Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Diagnosis and Treatment: Diabetes to Goiter.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1934

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 205. Course XVI. - I.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
Copyright, 1934 by Elbert Benjamine.
Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.
Part IX. Diagnosis and Treatment: Diabetes to Goiter.
by C.C. Zain

Dear Fly Fever.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Deceit.-- Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Deformity.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Diabetes Sinspidus. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Diabetes Mellitus. � Birth-chart Constant; Saturn and Jupiter prominent and afflicted; frequently forming an affliction to each other.

Progressed Constant; And aspect to Jupiter or Saturn; usually to Saturn.

Stellar Treatment; As explained in full detail in lesson No. 224, the handling of sugar in the body depends upon the insulin supply, which is ruled by Jupiter. An afflicted Jupiter tends to weaken the insulin supply.

There is a very delicate balance between thyroxin, secreted by the thyroid gland, and insulin; and between adrenalin, secreted by the adrenal glands and insulin. Either a too active thyroid or too active adrenal glands places a strain upon the insulin. Over-eating, or the eating of too rich foods likewise strains the insulin supply, as such foods require more insulin to handle in the system.

Worry, anxiety, and emotional excitement of any kind releases adrenalin into the blood, and this neutralizes the sugar storing power of insulin, causing glycogen to be released into the blood. When, through over-eating, through too rich foods, through over-work and strain, or through worry, irritation and recurrent excitement, the insulin supply is worn down, sugar can no longer be transformed into glycogen and stored, nor transformed into fat. Instead it remains in the blood as simple sugar, which being soluble, is washed out of the body and lost.

In diabetes, therefore, the diet should receive special attention, and a type of thinking cultivated which is free from anxiety, strain and excitement. The dynamic stellar structure mapped by Saturn should receive the planetary energies of Venus. The dynamic stellar structure mapped by Jupiter should be given the planetary energies of Mercury. And the thought-treatment of the solar plexus should be such as to relieve strains, tensions and annoyances.

Chart 276; male Sept. 24, 1887, 1:00a.m. 9-15E. 49-10N.

Saturn conjunction Asc. , square Jupiter in the 4th .

When 28 years of age, as progressed, with Mars sextile Saturn r; and Mars square Pluto r as a rallying force, had had diabetes.

Diarrhea.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Diphtheria.�Birth-chart Constant: Negative planets prominent, and usually afflictions in Taurus.

Progressed Constant; An aspect, usually an affliction, to Mars; and also usually an aspect to Mercury. Stellar Treatment; This is a contagious disease, which during an epidemic often has a higher fatality than a west any other illness. The membranes, particularly those of the tonsils and region of throat and mouth, become the breeding ground of bacilli, which form a false membrane, known as diptheritic membrane. A progressed affliction to Mercury, acting on the parathyroid glands, makes the membranes unduly sensitive and open to attack.

The negative planets lower the resistance of the body to all kinds of invasion. and while these more rugged may, if the progressions are heavy afflictions, contract

1. the disease, those with prominent negative influences in the birth-chart are more susceptible. The progressed aspect to Mars lowers the intercortin supply, and hampers the ability of the body to wage successful chemical warfare against the invader.

Those who have been exposed to diphtheria should build up their vitality and positiveness. Etheric energies should be applied to overcome the negativeness, applying it in particular to the stellar structure of the negative planets and to the throat. Diet and the application of the Jupiter planetary energies to the stellar structures mapped by Mercury should have for object the reestablishing of a chemical balance which will make the membranes more resistant. The Mars stellar structure and parts which are inflamed, or which already have become infected, should receive both Lunar planetary energies and Lunar etheric energies. Where this disease is epidemic in a malignant form, drastic measures may be required.

Chart 277; male. Oct. 3, 1908, 6:05p.m. 122-30W. 47-45N.

Moon opposition Neptune from 10th to 4th.

In July, 1915, as progressed, with Mercury semi-square Mars r and Sun square Neptune p as a rallying force, he had diphtheria. Progressed Moon in Taurus.

Chart 294, female. June 23, 1876, 12:30a.m. 93-10W. 44N.

Neptune and Pluto in the 1st in Taurus, Moon in the 4th.

In 1880, with Mars conjunction Moon r, and Mercury semi-sextile Moon, she had diphtheria.

Dishonesty.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Dishonor.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Dislocations. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Dissipations. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Dizziness. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Dropsy. � Birth-chart Constant: A prominent and afflicted Moon.

Progressed Constant: Progressed aspects of the Moon at the same time there are severe rallying forces; especially arising from afflictions of the Sun. Stellar Treatment: Dropsy is due to an imbalance of the salt and water content. of the body, governed chiefly by the back pituitary gland, which in turn responds to the Moon. Over activity of the back pituitary tends to retain water in the body. It collects more frequency in the region where the stellar tissue is mapped by afflicting planets. The thyroid gland, chiefly ruled by the Sun, but also influenced by Venus, secretes thyroxin which is the natural balance for pituitrin. That is, a strong and over active thyroid drives the water out of the body. Therefore, the diet and stellar treatment should have for objects, restoring the back pituitary to its normal, and not too active, function, and the strengthening of the thyroid gland to point where excess water will be properly taken car of. Iodine in the food is a necessity for proper thyroid activity. The educational part of the treatment should and, among other things, to discourage emotional states, as these place a strain on both the pack pituitary and the thyroid. Mars planetary energies should be applied to the dynamic stellar structure mapped by the Moon. And Solar planetary energies and Solar etheric energies should be applied in such a way as to help thyroid glands, and induce a poised but positive state of mind.

Chart 264; male. July 31, 1909, 7:30 p.m. 88W. 37-30N.

Moon conjunction Uranus, square Saturn opposition Neptune, opposition Sun. This was dropsy of the brain; but illustrates the action of the Moon in other forms of dropsy.

Feb. 4, 1912, as progressed, with Moon opposition Venus r, and other rallying forces, died of water on the brain.

Drowning. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Drug Addiction.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Drunkenness.�Birth-chart Constant; Outstanding fiery elements in conflict with outstanding watery elements.

Progressed Constant: Aspects to Mars in particular; but any progressed afflicttion may conduce to it.

Stellar Treatment: The condition occurs so many degrees of lesser and greater affliction that hard and fast rules can not be laid down. But it may be said in all confidence, from statistical study of the charts of those who drink heavily, that those incline most to drink who have Mars and the fiery signs prominent in their charts at the same time the Moon and watery signs are prominent. The exception to this is that the sign Taurus acts in this respect as a watery sign. It is, after all, the exaltation of the Moon. Mars, for instance, rising in the sign Taurus seems equally as inclined to strong drink as Mars rising in Cancer or Pisces.

Of this we may be sure, the inclination to drunkenness is the result of inner conflict, from which the individual endeavors to flee through the effects of alcohol. This also points to the proper stellar treatment. Through psychoanalysis or questioning, the nature of the inner conflict should be discerned, and meant taken to educate the patient in his attitude so that this conflict will subside. Through the application of their planetary antidotes, and the effort to harmonize the discordant thought-compounds in the patient's body, the treatment should be such as to quiet the inner turmoil and induce peace and harmony and freedom from heavy emotional states.

Chart 270; male. April 9, 1869, 10:37a.m. 74-15W. 41N.

Five planets in Aries in the 10th; several of them square Uranus rising in Cancer. Moon elevated in Pisces. Mars in Leo, trine four of the planets in Aries. This is not the chart of a drunkard, but of a steady and consistent drinker. Had Mars more affliction he probably would have drank heavier at a time; but as it was he was never seen drunk. But he was seldom free from some influence of liquor. In spite of it, he rose as high in his profession, surgery, as one can get in the army.

Duodenum Troubles. � Birth-chart Constant: Afflictions in Virgo; less commonly a severely afflicted Mercury. Progressed Constant: A progressed aspect, usually an affliction, to the planet in Virgo or to Mercury.

Stellar Treatment: The duodenum is that portion of the small intestine which joins the stomach. It is broader than the rest of the small intestine and is about ten inches in length.

Digestive troubles, particularly when mapped by an affliction as above indicated, may chiefly attack this section of the intestine. It should again be stressed that in all digestive difficulties both diet and the thinking are about equally important. Correcting one without correcting the other is never as effective as it should be.

The treatment for duodenum difficulties should be very much the same as for dyspepsia. Mental tensions, over-work and in particular worry and irritation must be avoided, and pleasant, constructive thinking cultivated in their stead. The planetary antidotes must be adapted to the planets which map the affliction.

Chart 283; male. Oct. 11, 1878, 3:15a.m. 1-55W. 53- 15N.

Uranus in Virgo, semi-square Sun. Mercury conjunction Mars.

April 1928, as progressed, with Mercury square Saturn p; Mars sesqui-square Saturn as a rallying force, was operated on for gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Dysentery. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Dyspepsia. � Birth-chart Constant: Afflicted planet either in Cancer or Virgo; or the Moon or Mercury, rulers of these signs, afflicted.

Progressed Constant: Progressed affliction to the planet in Cancer or Virgo, or progressed affliction of the Moon or Mercury.

Stellar Treatment: The causes of indigestion, both of the acute type and the chronic type, are so numerous that space does not permit detailed mention. The more immediate causes are two in number; defective digestive secretion and disordered muscular action.

In a broad sense the more remote cause may be classified also in two categories: Errors in diet and hygiene, and errors in thinking.

The thoughts which pass through the conscious mind almost immediately tune the solar plexus in on similar rates of astral energy. This at once affects both the muscular activity and the secretions of the digestive organs. Worry, anxiety, irritation, and all the numerous other disagreeable thoughts, react discordantly upon the digestive functions. Therefore, the first thing in attempting to correct a dyspeptic condition, is to educate the patient to think and feel harmony, vigor and peace.

The next thing is a study of the proper diet, and the proper hygienic measures, such as exercise, or freedom from stooping over a desk, etc. Some stomachs are slow, and other handle certain combinations of food poorly, or not at all. Usually dyspeptic stomachs handle dry food better than wet foods. Dyspeptics should not eat between meals. Fats are hard for them to digest. They should avoid eating when too tired, immediately after undue exposure to cold, when the emotions are aroused, or when the mind is very active. Under such circumstances the blood and etheric energy has been drawn away from the stomach for other work, and there is insufficient energy left in the digestive organs to perform their normal work.

The planets in Cancer in Virgo, or Moon and Mercury, which are chiefly responsible for the trouble should be given the planetary energies which are their antidote. And the digestive region should be given both Solar etheric energies and Solar astral energies with the object in view of strengthening the whole region and increasing its vital power.

Chart 278; male. Dec. 28, 1902, 4:--a.m. 5W 5N.

Neptune in Cancer, opposition Sun. Moon opposition Pluto.

In 1928, as progressed, with progressed Moon in Cancer, and Mercury semi-square Uranus p, dyspepsia developed and has continued to present time.

Ear Trouble. � See Deafness.

Eczema. � Birth-chart Constant Upper-octave planets prominent, and Venus prominent and severely afflicted.

Progressed Constant: Aspects to upper-octave planet and to Venus; especially aspects of Venus to an upper-octave planet.

Stellar Treatment: The upper- octave planet through its action on the parathyroid glands gives a chemical imbalance which makes the individual unduly sensitive; and this sensitiveness, due to the prominent and afflicted Venus, is especially noticeable in the skin, which is ruled by Venus. Venus affects the thyroid glands, and their secretions directly affect the skin.

Careful attention should be given to the diet that there may be no indigestion, that the thyroids have iodine, that there is sufficient copper for blood building. and the vitamins required by Venus, and calcium and vitamin D for the parathyroid glands. The upper-octave planets should receive their planetary antidote, the stellar structure mapped by Venus should be treated with Saturn planetary energies, and Lunar etheric energies should be freely applied to the region the eczema appears.

Where the skin is so sensitive, clothing containing dyes, woolen garments, or things that other people do not notice, may prove to be irritants. Or the individual may have an idiosyncrasy as to certain articles of diet. Cleanliness and a carefully selected diet, especially avoiding rich foods, are of prime importance.

Chart 280; male. March 27, 1902, 3:00 p.m. 90W 40-30N.

Pluto in the 10th; Neptune opposition Uranus in the 4th. Venus opposition Asc, and square Moon.

In 1928, with Venus square Pluto r; and Mercury square Saturn r, and Mars square Saturn r as rallying forces, he had eczema.

Edema.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Elementals; Difficulties with. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Elephantasis. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Emphysema. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Employment Difficulties.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Endocarditis. � See case given under Heart Trouble.

Enemies; Difficulties with.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Enteritis.-- Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Epilepsy. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Erysipelas. � Birth-chart Constant: Upper octave planets prominent, Venus prominent and afflicted, Mars prominent and afflicted.

Progressed Constants: Aspects to upper planet and Venus, and progressed affliction to Mars.

Stellar Treatment: This is a serious affliction of the skin, and should receive prompt and vigorous treatment. The treatment as to diet, and as to irritants, should be the same as for eczema. But in erysipelas there is also a Mars condition, with inflammation of the skin, and fever, which may run so high as to occasion delirium.

Cold applications are commonly used to reduce the fever. And Lunar etheric energies should be applied to the inflamed areas with the same object. Like many Mars diseases, it is somewhat contagious.

The Mars dynamic structure should be treated with Lunar planetary energies. The diet should contain iron and be such as usually a recommended when Mars is afflicted. The intercortin and adrenalin supply have become inadequate to the demands made upon Them, and this should be corrected; as well as the over-sensitiveness cause by parathyroid weakness as mapped by the upper-octave planets.

Chart 280; male. March 27, 1902, 3:00 p m. 90W. 40-30N.

Pluto in the 10th. Neptune opposition in Uranus in the 4th, Mars conjunction Sun, Venus opposition Asc., and square the Moon.

In February, 1930 as progressed, after having eczema for two year, with Venus square Pluto p, Mars square Saturn p, and Mercury conjunction Mars p, he had erysipelas.

Excitability. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Exephthalmic Goiter. � Birth-chart Constant: Sun afflicted by Uranus; or less commonly a prominent Uranus and the Sun severely afflicted.

Progressed Constant: Sun making any aspect to Uranus, or Sun aiming severe affliction.

In this disease, in which there is a remarkably rapid pulse, enlargement of the throid gland, and unusual prominence of the eyes; the sympathetic nervous system is affected through the influence of Uranus on the parathyroid glands. The Sun also adversely influences the thyroid gland.

The diet should be that advocated for weak thyroids and that advocated for weak parathyroids; containing iodine, calcium, and vitamin D. The thought education, and the thought-treatment of the solar plexus, should have for object a calm, poised and unemotional state of mind. Emotional stress and excitement should be discouraged.

The planetary energies of Jupiter should be applied to the stellar structure mapped by Uranus, and to the stellar structure mapped by the Sun. Not infrequently , due to the sensitiveness of the nervous system and the excitable tendency, digestive troubles also are present. And these should receive proper treatment.

Chart 279; female. Oct. 26, 1873, 9:00 .m. 54W. 43-30N.

Sun square Uranus.

In 1909, as progressed, with Sun trine Uranus r, and Venus opposition Pluto r and

Mars sesqui-square Jupiter r as rallying forces, she developed serious exophthalmic goiter.

Eye Diseases.�Birth-chart Constant: Moon severely afflicted by Mars. If Mars is prominent and afflicted, a severely afflicted Moon may cause trouble with the eyes. Even a strong harmonious aspect, such as a trine, between Moon and Mars may cause trouble with the eyes of a less severe nature, if the Moon is otherwise severely afflicted. In certain types of eye trouble other planets are involved, but the Mars-Moon element is a constant of all of them. See Blindness and Cataract.

Progressed Constant: A Mars progressed aspect, with severe rallying forces.

Stellar Treatment: The dynamic stellar structure mapped by Mars and the Moon. needs to be brought into more harmonious relations. If there are other influences which give a particular type of eye trouble, they should be treated with their planetary antidote. The eyes themselves should be treated with Lunar planetary energies.

Chart 263; female. Jan. 17, 1892, 12:15 a.m. 81-45W 41-30N.

Moon square Mars.

At 12 years of age, as progressed, with Mars square Moon r, she had trouble with her eyes. Again at 19 years of age, with Mars opposition Pluto and Neptune, she had trouble with her eyes. See also charts 268 and 305.

Fainting.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Father; Difficulties with.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Fatty Degeneration.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Fatty Tumor.�Birth-chart Constant: A prominent and severely afflicted Jupiter.

Progressed Constant: A progressed affliction to the Sun, and an aspect to Jupiter.

Stellar Treatment: Because cancer is so malignant a disease, people often become unduly frightened at any kind of growth. There are various other morbid growths, such as tumors which are fibrous, mucus, fatty, osseous, cartilaginous, or of the muscular or vascular tissue.

It is the function of insulin, which is under the influence of the planet Jupiter. to store and take care of the sugars and fats taken into the system. So long as the insulin supply lasts an effort is made thus to take care of these fuels.

When a person with an unusually active insulin supply eats heartily of rich foods and takes little exercise, or eliminates poorly, the fatty acids in the blood left by incomplete combustion of the fats as fuel give rise to a condition of acidosis of the ketosis type. These fatty acids may then act as irritants on the tissues permitting abnormal condition to develop at certain spots which facilitates not merely the deposit of fat by insulin, but an actual growth where the excess fats which are in the blood stream may be deposited.

The insulin supply tries to get rid of the overtaxing burden of fat in the blood which is due to over eating, or to eating of rich foods, out of proportion to the amount of exercise taken for the purpose of burning this excess fuel. In its effort thus to rid the blood of fuel which can not be burned, it finds these irritated spots a convenient dumping ground, and thus a fatty tumor develops. They are simply an increased growth of fatty tissue.

Proper exercise and a diet less rich in fat producing qualities is the first thing needing attention. Then, as in such cases there is too much insulin in proportion to adrenalin and thyroxin, thus causing fuel to be stored rather than burned, the insulin imbalance should be corrected by treating the Jupiter stellar structure with Mercury planetary energies. In addition, there should be iodine in the food, and the stellar structure mapped by the Sun in the birth-chart should be given Venus planetary energies, and the thyroid glands with Solar etheric energies, with the end in view of increasing their strength and activity so that the thyroxin secreted will offset the excess insulin.

Solar etheric energies and Mercury planetary energies may be applied directly to the fatty tumor in the effort to reduce it.

Chart 281; female. Oct. 20, 1878, 11:00 p.m. 94-45W 38N.

Jupiter on cusp of 7th, opposition Asc., and square Sun and Mercury.

In 1933, as progressed, with Sun sesqui-square Neptune p, and Sun having made the semi-square Jupiter p, and Asc. sesqui-square Jupiter r, four fatty tumors had developed.' Feeble Mindedness. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report. Felon.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report. Female Trouble.�Birth-chart Constant: A severely afflicted Venus. More pronounced if there are also afflictions in Libra or Scorpio.

Progressed Constant: An aspect, usually an affliction, to Venus. If an operation takes place there is an aspect to Mars.

Stellar Treatment: A very wide variety of complaints come under the general term female trouble. But in all of them which are of a serious nature the planet Venus is the chief source of difficulty, and the stellar structure mapped by the planet Venus is a region requiring the application of planetary energies. If Saturn is not the afflicting planet in the birth-chart or by progression its energies may be used advantageously to combine with and build up a more harmonious combination with the Venus stellar cells. When Saturn is the afflicting planet, or when the affliction is clearly that of a negative planet, Solar planetary energies should be used.

Venus not only has chief rulership over the female functions, but it also has a pronounced influences over the thyroid glands, which are really secondary sex glands. Therefore, in giving the stellar treatment, planetary energies and etheric energies should be applied to the region where the trouble is located and also to the region of the throat where the thyroid glands are located. Solar etheric energies applied through the right hand in front and the left hand at the back are beneficial in both regions.

The diet should be such as recommended for an afflicted Venus (lesson 225) as lack of proper food elements quickly weakens the sex functions. There is also present an unregulated emotional factor, which requires careful attention in the matter of education, and in the thought treatment.

Chart 248; female . Nov. 14, 1872, 11:a.m. 74W. 40-43N.

Venus square Mars.

In March, 1915, as progressed, with Venus square Moon, she developed ovary trouble and a fibrous tumor.

Fibrous Tumor. � Birth-chart Constant: Saturn and afflicted. If the tumor is of the uterus, which is most common, Venus afflicted, and planets in Scorpio or an afflicted Mars.

Progressed Constant: Afflictions to Saturn.

Stellar Treatment: The tissue in this disease becomes course, hard, and fibrous, the growth taking on a rope-like quality. The most common location is the uterus, which enlarges and coarsens to such an extent that an operation removing it may become necessary.

Solar etheric energies should be applied to the fibrous growth, and Solar and Venus planetary energies should be applied to the stellar dynamic structure mapped by Saturn. If the tumor is of the uterus there is also a Venus dynamic stellar structure which needs Solar planetary energies, and the thyroid region should receive treatment as for female trouble.

The diet should be that adapted not merely to Venus afflictions, but also to Saturn afflictions. Some essential thing is lacking both in the diet and in the thoughts in this difficulty. Emotional unbalance, or lack of adequate emotional expression, and a self-centered quality where affectional matters are concerned are indicated. The educational factor should tend to release and correct these, and restore the thyroids to normal activity.

Chart 248; female . Nov. 14, 1872, 11:00a.m. 74W. 40-43N.

Sun in Scorpio square Jupiter. Saturn conjunction Asc. Venus square Mars.

In March, 1915, as progressed, with Mars square Saturn r, and Venus square Moon r, there was a fibrous tumor of the uterus which was removed by a surgical operation.

Financial Difficulties. � See Money Troubles.

Fistula.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Fingers; Difficulties with.�Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Food Poisoning. � Will be considered in an Astrological Report.

Foot Troubles. � Birth-chart Constant: Afflictions in Pisces, or a prominent Neptune.

Progressed Constant: Afflictions to the planet in Pisces or to Neptune.

Stellar Treatment: Foot trouble is, of course, quite a general term, covering a number of different difficulties. The planetary energies to be used are the antidotes of the planets which in the particular case are seen to be responsible for the difficulty. Lunar and Solar etheric energies applied directly to the foot are often beneficial. Usually there is a physical condition, such as improper wearing apparel or improper exercises, which needs attention. Fallen arches, for instance, respond to proper shoes and systematic exercise to strengthen the foot muscles.

Chart 305; male. Feb. 24, 1902, 4:24 a.m. 80W. 37-15N.

Mars in Pisces, conjunction Sun and square Pluto.

When eight years of age, with Sun conjunction Mars r, suffered from fallen arches.

See Bunions, and chart 266, for another type of foot complaint.

Gall-stone.�Birth-chart Constant: Mars and Saturn prominent and in aspect to each other, usually afflicting each other.

Progressed Constant: An aspect to Saturn.

Stellar Treatment: Gall-stones (biliary calculi) are hard masses, composed of cholesterine, an abundant constituent of bile, in combination with various calcarious substance. Bile is a strongly alkaline fluid, which is produced most abundantly during the intervals of digestion, moving from the gall balder through the bile ducts into the duodenum about five inches below the stomach. Together with pancreatic juices, which is also alkaline, it performs a necessary function in digestion, having properties quite different from the gastric juice, which is highly acid, produced by the peptic glands of the stomach.

When the diet is deficient in the alkaline producing mineral salts, the blood stream becomes acid. Bile can not be manufactured unless the ingredients of which it is composed are present in the blood. Under the Saturnine influence, diet deficiencies tend to develop, and sedentary habits increase this chemical imbalance through lack of proper elimination. People in the close confinement of jails, and cows that are kept closely in stable in winter, are most frequent sufferers from gall-stones.

The Mars influence depressed the secretion of adrenalin and intercortin which tend to neutralize the acid condition. The bile itself seems to be strongly influenced by Mars, and under the conditions described, the toxic blood stream may cause mucus to form in the gall bladder or bile-ducts, about which the concretions form as hard masses, being precipitated from the chemically imbalanced blood stream.

The diet part of the treatment, therefore, is of primary importance. It should be that advocated for Saturn afflictions and Mars afflictions. The blood stream must be restored to its normal alkalinity and proper chemical balance to prevent further concentrations being formed. Solar etheric energies and Solar astral energies should be applied to the afflicted region. Venus planetary energies should be applied to the Saturn stellar structure, and Lunar planetary energies to the dynamic stellar structure mapped by Mars.

Chart 282; male. April 28, 1892, 10:30p.m. L.M.T. 74-15W. 40-45N.

Saturn square Venus and Asc., sesqui-square Sun, and trine to Mars in the 1st Mars square Mercury.

March 5, 1931, as progressed, with Venus sextile Saturn r (square at birth), and Sun sesqui-square Uranus p, and Mars P Neptune as rallying forces, underwent operation for gallstone.

Gangrene. � Birth-chart Constant: Negative planets prominent, and Mars or Venus afflicted by negative planets.

Progressed Constant: Mars or Venus afflicted, and the Sun making an aspect to a negative planet.

Stellar Treatment: The internal secretion of the gonads have a tonic effect upon the tissues of the body, and are essential to enable the other glands to keep vigorous and healthy. Gangrene is the death of the tissues, and when present requires prompt and efficient treatment to prevent the spread of the disease and to prevent the absorption of the elements of the dead tissues with consequent poisoning of the whole system. In old age, when the gonad secretions are exhausted, it may start with a small black or purplish spot on the big toe, and gradually spread to other parts of the body. This type is called senile gangrene.

Everything should be done to build up the vitality, such as applying Solar etheric energy abundantly, and giving careful attention to diet. The diet in particular should favor greater thyroid activity and should build up sexual strength. Tissue must have the internal secretion of the gonads and thyroxin from the thyroid glands to keep them alive. Also, the diet and treatment must give attention to the toxic condition of the blood stream as shown by the affliction of Mars.

The stellar structures mapped by Venus and Mars should be treated with their planetary antidotes, additional Solar planetary energy should be applied to the discordant structures mapped by the responsible negative planets. The Sun dynamic structure should be strengthened. In fact, the stellar treatment should have for its chief aim the overcoming of negative conditions of both body and mind, and the strengthening of the whole system through revitalizing it with etheric energy, and reestablishing their normal activities to the gonads and the thyroid glands.

Chart 240; male Nov. 22, 1863, 11:02a.m. 41-15N.

Mars opposition Pluto. Venus conjunction Saturn, widely opposition Neptune.

Dec. 1, 1932, just a month later than progressed, with Venus semi-square Mars r, and Sun square Pluto p, and gangrene of the appendix.

Gastritis. � Birth-chart Constant; planets in Cancer afflicted by Mars, or the Moon afflicted by Mars.

Progressed Constant: An aspect to Mars.

Stellar Treatment: Acute inflammation of the stomach may be caused by alcohol taken on an empty stomach, by boiling liquids taken into the stomach, or by other gross abuses of the stomach. It is very serious illness.

The affliction of the Moon, when present, upsets the water-salt balance, and deprives the stomach of the proper liquids. The upset of the intercortin and adrenalin supply due to the Mars influence permits the inflammation to develop.

The stomach must be given absolute rest, and water must be supplier to the digestive tract, and other means should be taken to keep the temperature down in the region of the stomach. Lunar etheric energies should be applied abundantly to the inflamed region. The application of planetary energies, and the thought-treatment of the solar plexus, should have for end the reharmonizing of the Mars-Moon astral energies. Planetary antidotes should be applied where the stellar discords are strongest.

Chart 283; male. Oct. 11, 1878, 3:15 a.m. 1-55W. 53-15N.

Nothing in Cancer, but Moon opposition Mars, Sun and Mercury.

In 1928, a little before the time progressed, with Mars sesqui-square Saturn, had an attack of gastritis.

Gastric Ulcer. � Birth-chart Constant: One or more upper-octave planets prominent, Jupiter afflicted, and either an afflicted planet in Cancer or a heavily afflicted Moon.

Progressed Constant; Progressed aspect to the upper-octave planet, and an aspect to the planet in Cancer or to Jupiter; with afflicting rallying forces.

Stellar Treatment: The upper-octave planetary condition affects the parathyroids, decreasing the availability of calcium, with a resultant sensitiveness which under the other planetary condition indicated is more pronounced in the stomach. This sensitiveness of the stomach is complicated by the inability, as shown by Jupiter, to handle sugars and starches, with a resulting acidity of the blood. Commonly the diet is such as can not properly be handled, and an irritation is caused in the stomach which induces a catarrhal condition, which, as mechanical irritation is continued by the foods taken and improperly handled, and as the impure blood continues to deposit impurities and irritants there, develops into an ulcer. If such an ulcer is permitted to become malignant, hemorrhage may develop.

Dietary requirements and rest for the stomach are of primary importance. The ketosis (incompletely burned fatty acids in the blood) must be taken care of through a diet low in fates, sugars and other foods difficult to handle, and through the strengthening of the insulin supply by treating the Jupiter stellar structure with Mercury planetary energies and with Solar planetary energies.

The treatment should be that given for catarrh, with additional attention given to applying planetary antidotes to the planets in Cancer, to the Moon, and strengthening the stomach through applying to it Solar etheric energies and Lunar etheric energies.

Chart 282; male. Oct. 11, 1878, 3:15 a.m. 1-55W. 53-15N.

Uranus semi-aquare Sun, widely conjunction Asc., Jupiter square Sun; Moon opposite Mars, Mercury and Sun.

April, 1928 , as progressed, with Venus square Uranus p, and Jupiter trine Venus r, with Mars sesqui-square Saturn as a rallying force, he underwent an operation for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Goiter. � Birth-chart Constant: Afflictions in Taurus, or Venus and the Sun afflicted.

Progressed Constant: Afflictions to the planets in Taurus, to Venus, or to the Sun.

Stellar Treatment: There must be sufficient iodine in the food, and the other materials indicated when Sun or Venus is afflicted. Some areas, as explained fully in lesson No. 223, are goiter areas because they lack iodine in the foods there raised.

Goiter is a disease of the thyroid gland, the gland of energy production. It can be produced by lack of iodine in the food, by too great a proportion of protein or fat in the food, or by emotional strain. The first thing, therefore, is to provide a diet which will supply the thyroids with proper building material and which will not place upon them to great a strain. Proteins and fats require considerable thyroxin to burn.

Then there should be a systematic education in the thinking to prevent emotional reactions of a disagreeable kind, and to prevent excitement. Normal love expression and harmonious thoughts associated with the desire for self-esteem and power are beneficial.

The stellar structure mapped by the Sun should receive Jupiter planetary energies. The stellar structure mapped by Venus should receive some Saturn planetary energies; but chiefly Solar planetary energies. The throat should receive the planetary energies which are the antidote of the planets in Taurus. And the thyroids should be treated by holding the right hand at the front of the throat and the left hand at the back of the neck, while the etheric energies are permitted to form a vigorous circuit between the two hands.

Chart 284; female. May 5, 1907, 8:00 a.m. 92-30W 43N.

Sun and Venus in Taurus, conjunction Pluto, square Moon and Mars.

September, 1914, as progressed, with Venus semi-square Sun r, and opposition Jupiter p, goiter became so serious that it was surgically removed.

The Brotherhood of light. Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. Branch Letter�I. Serial No. 205. Course XVI.

Branch of Science�Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing.

Part IX. Diagnosis and Treatment: Diabetes, to Goiter. Examination Questions.

1. Diabetes is due to the insufficient secretion of what chemical substance?

2. In what way does worry or irritation contribute to diabetes?

3. In what way do the negative planets contribute to diphtheria?

4. What is the progressed constant for diphtheria?

5. What planet is prominent and afflicted in the charts of people who suffer from dropsy?

6. What are the astrological elements that contribute to drunkenness?

7. What are the birth-chart constants of duodenum troubles?

8. What are the two immediate causes of dyspepsia ?

9. In a broad sense what are the two remote causes of dyspepsia ?

10.What is the progressed constant for eczema ?

11. In what astrological constant does erysipelas differ from eczema ?

12. What two planets by their afflictions are responsible for exophthalmic goiter?

13. What type of diet is proper for a person suffering from exophthalmic goiter?

14. What two planets form the constant for disease of the eye?

15. How does a prominent and severely afflicted Jupiter contribute to fatty tumor?

16. How does lack of adrenalin and thyroxin contribute to fatty tumor?

17. What is the chief constant for all types of so-called female trouble?

18. Through what process does Saturn contribute to the formation of fibrous tumor?

19. What are the two constants, either one of which indicates trouble with the feet?

20. Why should effort be made in cases of gall-stone to keep the blood with an alkaline reaction.

21. People and cows under what circumstance tend most frequently to develop gall-stone?

22. Through which glandular secretions do afflictions to Venus or Mars tend to encourage gangrene?

23. In gastritis what energies should be applied abundantly to the inflamed region?

24. What in general is the Stellar Treatment for gastric ulcer?

25. What kind of thoughts and emotions should be cultivated by those suffering from goiter?