Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Diagnosis and Treatment: Abdominal Trouble, to Adhesions.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1934

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 202. Course XVI. - F.
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Copyright, 1934 by Elbert Benjamine.
Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Part VI. Diagnosis and Treatment: Abdominal Trouble to Adhesions.
by C.C. Zain

In so far as healing concerned, The Brotherhood of Light lessons teach only three methods�Mental Healing (Courses IX and V), Stellar Healing (Course XVI) and Stellar Dietetics (last four lessons Course XXI). But they do not hold these methods are the only effective means by which health may be regained. Various other methods of healing also have their value.

But we do insist that any healer, no matter what method he uses, will be able to make sure cures if he uses Stellar Diagnosis to help him determine the nature of the disease he is treating.

Pains, due to the reflexes of the nervous system, are often transferred to a region of the body quite remote from the disturbance which the nerve is reporting. Some of the most pernicious diseases of not cause pain, and are so obscure in their external symptoms that , without reference to the birth-chart and progressed aspects, they puzzle even those most expert.

I am not advising that external symptoms shall be ignored. A coated tongue means something, a foul breath has its significance, paleness, temperature, discolorations of skin, etc. reveal certain conditions to be present. But in addition, the Stellar Chart often reveals unsuspected sources of disease, as well as indicating why the condition shown is present. Frequently the infection or weakness causing the illness arises in some part of the body which without resources to Stellar Diagnosis would never be associated with the disease where it manifests.

Preventing Illness if the Highest Function of the Healer.�Furthermore, the highest function of the healing art is not to cure the sick, but to keep people well. We need those who can cure diseases. But even more we need those who can keep disease from manifesting. The more enlightened we become the more the healer's duty and his fame will rest on keeping his clients health. Instead of bragging about his cures, he will feel ashamed when his clients fall ill. He will base his claims to skill upon the fact that among those employing him there has not been an illness, nor a day's work lost on account of poor health, in a certain number of years.

Stellar Diagnosis will aid this type of healer as nothing else will. For it not only indicates, from the birthchart, what the disease or weakness are, toward which there is a tendency, but it also indicates by the progressed aspects the precise periods in life when these conditions will be present which will encourage these tendencies and weaknesses to develop into actual disease.

Whatever type of healing is employed it is a decided advantage to know that during certain months and years, as revealed by progressed aspects, there is little danger of the natural weakness developing into disease. It is an advantage to know that the particular individual is quite immune from certain diseases, and will remain so throughout life. And it places a powerful advantage in the healer's hands to know just when these periods are in the life�what weeks, months or years�in which there is danger of some particular type of disease.

With the knowledge of the times when the diseases conditions is most likely to manifest, the healer, through advocating a certain line of thinking, through hygiene and Stellar Dietetics, and such other methods as may be suitable to the purpose, can take steps to tide the client over these dangerous periods in full health. Knowing by what the client will be beset, and when the onslaughts will be made, he can instruct him as to his thoughts and actions, and if need be, give him Stellar Treatments, not cure him, but to keep him well, during these critical periods.

Self Treatment.�Not only will the following alphabetical list, in which the Diagnosis and Stellar Treatment of each physical disease and other type of difficulty is given, be of service to the Stellar dealer who gives treatment to others, but it also will prove of special advantage to those who desired to treat themselves through the methods of Mental Alchemy.

The Stellar Diagnosis of each condition sets forth the birthchart constants and the progressed planet constants, to the end of indicating just what stellar cells and organizations of stellar cells are involved in attracting the undesirable event into the life. Thus one who employs either Stellar Dietetics or Mental Alchemy, as well as the Stellar Healer, is given specific information as to just which thought-compounds must be changed if disease is to be routed, or if a threatened condition is to be prevented. And it points out clearly in which compartments of the astral body those thought-cell changes must be made.

Not only does the Stellar Diagnosis indicate to the Mental Alchemist just what thought-groups should receive treatment, but, because the special Stellar Treatment is given for each disease or condition of distress, in terms of planetary energies, the Mental Alchemist is given detailed information as to exactly what Mental Urges must be cultivated to cure, or prevent, the condition. Because the Mental Urges, or thought families, used in Mental Alchemy, are grouped according to their planetary affinity, each family of thoughts having the same vibratory rate as one of the planets when the planetary energy to be used in Stellar Treatment is known, this indicates as well the thought energy which should be used in treating the same condition by the methods of Mental Alchemy.

The Three Birth-Chart Positions Needing Special Attention.�In all diagnosis whether relating to the health of the body or to the conditions affecting some other department of life, chief attention should be directed to the position and aspects received by the Sun, Moon and Mercury in the chart at birth.

The Sun maps the most stable and deep-seated characteristics, which the individual has acquired in filling out the birth-chart of the Ego. It indicates the avenue of connection between the Ego and the Soul, by which the Soul received spiritual energy from the State of Life and Degree of Emanation occupied by the Ego. And on the physical planet it determines the amount and quality of vital etheric energy.

Because the Sun-center in the astral body is thus so closely associated with the etheric energies which are the life of the physical body, any stellar aerials, as mapped by aspects in the birth-chart, leading to the dynamic stellar structure mapped by the Sun, have immediate access to the etheric energies of the body, and through them gain a tremendous influence over the life.

The Moon maps the most open channel by which impressions from the outside world reach the astral body. It thus indicates the most direct avenue by which the Soul gains experiences which are its temporary need in rounding out the spiritual pattern of its Ego. And on the physical planet it determines the amount and quality of the constitutional etheric energy.

Because the Moon-center in the astral body is thus so closely associated with the etheric energies which constitute the life of the physical body, any stellar aerials, as mapped by aspects in the birth-chart, leading to the dynamic stellar structure mapped by the Moon, have immediate access to the etheric energies of the body, and through them gain a tremendous influences over the life.

Mercury maps the dynamic thought-structures which most pronouncedly influences the conscious trend and mode of thought, and which directs the flow of the nerve currents.

Because the Mercury-center in the astral body, by the images and trains of words and sentences which, mentally or vocally, are expressed by the objective mind, tunes the Solar-Lunar etheric energies�which are nerve currents as well as the life of the body � to the vibratory rate of such thoughts and images, it also is a powerful factor. Like the Sun-center and the Moon-center, it has direct access to the etheric energies, and any stellar aerials, as mapped by aspects in the birth-chart, leading to the dynamic stellar structure mapped by it gains a tremendous influences over the life.

Furthermore, although in quite a different manner, any planet in an angular house of a birth-chart, impresses itself markedly upon the life of the individual. The volume of astral energy received and transmitted by the dynamic stellar structure mapped by any planet in an angle�and the nearer the cusp of the angel the more volume it thus receives and transmits�is so great that such a planet must always be considered as a PROMINENT influence in the chart.

Determining if a Planet is Prominent.�This matter of prominence is one of the most important of all astrological considerations. It does not determine whether the influence will be beneficial or otherwise; but it determines, from the amount of energy the dynamic structure mapped by the planet is able to express through the life, how great will be its influence in shaping events. In all diagnosis and in all astrological work, this matter of the prominence of a planet should receive equally as much intelligence as whether the aspects the planet receives are harmonious of adverse.

Over and over again, in diagnosis, not merely of the disease of the physical body, but of other difficulties, it will be found that two planets prominent and in aspect show, irrespective of whether the aspect in harmonious or discordant, the type of disease or difficulty toward which there is a tendency. Their prominence and their aspect gives volume to a particular kind of energy that encourages a given type of difficulty. The disease may not be due to their aspect to each other; but to other heavier discords in the chart, which as rallying forces are able to reach aerials leading into those energetic dynamic structures , and thus express through them.

For instance, the birth chart constant of afflictions to the eyes is a promised Mars and Moon, commonly afflicting each other by aspect. Where blindness occurs the prevalent condition is a strong adverse aspect between Mars and the Moon. But we have charts of people with crossed eyes , and of people with astigmatism from early childhood, who have both Mars and the Moon elevated, or powerful by one being in an angle, and in close sextile or other good aspect to each other.

To what extent good aspects between planets in the birth-chart, or between progressed planets, incline to disease, cannot be made the subject of a general statement. It is subject to statistics compiled in research work. And I will attempt to give the result of such research in connection with the diagnosis of each disease.

The planets involved and the nature of the aspect are an essential part of the birth-chart constant and progressed-planet constant of each disease. But because the prominence of a planet is so important a factor in diagnosis and in other atrological work, we should posses a concise and clear-cut definition of when a planet is, and when a planet is not, prominent in a birth-chart. Therefore, as we use the word, a planet is PROMINENT only when it is in an Angular House, or when it makes a definite and at least fairly strong, aspect to the Sun, to the Moon, or to Mercury.

When variations occur from the normal constants of a disease, they will be found not to be variations in the planets involved, for these do not change; but in their aspects. That is, in some diseases which normally are indicated by two planets in adverse aspect to each other, if the chart as a whole is sufficiently afflicted otherwise, and these same two planets are in harmonious aspect to each other, it may give the disease opportunity to manifest.

Two planets may normally be the birth-chart constants of the disease, but in an exceptional case, only one of these may show up with customary prominence in the birth-chart, but the other receive unusual affliction by a progressed planet, in addition to the normal progressed planet constant. Or when the progressed constant of the disease at the time it manifests normally is an adverse aspect some particular planet, if this planet receives unusually severe aspects in the birth-chart a progressed sextile or trine to it, due to the amount of discord in its dynamic stellar structure, may enable the disease to manifest.

When the final B. of L Astrological Report is made on the disease, these different variations from the normal will be included in terms of percentage. But in these lessons space does not permit comments on such exceptions. Instead, the attention is confined to the normal and customary constants of the condition, it being assumed that the Stellar Healer will make himself so familiar with the combinations, through prominence and aspect, both in the birth-chart and by progression, that have the same vibratory significance, that these exceptional cases will offer no difficulties when he undertakes to make a diagnosis.

Final Instructions on Stellar Treatment.�In giving the Stellar Treatment it is essential, as has been mentioned, that the color which visualizes the particular planetary energy flow to the part needing treatment. If it remains motionless the planetary energy is unable to do its proper work.

And because the etheric imparted to the patient causes a redistribution of the blood supply, the patient may feel decidedly dizzy immediately after treatment. Both the added etheric energy to give new life, and the changed circulation to cause the blood to flow where most needed, in such cases, are just what is needed. But the patient, feeling dizzy, may be alarmed. Where such dizziness is felt the cause should be explained, and a place provided where the patient can rest for an hour after treatment before moving about much. Such a rest enables the circulation to become properly adjusted and permits the dizziness to disappear.

For the same reason, that the circulation both of the etheric energies and the blood are disturbed, it is often better for the patient to refrain from eating for an hour after the treatment. If the stomach is filled immediately after the treatment, blood and energy elsewhere diverted to healing purposes may not be sufficient in the region of the digestive tract to enable the food to be properly handled. But after an hour no such disturbance of the normal functions is apt to remain.

And again it should be mentioned that, when it is clearly known what certain cells or organs should do, that giving them instructions as to what is expected of them hastens the recovery of the patient. In the special stellar treatment of each difficulty there is always one or more house-constants which requires attention. Thus in treating for a disease of the physical body the zone of the body covered by the First House and the zone of the body covered by the Sixth House of the birth-chart should receive some attention. And in thus giving strength to these two compartments of the astral body, or to the compartment which is the house-constant of some other difficulty, the planetary energy should be used which is the natural antidote of the chief ruler of the house.

The stellar cells of the compartment are chiefly composed of the thought element denoted by the planet ruling the compartment. A planet in the compartment, because it maps a dynamic stellar structure composed largely of the thought-elements ruled by it, is more important than the planet ruling the sign on the cusp of the house. Commonly the nearer a planet is to the cusp of the house, the more active is the dynamic structure which it maps, and therefore the more important it is that is should receive treatment. The planet ruling the cusp of the house indicates the chief thought-element of the general run of stellar cells in the compartment which are not organized into a dynamic stellar structure. Therefore, if the house contains no planet, the planetary energy should be applied to it which is the natural antidote of the planet thus ruling the sign on the houses-cups.

And in all cases the stellar treatment given for the house-constant of the difficulty should be applied, not to the planetary terminal, mapped by the planet elsewhere in the birth-chart, but directly to the zone of the body which the house-constant embraces.

Rulership of Parts of Body and Organs by Signs and Planets.�Now in order to ascertain where in the physical body a disease is likely to manifest, we need to know just what parts of the body are ruled by each of the zodiacal signs, and just what organs are ruled by each of the planets. This rulership is as follows:

ARIES rules the head and face, the upper jaw, and the cerebrum, or upper hemisphere of the brain.

TAURUS rules the neck, the ears, palate, tonsils, cerebellum, or lower lobes of the brain, the occipital region, larynx, and vocal cords.

GEMINI rules the shoulder, arms, hands, bronchi, and the lungs.

CANCER rules the lower part of the lungs, the breasts, the diaphragm and the stomach.

LEO rules the spine and back, and the heart.

VIRGO rules the abdominal and umbilical region, the duodenum and the intestines.

LIBRA rules the lumbar region, the kidneys, the ovaries, the seed, and the generative organs in general.

SCORPIO rules the sinus or pelvis of the kidneys, the ureters and bladder, the sigmoid, flexure, rectum, prostate gland, uterus and external generative organs in general. The nose also seems to respond somewhat to the activities of Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS rules the hips and thighs and the sciatic nerves.

CAPRICORN rules the region of the knees.

AQUARIUS rules the legs below the knees and the ankles.

PISCES rules the feet and toes.

THE SUN rules the vitality, and influences the spleen where the vital electric etheric energy is stored and the heart which pumps the blood to the various parts of the body. It also has a decided influence upon the action of the front pituitary gland and the thyroid gland.

THE MOON rules the constitutional magnetism, and influences the medulla oblongata and base of brain where magnetic etheric energy is stored, rules the fluidic and lympathtic systems of the body, and has considerable influence over the eyes. It also has a decided influence upon the action of the back pituitary gland and the thymus gland.

MERCURY rules the brain and nervous system and has a determining effect upon the vibratory rate of the Solar-Lunar etheric energies that constitute both the etheric body and the nerve currents. It rules the mouth and tongue and also has a decided influence upon the action of the parathyroid glands.

VENUS rules the venous blood and veins, the skin, and the hair. It also has a decided influence upon the action of the thyroid gland and the gonad glands.

MARS rules the muscular system and the red corpuscles of the blood. It also has a decided influence upon the gonad glands and upon the secretion of adrenalin and the secretion of cortin, by the adrenal glands.

As these are the chemicals with which the body fights toxic conditions and invasion by bacteria, an afflicted Mars predisposes to fevers, blood, poison, abscesses, and various types of infection. The infection occurs because the body does not have at hand the chemicals with which otherwise it would oust the invaders.

Wounds, abrasions, cuts, tears, surgical operations, and hot dry, feverish conditions are typical of Mars afflictions. It tends to violence, and to acute and painful diseases.

JUPITER rules the arterial system of the body, the liver, and the fats and glycogen stored as fuel. It also has a decided influence upon the manufacture and secretion of insulin by the pancreas gland.

SATURN rules the bones and ligaments, the teeth, and the mineral salts of the body. It also has a decided influence upon the action of the adrenal gland in its manufacture and secretion of adrenalin, and a decided influence over the spleen.

As the spleen is the storage battery of vital etheric energy, and affliction to Saturn tends to a condition of the spleen in which it is unable to get and hold reserve energy. Saturn also tends to produce poverty in other essential things, such as lack of the proper elements in the food, lack of assimilative ability, and, through inadequate adrenalin, lack of ability to draw on the emergency fuel supply.

Saturn is negative and subtle in its influence. It tends to the accumulation of toxins in the blood, and to various chronic and wasting diseases which persist because of lack of vigor and energy to remove their cause. Atrophy, tuberculosis, arthritis, and cancer are types of afflictions which are characteristic of Saturn

Uranus, as the octave of Mercury, has considerable influence over the sensitiveness of the nervous system and the nerve currents which flow over it. It also has a pronounced influence over the action of the parathyroid glands.

Neptune has very much the same influence over the action of the parathyroid gland that Mercury and Uranus do in giving sensitivity to the nervous system. But its most pronounced influence on disease is through the negative condition it induces and its inhibiting influence upon the secretion of cortin by the adrenal cortex.

The excessive negative condition induced by afflictions of this planet tend to the accumulation of toxins. Acting in another manner, it is much of a poisoner as is Saturn. And because it reduces the action of the typical Mars fighting gland, so that the poisons cannot be eliminated from the body, it favors the formation of pocket of pus, and moist, wasting disease. It tends to perversions, to the use of narcotics and opiates, and as closely associated with the astral plane, is responsible for certain maladies caused by astral entities, which when severe enough become obsessions.

Pluto seems to be an octave expression of the Moon in the same way that Uranus is A higher octave of Mercury and Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. It also seems now quite certain that Pluto is co-ruler of the sign Scorpio.

In its general influence upon diseases Pluto produces a negative condition which makes it difficult for the system to sufficiently eliminate the toxic poisons. It also tends to a sensitiveness to the vibratory rates from the astral plane, and through its affinity to the eighth-house rulership of Scorpio, enables those on the inner plane of life to impress their thoughts in a recognizable manner upon the individual. These may be beneficial or otherwise. There are internal chemical secretions, or hormones, of the intestines, which Pluto has a decided influence over.

The Ductless Glands.�It would be very convenient for astrologers if each of the ductless glands was definitely under the rule of just one planet. But the whole system of endocrine glands, the chemical secretions of which acting as messengers in the blood stream, have the most pronounced control over the activities and functions of the physical body, is based upon a delicate balance between two or more chemical agents.

Because these ductless glands immediately react to thought-changes in the astral body, which are transmitted to them through the etheric energies which flow over the nervous system, they are among the chief agents which quickly reproduce these changes in the physical body. And to perform this function, as well as to regulate the body chemistry, one glandular secretion is set against, and as a check for, another glandular secretion.

This complicated system of chemical checks is not attached by a simple system of planetary rulership. Nearly every ductless gland responds markedly to more than one planet. That is, the vibration of either of several planets will stimulate it to perform some function. For instance either the Sun or Venus will cause the thyroid to secret thyroxin. Either Mars or Saturn (anger or fear) will cause adrenalin to be secreted by the adrenal gland. And both Sun and Saturn have a clear cut influence upon the spleen.

Older authorities state the spleen is ruled by Saturn. Some of the late ones, observing how the spleen is influenced by progressed aspects of the Sun, state that the spleen is ruled by the Sun. It is probable that in a sense both are right. A barn is ruled by Saturn, but the grain it contains is ruled by Mercury.

The general structure of the spleen is probably ruled by Saturn, and the etheric energy which it stores is ruled by the Sun. Yet the condition of the structure of the spleen influences its ability to receive and retain the Solar etheric energy. And this Solar etheric energy in turn has an influence upon the structure of the spleen, giving it a positive vitality, or when deficient, permitting the structure to atrophy or to become flabby and incapable later of holding energy imparted to it.

The spleen is the largest of the ductless glands; and what I have said about it applies in some degree to all the endocrine glands. Instead, therefore, of saying of a gland that it is ruled by a certain planet, I prefer to state what has actually been observed, that the gland responds in a certain way to one planet, and in the same way, or in another way, also to another planet. And, as in the case of the pituitary gland, if it actually is known to respond somewhat to the vibrations of four different planets, I find no cause, in the interest of simplification, to try to give it the rulership of a single planet.

It is quite impossible to understand why a planet's vibrations give the tendency to disease which the diagnosis constants show to be the case, without a clear comprehension of the functions performed by each of the better known endocrine glands. In the four lessons on Stellar Dietetics, lessons 222, 223, 224 and 225 Course XXI, I have given this information in detail, and so need not repeat it here. But through out the analysis given in connection with the Stellar Diagnosis of the different diseases, it will be imperative to refer briefly to glandular reaction to the planetary constants. And to understand these references the lessons just mentioned should be mastered in detail.

Here is is sufficient merely to state that the chief endocrine glands to be affected by the Sun are the front pituitary, the thyroid and the spleen. The chief glands to be affected by the Moon are the back pituitary and the thymus. The chief glands to be affected by either Mercury or Uranus are the parathyroid glands. The chief glands to be affected by Venus are the thyroid and the gonads. The chief glands to be affected by Mars are the adrenal medulla, the adrenal cortex and the gonads. The chief gland to be influenced by Jupiter is the internal secretion gland of the pancreas. The chief glands under the influence of Saturn are the adrenal medullar and the spleen. The chief glands under the influence of Neptune are the parathyroids and the adrenal cortex. The chief glands to be affected by Pluto are little known glands of the intestinal region.

With this explanation of the principles and processes governing both STELLAR DIAGNOSIS and STELLAR HEALING completed, I believe the best way to learn more about both is to proceed at once to a study of the 120 different diseases, the charts for which are given in this course. In selecting from many large series those here to be used as illustrations, I have been governed largely by the facility of presenting a number of diseases in the space available. I have, therefore, when the material would not be impaired by so doing, chosen charts of people who have had more than one disease. Thus the 72 separate birth-charts, for which space is available, contain the factors of the 120 different diseases.

Abdominal Troubles.�See also appendicitis, colitis, peritonitis, etc. Birthchart Constant: In nine cases out of ten an afflicted planet actually in the zone where the disease manifests, and in the other one case out of ten the planet ruling the zone, but elsewhere located, severely afflicted.

Progressed Constant: Depends upon the nature of the disease; but when a planet in the zone involved receives an adverse aspect is the most common factor. When operations occur there is a progressed aspect to the planet Mars.

The stomach is under the rule of Cancer, the bowels and fore part of abdomen are under Virgo, the ovaries and kidneys are ruled by Libra and Scorpio rules the bladder, uterus, sigmoid flexure, rectum and more external organs of sex. The organs and region ruled by Libra and Scorpio are so closely associated in their functions that an affliction form one commonly affects the other

Operations performed through the abdominal cavity may arise form afflictions to the bowels, to the ovaries, or to the regions still lower. Chart 262 shows afflicttions in Virgo followed by an operation on the bowels, chart 271 shows Mars in Libra followed by an operation in connection with a Caesarean birth, and chart 248 shows the Sun afflicted in Scorpio, followed by operation for fibroid tumor of the uterus and the removal of the ovaries.

Stellar Treatment: Should chiefly be applied to the zone where the disease externalizes and to the zones occupied by the birth-chart planets and progressed planets responsible for it. The energy used varies according to the nature of the disease and the planets responsible.

Chart 244 female. May 22, 1894, 11:59a.m. 97W. 36N. Chiropractor.

Mars is square Uranus in Scorpio, and the Sun is sesqui-square Saturn in Libra, as the birth-chart constants.

May, 1913, as progressed, with Venus square Mars r, trine Saturn r, and Mercury trine Uranus r, she had three serious major operations on the abdominal cavity . Mars is the progressed constant for operations. Through depleting the adrenalin and cortin, which are the chemicals with which the body fights infection and poison, Mars is also the progressed constant of infections and inflammations which lead to operations.

Abscess. � Birth-chart Constant: Primarily a heavily afflicted Neptune, inducing a low output of cortin and the incomplete metabolism of protein foods, with an accumulation of toxins. Both body and mind become negative, and incapable of vital activity, and much pus forms in the system. Secondarily, there is a prominent, and usually afflicted, Mars, which encourages inflammation in some part of the body, to which the pus moves; and which places a further drain upon the adrenalin and cortin, which otherwise would neutralize the poisons.

Progressed Constant: An aspect to Mars, temporarily diminishing the available supply of adrenalin and cortin, and leaving the system helpless to rid itself of impurities. These impurities are attacked by the white blood corpuscles, and collect as a pocket of pus in such tissue as becomes irritated. Commonly there is also a progressed aspect to Neptune which encourages the accumulation of impurities.

Stellar Treatment: Should educate the patient as to both diet and thoughts to overcome the negativeness of Neptune, and which will provide the vitamins and other essentials to enable Mars successfully to combat the toxins in the blood stream. In addition to the mental antidotes, the patient should harmoniously cultivate the Power Urges. The planetary energy of Saturn, in moderate amounts, should be applied to the zone where Neptune is located. And as this is the seat of the lethargy and negativeness, the planetary energy of the Sun also should be applied harmoniously and with intensity enough to arouse to the stellar cells in the region to normal power and activity.

Where Mars is located in the chart, and where the abscess is located in the body, should receive the soothing, clear green planetary energy of the Moon. This will tend to allay the inflammation, and restore the normal activity of the glands whose secretions neutralize the poisons.

The thought-treatment of the solar plexus should encourage a more positive and vital attitude toward life; and special pains should be taken to thoroughly charge the patient with the vital etheric energy of the Sun. The solar energies, both astral and etheric, should be applied harmoniously in those regions, as indicated by birth-chart planets, which will best tend to route the negativeness of Neptune.

Chart 245; female. Oct. 30, 1888, 8:00am 70-15W. 44-40N. Teacher.

Neptune in angle is conjunction Pluto and square the Moon, both aspects increasing the negativeness, and increasing the lethargy of the part where Neptune is located. Mars is prominent by being sextile the Sun and Mercury, trine the Moon, and inconjunct Pluto.

In 1907, as progressed, Venus, which is opposition Neptune at birth, came inconjunct Neptune, increasing the tendency of poisons to accumulate in the body. At the same time Mars came to the square of Uranus P, still further lowering the supply of adrenalin and cortin. This condition resulted in an abscess forming under the left arm; Neptune being in Gemini, which rules the arms and shoulders.

Accidents.�B. of L. Astrological Report No. 14 gives detailed analysis of 100 birth-charts of those who have had accidents. Birth-chart Constant: Mars, Saturn or Uranus prominent, or more than one of these planets prominent. The more prominent they are and the more afflicted, the greater the tendency to accident.

Progressed Constant: An aspect to Mars, to Uranus, or to Saturn, of importance in the order named: in 94% of the cases with progressed afflictions to one of these three planets.

Stellar Treatment: Must vary according to whether the treatment is to prevent accident or to heal the patient after the accident has taken place. And it must also vary according to which of the three planets is the chief menace, or the nature of the accident, if it has already happened.

The educational factor in treatment for prevention is important, as the chart commonly indicates the source of danger, which the patient can avoid. But in such admonition, given orally to the patient, and in the thought-corrective treatment of the solar plexus, fear should be routed by the conviction that with proper care the accident will not occur.

If the image of accident is strongly before the attention of the patient, it will have power to attract just such a condition as he envisions. Courage is not a disregard of caution, but a confidence that a situation can be met and mastered. The thoughts of the patient, therefore, should be directed, not to any calamity, but to the proper means by which a difficulty which otherwise would threaten, may be overcome.

The specific stellar treatment for prevention should be applied to the zone where the planet or planets which are responsible for the danger are located. The planetary energy used should be the natural antidote of the one mapped by the dynamic structure where the energy is applied. In addition to annulling the discordant vibrations, the chart often will reveal where other planetary energies can be applied harmoniously�such as the energies of Jupiter or Venus�in a manner that will provide an active protective influence.

Chart 246; male. Dec. 15, 1914 10:05a.m. 118-15W. 34N

The Sun is conjunction Mars, opposition Saturn and semi-square Uranus.

Sept. 20, 1922, as progressed, with Sun conjunction Mars p, and opposition Pluto r, Mars opposition Pluto r, and Mercury semi-square Uranus, this child backed into a tub of boiling water which his mother had just placed on the ground. He died shortly as the result of the burns.

Acidosis.�Commonly not considered as a disease; but as a condition of the body which predisposes to other diseases. Birth-chart Constant: Either a very prominent Jupiter or a very prominent Saturn, or both, and usually afflicted.

Progressed Constant: Any aspect to the planet which by its prominence and birthchart aspects is chiefly responsible for the condition. Almost any progressed aspect which affects the health through surfeit, through faulty elimination, or through food deficiency, etc. increases this condition. Worry, through its depletion of adrenalin will do it; and anger, or constant irrigation, will increase the condition.

The condition referred to here as acidosis is not due to an excess of uric acid in the blood, which may be caused either by an insufficient supply of the secretion of the pituitary gland, or to inability of the kidneys to excrete this acid. Acidosis is a very common condition which may arise from a diet too poor in the mineral salts to furnish the alkalies necessary to neutralize the acids, or from the incomplete combustion of the fats of the body, which loads the blood stream with acid byproducts.)

Both of these common types of acidosis have been considered in full detail as to their origin and diacetic treatment in lesson No. 224 . The Jupiterian type needs special care in reference to the consumption of fat and sugar, and the food should contain sulphur. The Saturn type requires the mineral salts and the vitamins.

Stellar Treatment: First of all proper diet should be insisted upon. If the Condition is due to Jupiter, the planetary energies of Mercury should be applied directly to the zone of the body mapped by Jupiter in the birth-chart. If the condition is due to Saturn, the planetary energies of Venus should be applied directly to the zone of the body mapped by Saturn in the birth-chart. If, as is often the case, both of these planets are involved in the condition, the zone of the body occupied by the dynamic stellar structure of each, should receive the planetary energy which is the natural antidote.

Chart 279 is a person who had acidosis of the Jupiterian type, as indicated by Jupiter in the 10th, close to the M.C. sextile Mercury. Saturn is also prominent. Chart 281 has Jupiter almost on the cusp of the 7th, in sextile to the Sun and Mercury. She had acidosis chiefly of the Jupiterian type, although Saturn also is very prominent. Chart 302 with Saturn in the 10th, in wide opposition of the Sun, had acidosis chiefly of the Saturn type, although Jupiter also is prominent.

Adenoids.�The same birth-chart and progressed constants are present, and similar treatment required, for polypus of the nose. Birth-chart Constant: Afflictions in Libra or Scorpio, or their ruler severely afflicted, especially if at the same time there is an affliction in Aries. Progressed Constant; Venus or Mars aspects, usually afflictions These nasal troubles arise from kidney disturbances which prevent the proper filtering and handling of the urine. More commonly the affliction is in Libra, but may be in Scorpio, which rules the sinus or pelvis of the kidneys. Less commonly the condition arises when Venus or Mars, or both , are severely afflicted. Stellar Treatment: The planetary energy should be applied chiefly to the kidneys, and should be of the type which is the antidote of the planet in Libra or Scorpio, or if no planet in these signs the antidote of the planet (Venus or Mars) chiefly responsible. The proper antidote also should be applied to the planet, or planets, where located, which by affliction are shown to be sources of discord to the kidney region. To stop the swelling or growth, the kidneys must be strengthened - - See Kidney trouble. To reduce it, apply the antidote for the planet in Aries, or if no planet is in Aries, the Moon energies, directly to it. Chart 247 � male, Jan. 17th, 1920- 9:00p.m. 122W. 37-30N Jupiter in Libra, in opposition to Saturn and Moon in Aries, and square Uranus and Neptune, Mars conjunction Moon in Aries when seven and a half years old, as progressed, the condition had become so severe, that under Mars sextile Venus p. both tonsils and adenoids were removed. Chart 290 - as progressed, there was an operation for polypus of the nose, under Mercury semi-square Mars p. and Venus semi-square Sun r. Adhesions � In the healing process following an operation scar tissue forms which when it constricts, binds or unites unduly is called and adhesion. Thus the first operation is followed by a second., and perhaps third or more, to free the adhered tissues. Birth-chart Constant: A prominent and usually afflicted Saturn, especially when afflicting the organ operated upon. Progressed Constant: Affliction to Saturn, or strong aspect to Saturn at time of operation. Stellar Treatment: Venus planetary energies applied to the place of Saturn in the chart, and to the place in the body where the adhesions occur. To break down the adhesions the masseur manipulates violently; and the surgeon cuts through them with a knife. In stellar treatment, Mars energies should be applied to the adhesions with the same object in view. This in addition to the Venus energies as mentioned. Chart 248, female Nov. 14th, 1872 11:00A.M. 74W 40-43N Saturn on the Asc. square Neptune, sextile Sun, trine Moon and Mars March 1915, as progressed, an operation for fibroid tumor and ovarian trouble, Mars, the planet of operations, had just reached the square of Saturn, and the operation was immediately followed by unusually severe adhesions. Addisions Disease - Will be considered in an Astrological Report. Affectional Troubles � Will be considered in an Astrological Report Ague � See Malaria Alkalosis - Will be considered in an Astrological Report. Ambition � Will be considered in an Astrological Report

The Brotherhood of Light. Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. Branch Letter�F. Serial No. 202. Course XVI Branch of Science�Stellar Haling and Stellar Diagnosis. Part VI. Diagnosis and Treatment: Abdominal Trouble to Adhesions. Examinations Questions. 1. What is the highest function of a healer?

2. In what way does Stellar Diagnosis assist those who heal by any of the commoner methods?

3. In what way does the alphabetical list of Diagnosis and Treatment for each disease assist those who desire to treat themselves by the methods of Mental Alchemy?

4. In all diagnosis what three positions in the birth-chart should receive special attention?

5. Why is the Sun-center so important in diagnosis?

6. Why is the Moon-center so important in diagnosis?

7. Why is the Mercury-enter so important in diagnosis?

8. Give the rule for determining whether or not a planet is to be considered Prominent in a birth-chart.

9. Why is this factor of Prominence so important in diagnosing?

10. Does Prominence determine whether or not the influence will be beneficial?

11. Do good aspects between planets always indicate escape from the disease for which they act as constants?

12. Do such variations from the constants as occur usually relate to the planets, or to the aspects involved?

13. If the astral color applied in treatment remains motionless what is the result?

14. Why do certain patients feel dizzy after receiving Stellar Treatment?

15. What should be done when such dizziness follows treatment?

16. Why is it better for the patient to refrain from eating for an hour after treatment?

17. What planetary energy should be applied in connection with the house-constant when the house in the birth-chart contains a planet ?

18 What planetary energy should be applied in connection with the house-constant when the house in the birth-chart does not contain a planet?

19. Through what physical agencies does Mars predispose to infection, fevers, blood and invasion by bacteria?

20. Through what physical agencies does Saturn predispose to cancer, atrophy, arthritis and tuberculosis?

21. Through what physical agency does Neptune favor the formation of pockets of pus?

22. Do the various ductless glands each respond only to the influence of one planet?

23. How does the spleen respond to the influence of two different planets ?

24. Which are the chief glands to be influenced by Venus?

25. Why is it so necessary to understand the specific response of each of the chief endocrine glands to planetary vibrations in the diagnosis of disease?