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In 1915 Elbert Benjamine began writing the 21 courses of occult science known as the Brotherhood of Light Lessons. His first editions were 9 page mimiographs printed on a spirit printer, the Xerox of the early 20th century. The manuscripts provided here are his first drafts of what would eventually become the Brotherhood of Light Lessons. Each is an individual serial which is numbered as such. We have grouped them into the later books that they became. Some are very different from the final editions of the late 1930's and 1940's because of the new discoveries of science and changes in Benjamine's thinking. Some are exactly the same as the final editions. We will be making commentaries on these manuscripts as well as providing the student with a background in their composition and changes. We welcome all comments and scholarship on sources of material we may not be aware of and thoughts on the subjects presented.

We will, from time to time, be making other of Mr Benjamine's works available at this location. These works will be available under the Additional Writings link.

Linden Leisge


Additional Writings
B of L Annuals and Quarterlies
Course 01 Manuscripts Laws Of Mediumship
Course 04 Manuscripts Ancient Masonry
Course 06 The Sacred Tarot And Hermetic System Of Names And Numbers
Course 07 Manuscripts The Religion Of The Stars
Course 09 Manuscripts Mental Alchemy
Course 10 Manuscripts Natal Astrology The Hermetic System
Course 12 Manuscripts Natural Alchemy Of Religious Opinion
Course 16 Manuscripts Stellar Healing
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