the Stellar Healer should understand the use of suggestion, and other important psychological matters, which are set forth in detail in Course V.

But in Stellar Healing the chief mental factor is not applied in the ordinary manner. You may call it suggestion, if you wish; but it is carried to the astral structure of the patient, and gets in touch with the cell-consciousness and organ-consciousness of the physical cells and organs, through planetary energies acting as the carriers of definite images and messages.

Not only the mind of man, and the stellar cells and organizations of cells in his astral body, exist on the astral plane, but the individual consciousness of every physical cell in his body, and the individual consciousness of every physical organ in his body are four-dimensional, or astral, existence. To reach them, therefore, messages must use either the etheric energies with which they are associated, or go to them still more directly through astral energies. That is, the most direct way to reach and affect the consciousness of anything, is through the use of astral energies which can find a point of contact with its mind, or consciousness.

To a certain degree, mental images and messages can be made to travel along with the etheric currents flowing over the nerves, and thus reach the consciousness of the organs or cells. But because planetary energies are vigorous rates of motion in astral substance, any thought imparted to them, as they flow through the healer to the patient, is carried over the conducting etheric energies, with much greater freedom and force to reach and arouse the consciousness of the physical cells, the physical organs, or to accomplish changes in the stellar cells and structures than can be imparted to it in other ways.

When planetary energies flow through the healer to the patient they become most potent carriers of the thoughts and mental images of the healer. The thought, or message, is given the energy of the planetary vibration, and thus has a power which a thought not thus charged with energy can not have.

As explained in more detail in lessons No. 185 and No. 186, work on any plane consumes energy, and the power of a thought once clearly formulated depends upon the amount of energy with which it is supplied. If it is to produce physical results it must have at its command an adequate amount of etheric energy, as it can only contact and influence physical substance through the ether. Therefore the necessity, in Stellar Healing, of charging the patient with the etheric energies flowing from the hands.

Likewise , if the thought is to perform work on the astral plane, such as altering the composition of the stellar cells, and reorganizing them more harmoniously in the astral body of the patient, it must be charged with sufficient astral energy to enable it to accomplish this task. If the astral energies are insufficient, the thought is too weak to do the work desired of it. But if the healer tunes in on the energy being radiated by some planet, and directs this energy along with etheric energy, into the patient's body, and thought formulated at the time becomes charged with the planetary astral energy.

A thought thus charged with planetary energy has the power not only to bring about charges in the thought-structures and composition of the patient's body, but has also the vigor by which it can readily reach and influence the consciousness of an organ or group of cells in the physical body.

Physical cells and physical organs are only mildly responsive to the ordinary thoughts of the individual. If the individual can reach them through his unconscious mind, as by the proper use of suggestion, they respond more readily, and alter their activities in accordance with the commands received. But the patient who comes to the healer seldom has mastered the ability thus to reach and direct them.

The Stellar Healer, however, because the thoughts he formulates are carried into the patient with the strong current from the planet he is tuned in on, can easily reach the consciousness of any group of physical cells, or the consciousness of any physical organ in the body. Because any activity, or change, he thus asks of cells or organs, is so strongly charged with mental force, they obey with amazing alacrity. And as they are also given etheric energy along with the mental command, they have the ability to bring about the asked for physical condition promptly.

Although I disparage mediumship under the control of any astral intelligence, I should again point out that the Stellar Healer really uses the same general principles that the materializing medium does.

The medium must have an excess of etheric energy to transmit to physical substance what is formulated. The Stellar Healer gives to the patient an excess of etheric energy so that the mentally formulated changes can be reproduced in the physical body. The medium has images mentally formulated and highly charged with astral energy, to direct the etheric forces in their work, These are furnished by his control from the astral plane of life. The Stellar Healer, however, has no control. He formulates his own images; but he gives them the required astral energy to accomplish their work. This he does by tuning in on the astral energy of the appropriate planet.

Anything that can be done by a medium in the trance state can be done by a Stellar Healer of his own volition, and without control by any other entity, through the use of etheric energies and planetary energies. But to produce any type of phenomena requires practice. The energies tuned in on , once directed to a certain type of work, tend to work in a similar manner when again tuned in on. The unconscious mind of the healer quickly forms the habit of directing the energies to the customary task.

If the energies thus tuned in on are used for other purposes than healing, it makes less certain that they will flow in the healing channel when healing is desired. It is better, therefore, for the Stellar Healer to confine his efforts in the use of etheric and astral energies exclusively to his healing practice.

As has been indicated in full detail in lesson No. 155, Man's activities are determined in great part by his habit-systems. His unconscious mind carries out the general commands given by the conscious mind according to previous experiences. Once any activity, even of many and complex steps, is associated with a certain thought or emotion, that thought or emotion becomes sufficient stimulus to start the train of activities. And once started, the unconscious mind takes charge and they are carried out, each step in its proper sequence, and all its complexity, according to the manner in which they were previously carried out when similarly stimulated.

Hold the Image of the Patient in Perfect Health.�The Stellar Healer, therefore should take pains to establish the habit of using his energies only for healing purposes during the time he is giving treatment. And he should form the habit of always holding in his mind, during the time of treatment, the image of his patient in a state of perfect health.

The world health means wholeness and soundness. Healing, consequently, is the process of making whole and sound. Neither the physical body nor the astral body can be sound, however, when its cells an organizations of cells are in a state of discord. Furthermore, such discords in the astral body are the cause of misfortunes, not merely to the physical body, but in every department of human life. And when these discords are displaced by harmonies, the misfortune cease, for the patient has truly been healed.

Therefore, the healer should make a habit of visualizing every patient he treats in a perfect state of health; and he should not merely think of the patient as healed, but he should feel and inwardly know that he is going to get well, and be free from the affliction, whatever it is, that has prompted him to come to the healer.

Because the healer holds this mental attitude toward all his patients during the time he is treating them, varying the image only to suit the condition which the patient desires to attain, it soon becomes a habit, which is stimulated as soon as he places his hands near or on a patient. His unconscious mind thus comes to recognize what is expected of it, and all the etheric and astral energies flowing from his fingers to the patient, which are not specifically directed to some work, are directed quite efficiently by the healer's unconscious mind toward healing the patient.

It is not necessary for the objective mind of either healer or patient to know the details of what corrections should be made. The general idea that the patient is to be healed, and the habitual idea that the patient is to have a perfect body, is sufficient stimulus to the unconscious mind of the healer to set it to work quite effectively taking the necessary steps to bring about the desired condition.

Talking to Cells and Organs.�When however, the healer knows that it would be beneficial for some group of physical cells to perform their functions in a given way, or for some organ to behave in a different manner, he can talk mentally to the cells or organ, telling them just what he wants them to do. He need not command them violently: but just speak to them a few times mentally, with firmness, and with complete confidence his orders will be carried out. And if, while thus addressing them, he sends them planetary energy along with the etheric energies flowing to them from his fingers, they will readily get the command and quickly respond.

If the liver is sluggish, he can thus talk to it and tell it to be more active. If the heart is too active, he can talk to it firmly and ask it to slow down. He can tell the stomach to take more care in its handling foods. He can talk to the nerves and brain and tell them to relax so that the patient can get proper sleep. Where there is infection, or diseased tissue, he can tell the surrounding cells to take charge and build up a healthy structure.

But before giving such specific commands to any group of cells or any organ, the healer should be sure that the action he asks is what is needed in the restoration of health. If he is not sure of this it is much better to confine his mental instructions to the more general thought that the patient will restored to perfect health. In this way his unconscious mind, which has a clearer perception of conditions, and a much wider fund of information by virtue of occupying the four-dimensional plane, is given full authority to conduct the healing work in the most effective manner.

The General Stellar Treatment.�Stellar treatments may be given while the patient is reclining by placing one hand under and the other hand over, the part of the body being treated. And where the spine needs special attention this is the best position, as when the patient lies face downward the hands can be moved down the spine, one hand on either side of the vertebral column. Then when it is desired to direct the energies into the front part of the body, the patient can be turned on his back.

Of course, when the patient is as ill that sitting up is a strain, the treatment should be given while he lies as comfortably as possible in bed. During the time of treatment the patient's spine should be kept fairly straight and free from bends and strains that might hamper the passage of the etheric currents over it an prevent them reaching the proper nerves. Otherwise it is not important whether the patient sits up or lies down. Passes and strokings, however, are more easily given while the patient is in bed or on a treating table.

The Use of Passes.�Passes over the patient not merely facilitate the flow of etheric energy from the healer's fingers, thus charging the patient more thoroughly with them, but they are of particular value in directing the trend of the nerve currents, and consequently, the blood supply of the body. The etheric currents, and the bold supply, tend to follow the direction of the passes.

Such passes are made over the patient's body lengthwise, either from the head down, or from the feet up. While making them the hands are moved within a few inches from actual contact with the body. Passes may also be made over local areas to redistribute nerve currents and blood supply. When a local area is thus treated, however, it is somewhat more effective to use gentle strokings with the fingers, as the actual physical contact facilitates the etheric energy reaching the patient.

To sooth, draw the blood from the head, and relax the patient, the passes should be from the head toward the feet. As the nerve currents and blood are withdrawn from the brain, its activities subside, the patient becomes drowsy, and if these downward passes are continued, he will fall asleep. Such passes should be slow and gentle; and if there is special need for the patient to rest, talking to him in a soothing monotone will assist putting him to sleep.

When the patient has been in such pain that he has been unable to sleep, or his nerves are such that sleep flies from him, instead of the morphine used by the medical schools, the Stellar Healer uses soothing downward passes accompanied by a low monotone talking, in which the patient is told, from time to time, that he is drowsy, that he is going to sleep, and that the sleep will be restful and refreshing.

That is, just as the healer mentally tells certain cells and organs what they are to do, when treating them, so when he wishes the patient to get a refreshing sleep, he tells the patient, either mentally or in the vocal manner indicated, that he is to relax, sleep, and refresh himself.

If however, instead of being to high-strung and nervous to sleep, the patient is drowsy and mentally inactive, the passes should be made up toward the head. Such passes are stimulating, and instead of being made slowly and soothingly, they should be completed in rather vigorous movements. The effect is to cause the nerve currents and blood supply to flow strongly to the brain. This stimulates brain activity, overcomes drowsiness, and routs lethargy.

Passes and stroking may be used with the general stellar treatment as required by the needs of the particular patient; but the general treatment itself consists of charging the patient with etheric energy, and Solar and Lunar astral energies, while the healer keeps in mind the image of his patient in a perfect state of health.

This general treatment, or the special treatment, may be given the patient while he is reclining, but for the sake of avoiding repetition it will here be described as given while he sits upon a bench or backless chair.

When the patient is very ill, the Stellar Healer goes to his bedside. But for the sake of his office practice, in which people who are not bedfast come to him for help, it is well for the Stellar Healer to have a room set aside in which no activities are permitted other than his Stellar Healing. And it is better if this room be not too large.

Those familiar with spiritualistic s�ances will a once find in this some suggestion of the cabinet used by mediums. But there is no implication here that this room is to be used for placing the healer or patient under control. In fact, such control is the last thing to be desired.

Yet the healer uses, of his own volition and knowledge, the same energies which unseen intelligences use in the production of spiritistic phenomena. And if he uses the same room each time, and permits this room to be used for no other purpose, it becomes charged with the etheric energies he generates. And these energies with which the healing room thus becomes charged will remain more concentrated, and less likely to diffusion, if the room is not too large.

Furthermore, if the room is used only for this purpose, the more entering of it will act as a conditioning process, based on previous associations, to at once tune the healer in on the healing vibratory rates which he desires to use. At once, whatever thoughts he has had about business, about domestic conditions, or about whatever difficulties beset his life, will leave him, and his whole consciousness, through the habit he has established, will be devoted solely to healing work so long as he remains here. In fact, he should make it a practice never to think about anything but healing while in the treating room. And he should occasionally burn incense in it, and through prayer and whatever other come to his mind, keep it consecrated to the healing of those in distress.

When the healing is for discords in some other department of life than the physic- cal body, less energy may be expended in charging the neck with Lunar energies, and the spleen with Solar energies than when the treatment is for physical health. Yet, no matter what department of life requires treatment, the General Stellar Treatment should follow the same systematic steps.

In order that the image of health�whether of body, of finances, of credit, of affections, of domestic life, or other department�held in the healer's mind shall have full facility to reach and influence the astral body of the patient, he should be thoroughly charged with the etheric energies from the healer's hands at the same time planetary energies carry the thought image into various compartments of his astral body. Such charging with etheric energy, therefore, is a necessary part of the treatment even when the physical health of the patient is robust.

When the patient is seated in the healing room on a bench or backless chair, the healer approaches him from the patient's right side, and during this general treatment, except when passes are also required by the condition of the case, the healer keeps his right, or positive, hand on the front of the patient's body and his left hand on the back of the patient's body. Thus the vitalizing, stimulating Solar etheric energy flows from the front of the body to the organs, and the soothing, relaxing, magnetic Lunar etheric energy comes in direct contact with the spine.

In this General Stellar Treatment there are seven different stations of contact, with the right hand in front and the left hand at the back, the hands always placed directly opposite each other so that the currents between them will flow from one to the other through the body. But after the seven points have been treated thus, the three most important stations, corresponding to Mercury, the Moon and the Sun, are given another, and final treatment. The total number of stations for the hands in this general treatment, including those again contacted, is ten.

Except at the three stations to be indicated, no attempt is made during the general treatment to tune in on planetary energies. And throughout the general treatment the image held in the healer's mind is that of perfect health in the department of life for which the treatment is being given. The patient is thus thoroughly charged with etheric energy while the healer feels the conviction that he will be healed.

If, at any time during the general or the specific stellar treatment the etheric energy does not flow abundantly from the healer's hands into the patient, the healer should rub them briskly together, clench and unclench them rapidly, shake his hands vigorously, or adopt other means to cause a greater circulation of blood in his hands, and a more free flow of etheric energy. If work is to be done, there must be sufficient energy present to accomplish it.

Now as to the three stations of the patient's body that, in addition to etheric energy, also are charged with the astral energy from a planet, a few words of explanation should be made.

There are certain regions in the human body which act as storage batteries for etheric energies of each type. Just as the liver is where fuel is stored for future use, and just as calcium is stored in the bones, from which it can be withdrawn into the blood stream. So the nutritive, magnetic etheric energy ruled by the Moon is stored in the spine at the base of the brain and in the medulla oblongata just above. The battery of the body, however, where the vital, electric, etheric energy ruled by the Sun is stored, is the spleen.

Between these two, although much closer to the spleen, is a ganglion of nerves which is exceptionally sensitive either to the thoughts of the individual, or to thoughts reaching it from others. It is called the Solar Plexus, but certain it is that, adjoining the region ruled by Virgo, it is the instrument through which, more readily than any other, the thoughts, such as are ruled by Mercury, reach the sympathetic nervous system and tune in on their vibratory rates. When bad news is suddenly heard, for instance, the thought quickly tunes the sympathetic nervous system to its vibrations through the response of the solar plexus, a sinking sensation is felt, and the person becomes ill. So-called malicious animal magnetism, which may be either the inharmonious vibrations or the antagonistic thoughts or others, is commonly felt in the region of the solar plexus. And many people who believe they have stomach trouble, have nothing wrong with their stomachs other than the thoughts they think keep the solar plexus so tuned in on inharmonious energies that their stomachs, feeling the distress, refuse to work.

Thoughts of the Mercury kind, so long as they are confined to the brain, and thus without feeling, do very little to tune the nervous system and the etheric currents in on similar astral vibrations. But when these thoughts reach the solar plexus with vigor enough to cause the individual to feel, according to their quality, this feeling indicates that the nerve currents actually are tuned in on the vibratory rates which correspond to the sensation felt. The fact that the patient needs treatment indicates that his thinking has not been entirely of the proper kind. And in the education part of the treatment, he has been told what kin of thinking he should cultivate. But he also, in the course of the general treatment, should be treated for correct thinking. And the place where the correct-thinking treatment should be applied is the solar plexus; because it is the place where thoughts most readily tune the nervous system and etheric energies to their own vibratory rates.

When the nerve energy�which is Solar and Lunar etheric energy in combination becomes too low, the constitutional magnetism is drained from the spine in the region of the neck, and from the medulla oblongata. This constitutional magnetism, ruled by the Moon, keeps nerves and muscles relaxed. And when it gets low, if there is concentration and mental activity, such vital, Solar etheric energy as is left in the body tends to drain away from the vital organs, where needed, and flow to the back of the neck and base of the brain. The person then not only feels on a nervous strain, but there is a congestion of the muscles and of positive etheric energy in this region.

Therefore, in the general treatment, the Lunar energy, and the Lunar planetary energy are applied with the left hand at the back of the neck where it joins the skull, to the end of recharging the Lunar storage battery. When this battery has been recharged the muscles and nerves in this region will relax and any congestion of the nerve fluid here will be released.

When the nerve energy�which is Solar and Lunar etheric energy in combination becomes low, the vital force is drained from the spleen. The person then feels tired and incapable of sustained effort. His life forces become low and incapable of com- bating disease.

And, vital etheric energy being depleted, there is an undue flow of the constitutional magnetism from the spine and other places in the body where it is needed, to replenish the spleen. But, because this constitutional magnetism of the Moon relaxes, rather than congests, the spleen becomes unduly relaxed, and no longer retains such vital solar forces as it receives.

People who are negative, who just �drag about", and who draw on the vitality of other people noticeable, often have a leaky spleen. It is so relaxed that the vital etheric energy oozes out of it in a manner that readily can be seen by clairvoyant sight. Many mediums of the physical phenomena type have such leaky spleens, because they have become accustomed to permit the vital etheric energy, along with the magnetic etheric energy, to be drawn from them in producing phenomena.

Because the spleen is the physical organ where excess vitality is stored, in the general treatment, the Solar etheric energy and the Solar astral energy are applied with the right hand directly over the spleen, to the and of recharging it. And when it has received, as the last act of the treatment, its final recharging, it should be sealed, by a quick circular motion of the right hand just above it, accompanied by the thought that it is thus sealed from leaking. This will enable the person to keep and use the vital energy thus imparted to him.

And because the solar plexus is the chief tuning in station of the sympathetic nervous system, in the general treatment the right hand is placed just over it and the left hand at the back opposite. It is charged with the healing thought held in the mind of the healer, and in addition the healer formulation mentally the kind of thinking he desires the patient to do. That is, the solar plexus is the place where treatment is applied to correct the thinking habits of the patient.

In giving the general treatment, with the right hand in front of the throat, and the left hand at the back of the neck, the healer should also tune in on, and use etheric constitutional magnetism.

And in giving the general treatment, with the right hand in front of the body just over the spleen and the left hand at the back opposite, the healer should tune in on, and use, the orange color of the Solar planetary energies. People seldom have too much vitality.

But giving the general treatment to the solar plexus, it is better not to tune in on the violet planetary energies of Mercury. This color should be reserved for use a specific antidote, as people may very readily acquire too much of the Mercury astral energies for their health.

If the mind is concentrated on correcting the thought processes of the patient, so that he will habitually think the proper constructive and harmonious thoughts, this concentration will sufficiently tune the healer in on Mercury planetary energies for the purpose sought. This corrective-thinking part of the general treatment is given while the right hand in on the solar plexus in front, and the left hand directly opposite on the back. Etheric energies should flow freely through the body from each hand to the other.

Before and after giving each Stellar Treatment the hands should be thoroughly washed. The hands come in contact with the diseased etheric energies of the patient, which can be distinctly felt clinging to the hands, often in manner that is quite uncomfortable. Water is a good conductor, and washing the hands thoroughly will remove etheric filth as well as that which is more solid.

The Stations of the General Stellar Treatment.-- The time a treatment should last depends upon varying circumstances; but to give a general idea, it may be said that the whole treatment should not be completed under fifteen minutes, and that commonly half an hour is long enough.

First Station: Standing at the right side of his patient the healer places his right hand close to, or on, the patient's forehead, holding him in the image of perfect health while charging his brain with the etheric energies which flow from each hand to the other. This should continue for about one minute.

Second Station: The hands should be moved downward so that the right hand is just in front of, or touching, the larynx, and the left hand is on the back of the neck, close up against the base of the brain. Holding the consciousness of perfect health as the object sought, the healer should tune in on, and thoroughly saturate the neck and base of brain, with the clear green planetary energy of the Moon, and the soothing, relaxing etheric Lunar magnetism. This should continue two minutes or longer.

Third Station: The hands should be moved so that the right hand is on the upper chest and the left on the back directly opposite. Still holding the knowledge that the patient will be healed, this section of the body is charged with etheric energy for about a minute.

Fourth Station: The hands should be moved so that the right hand is on the lower chest and the left hand on the back directly opposite. Continuing the mental conception of health, this region should be charged with etheric energy for about a minute.

Fifth Station: The right hand should be placed on the region of the solar plexus and the left hand on the back directly opposite. The healer, while charging this region, should concentrate on whatever corrections to the patient's habits of thought seem most desirable. He should formulate these in words, and mentally speak to the patient, telling him what type of thoughts he wishes him to cultivate. This thought corrective treatment should last about two minutes.

Sixth Station: The right hand should be placed over the naval and the left hand lower down on the back in the region of the sacral plexus, and this region should be charged with etheric energy while the healer holds the conviction of perfect health. This should continue about one minute.

Seventh Station: The right hand should be placed on the patient's left side over the spleen, which lies just under the heart, and the left hand on the back immediately opposite. The healer should then tune in on the orange planetary energies of the Sun, and while holding the thought of abundant vitality, thoroughly charge the spleen both with the planetary energies and the vital etheric energies of the Sun. This should continue for about two minutes.

Special Stellar Treatment: After these seven stations have thus been given their general treatment, taking perhaps ten minutes, whatever special treatment is required should be given. It may require merely that the nerves along the spine where sensitive spots or cold areas are located, be given additional etheric energy. The back of the neck may require special relaxing through the use of Lunar astral and etheric energies. But more commonly, whatever it is a disease of the body or of the fortune in some other department which is being treated, planetary energies should be applied to the seat of the discord. Assuming that the whole treatment lasts half an hour, this allows about fourteen minutes for the specific planetary treatment.

Eight Station: After the specific treatment has been completed, the healer again places his hands on the fifth station, the solar plexus, and repeats the treatment there as he gave it the first time, for about one minute.

Ninth Station: He then goes to the second station at the back of the neck and base of brain, and given it a final recharging with the clear green astral energies and the Lunar etheric energies, for about two minutes.

Tenth Station: And as the last place of treatment, he again goes to the seventh station, with his right hand over the spleen and the left hand at the back opposite, and for about three minutes pours the orange astral energy, and the vital etheric energy into it. When the spleen is thus recharged with vitality, as the final act of the treatment, he makes a little circular movement of his right hand above the spleen, sealing it with his thoughts, so that the vitality will be retained for use.

The Specific Stellar Treatment.�As the principles through which the healer tunes in on the astral energies of a particular planet and directs them, along with the etheric energies, into the body of the patient have been set forth in lesson No. 200, they need not be repeated here. Each type of planetary energy has its own vibration, which the healer learns to recognize. And he always is careful that it is a pleasant, and thus a constructive, astral vibration he is using.

The general rule in giving Stellar Treatments is to place the hands over the zone where the planet is located which is the chief source of the difficulty, or better still, to place one hand over the zone and the other hand on the opposite side of the limb or body, so that the planetary energies will travel along the etheric circuit thus established.

In addition to this direct method, the spine should be treated, by placing the hands close together along either side of the backbone where the nerves branch off which reach the zone or organ being treated. Where these spinal nerves are located is given in lesson No. 199.

In many diseases of the physical body the astrological reflex of the chief seat of the disease is involved. The astrological reflex is the opposite zodiacal sign. Thus in treating female trouble, the throat also requires attention, and in treating sciatica, the arms as well as the thighs must be considered. This matter of treating the astrological reflex will be indicated under the specific treatment for the particular disease. But the best way to give the treatment where the astrological reflex requires attention, is to place one hand on the chief seat of the trouble in the body, and the other hand on the region of the body ruled by the opposite sign of the zodiac and to send the planetary energies along the etheric circuit thus established.

And in treating other than diseases of the physical body, probably the most effective way of reaching the compartment in the astral body where the discord is located, is to place one hand directly on the zone of the physical body where the discord is located, and to place the other hand on the back where the nerve leaves the spine which leads to the zone, and to send the planetary energy over the etheric circuit thus established.

The object to be attained is to thoroughly saturate the zone treated with the astral color and planetary energy being used, sending to the thought-cells and thought-structures, and perhaps to the cell-consciousness of the physical tissues, a definite images, or a definite message, as to what is expected of them. The planetary energy alone will influence their conduct in the desired direction, but their action will be more precisely that desired if at the same time definite instructions are imparted to them.

In addition to the planets which are chiefly responsible for a condition, and which must be treated with their antidote at the place in the body where they are located, there are always also certain House Constants which must be treated. We find, for instance, that in all cases of illness there is a progressed aspect to the ruler of the First and a progressed aspect to the ruler of the Sixth. In marriage difficulties there is always a progressed aspect to the ruler of the Seventh. And in money loss there is always some progressed aspect to the ruler of the Second House.

Whatever the nature of the difficulty the treatment is to correct, the zone of the astral body covered by the House Constant must be fortified with Stellar Treatments. A planet in a house, either in the birth-chart, or by major progression, maps a dynamic thought structure, and has more influence over the compartment than its other stellar cells. Therefore, in treating the compartment, the planetary energy should be selected which will most benefit the thought-organization indicated of the planet.

If, however, there is no planet in the house; or if the stellar cells of the compartment need treatment other than that given to the dynamic thought structure mapped by the planet, the treatment should be applied directly to the zone of the body indicated by the sign covering the house, especially that indicated by the sign on its cusp. And the planetary energy selected for such treatment, which is not applied to the place where the planet ruling the house is located, but to the zone of the body covered by the house, should be that which is most beneficial to the planet ruling the house cusp. That is, is should be applied to the zone just as if the planet ruling the sign were actually in it.

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Course XVI Branch of Science�Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing

Part V. Stellar Healing in Practice

Examination Questions.

1. What are the four distinct factors embraced in Stellar Healing?

2. Why is it necessary that the patient be educated as to this habits of thinking?

3. How does the healer discover the discordant trends in the patient's thinking habits?

4. In order to instruct his patient as to his proper attitude toward events with what science should the healer be familiar?

5. With what science should the healer be familiar in order to understand the influence of suggestion as applied to his patient ?

6. In Stellar Healing how is the chief mental factor carried to the astral structure, and to the cell consciousness and organ consciousness of the patient?

7. What is the most direct way to reach and affect the consciousness of anything?

8. For what purpose is it necessary for the healer to share his patient with etheric energy?

9. Why does a thought, charged with the astral energies of some planet, have exceptional power to perform work on the four-dimensional plane?

10. Indicate how the work of the healer parallels, yet is quite different from the work of a medium.

11. Why is it better for the healer to use the energies he tunes in on only for healing purposes?

12. What image should the healer habitually hold in his mind during treatment?

13. When should the healer talk to certain cells or organs?

14. For what purposes should passes be made downward?

15. For what purpose should passes be made upward?

16. Why is it better for the healer to have a not too large room, in which nothing is done except Stellar Healing?

17. Even when the physical health of the patient is robust, in treating him for some distress, should he always he charged with etheric energy?

18. In the General Stellar Treatment which hand is placed on the front of the body and which hand on the back opposite?

19. Name the seven different stations of the General Stellar Treatment?

20. What should the healer do when he feels that he etheric energies are not flowing copiously enough from his hands?

21. Where is the body is located the storage a battery for the magnetic, soothing Lunar etheric energy?

22. Where in the body is located the storage battery for the vital, electric Solar etheric energy?

23. Where in the body is located the chief sensitive instrument through which the type of thoughts ruled by Mercury tune the nervous system in on their vibratory rates?

24. What are the three stations which are visited a second time in giving the General Stellar Treatment, and what kind of astral energy is imparted to each?

25. Why do mediums and some others often have a leaky spleen?