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Chapter 6
How To Keep Mentally And Physically Fit
ANY job can be done more effectively if the tools which must be used in doing it are
in good shape than if those tools are defective. And this applies to machine tools quite
as much as to hand tools. On earth each individual has certain functions to perform.
And the machine tools he must employ in doing whatever his work may be are his
mind and his body. He can do his work to best advantage only if his mind and body
are kept in first rate condition.
His mind resides on the inner plane. It consists of all his past experiences, including
those before he was born into human form. It not only embraces whatever knowledge
he may possess--and upon this knowledge depends his ability--but also the way
past experiences have been organized as harmonious or discordant thought-cells,
and the dominant vibratory rate which determines the inner-plane level on which it
functions and thus his spirituality.
The physical body, including the brain, resides on the outer plane. It embraces
various types of physical tissue, various organs, and the way they are related to each
other which determines their degree of coordination. And while some things are
accomplished by the psychokinetic and non-physical power of the mind, the
accomplishment of each person on earth in large measure depends upon the thoughts
which through the brain reach objective consciousness, and that which the body
does, which is termed behavior.
The mind, which is one machine tool, and resides on the high-velocity inner plane, is
attached to, and functions through the other machine tool, the body, by
psychokinesis. This ability to function through such a complex form by means of the
non-physical power of the mind has required the long training of evolution, during
which the mind has, step by step, through being attached successively to higher
lifeforms, developed the necessary knowledge and psychokinetic power.
Neither of the machine tools, on which each individual must depend for both
accomplishment and the events which enter his life, is perfect at his birth. He has to
learn physical coordination in order to walk, in order to talk, and in order to do more
complex physical things. And in addition, the physical tool must be given proper
foods and a congenial environment if it is to be kept healthy, and thus able to do
effective work.
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And to direct his physical machine properly, he must gain knowledge and store it for
future use in his inner-plane tool, the mind. Furthermore, this inner-plane tool, to be
properly effective, must also receive training and proper foods. The discords in it, the
thought-cells which use their psychokinetic power to attract misfortune, must be
trained to have different desires. To that end they must be reconditioned. As the food
of the mind are mental states, and as the health of the body and the events which come
into the life are profoundly influenced by the health of the mind, or soul, it is fully as
important that the mind shall be given proper thought nourishment as that the body
shall be given proper physical nourishment.
Certain factors of the outer-plane environment, such as heat and cold and the
outer-plane weather in general, affect the physical health. And certain factors of the
inner-plane environment, such as the inner-plane weather mapped by astrology,
affect the mental health. One needs different physical food when the outer-plane
temperature is below zero than when it is 100° in the shade. And one needs different
mental food when cold Saturn dominates the inner-plane weather than when Mars
raises the temperature of the inner-plane weather so high that anger tends to burst into
flame on the slightest provocation.
As the condition of the outer-plane machine markedly affects the condition of the
inner-plane machine, and as the condition of the inner-plane machine markedly
affects the condition of the outer-plane machine, it is important that each be given the
particular foods which are indicated by the birthchart as most needed, and that each
be given the foods that during specific periods the outer-plane weather and the
inner-plane weather indicate are needed to put these two machine tools, which the
soul must use, in as good running condition as possible.
Because the individual is not born until the inner-plane weather corresponds in
general to his inner-plane, or thought-cell organization, his birthchart indicates along
broad lines the types of mental food needed to put his mental machine in good
running order, and the types of physical foods needed to assist the mental machine
put his physical machine in good running order.
While some of the physical foods that agree or disagree with him must be learned
through experience, in the following four lessons are pointed out certain physical
foods and certain mental foods that are especially and urgently needed if in his chart a
given planet is heavily afflicted. The chart of birth shows the PREDISPOSITION
toward diseases of a particular type. The most powerful and most discordant planet in
the chart of birth shows the type of disease toward which he has the strongest
predisposition. The next most powerful and discordant planet in the chart of birth
shows the type of disease toward which his predisposition is next strong, and so on.
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The birthchart constants of 160 different diseases are given, as statistically
ascertained from the analysis of the birthcharts of those who have experienced the
disease, in course XVI, Stellar Healing. It is well to become familiar with these
constants so that the diseases toward which one has a predisposition can be known,
and precautionary actions taken that will prevent these diseases from ever
developing. These precautionary actions in particular embrace both the physical and
the mental diet advocated in the following lessons when the planets which are the
constants of the disease are afflicted.
But in addition to knowing the birthchart constants of the diseases toward which he
has a predisposition, each neophyte should know what progressed aspects always
coincide with the development of the diseases toward which he has a predisposition.
These are set forth in relation to each of the 160 different diseases considered in
Course XVI, Stellar Healing. And before these progressed constants are within one
degree of perfect, and during the time they are within the effective orb of one degree
of perfect, he should take special pains to follow both the mental and the physical diet
advocated in the following lessons for afflictions of each planet involved.
Furthermore, even though a planet heavily afflicted by progressed aspect is not a
constant for a disease toward which he has a predisposition, while the progressed
affliction is within the one degree of effective orb, he should use both the mental and
the physical diet indicated. In that way he will not only do much to prevent the
progressed affliction from decreasing the efficiency of his two machine tools, but he
will mitigate the severity of the events that otherwise are likely to come into his life
during this period.
Thus to use the mental and physical diets best suited to keep both machines in good
running order, he must not only be familiar with his birthchart, but must keep on file
for frequent consultation the record of all major progressed aspects for some time in
the future. And if he also notes the shorter periods when his major progressed
afflictions are reinforced by minor progressed aspects to one of their four terminals,
and released by transit aspects to one of their four terminals, he will be in a position to
be especially careful to have the proper mental and physical diets, and to use other
precautionary actions during the shorter spells when they are most needed.
In addition to keeping aware in advance of the inner-plane weather conditions he will
encounter, as revealed by his progressed aspects, and the specific mental and
physical foods needed for those adverse, as set forth in the following four lessons, he
should also make himself familiar with the general principles of a healthy diet, the
function of each of the various types of food, the vitamins, and the importance of a
proper alkali-acid balance as set forth in Course XIV, Chapter 3, Diet and Breathing.
Relative to the acid condition of the blood so frequently mentioned in Course XIV, Chapter 3,
and in Course 16, Stellar Healing, it is not implied that over fatigue, the eating of
non-alkaline foods, a common cold, or even the toxins of contagious diseases cause
the blood stream to develop true acidosis. Acidosis is a serious disease, and the
individual having it is quite ill. It is given consideration in Course XVI, Chapter 7.
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But muscular exertion causes lactic acid to be liberated in the blood, tissue
metabolism adds other acids to the blood, the toxins of the waste material of the life
processes of invading organisms, when these are present, add still further acids to the
blood. For the individual to remain healthy the blood stream must constantly remain
slightly alkaline. Adrenaline, cortin and thyroxin by chemical combination with
them neutralize these acids of the blood, and it is the function of the kidneys to filter
such acids out of the blood stream. The alkali residue of non-acid producing foods
neutralizes the acids in the blood, and thus takes much of the burden, which may
otherwise become too great, of neutralizing the acids off adrenaline, cortin and
thyroxin, and also relieves the kidneys of too great work.
Not only are fruit juices and vegetables juices excellent sources of vitamins and
minerals, but they should be used in colds, fevers and contagious diseases to
neutralize the acids of the blood. Often the adrenaline, cortin and thyroxin supply in
such cases and the filtering ability of the kidneys, are unable effectively to handle the
acids unless they receive assistance from alkaline producing foods. And until the
acids of the blood are thus neutralized or eliminated the illness remain serious.
A glass of citrus juice 30 minutes before breakfast, under normal health conditions, is
good to assist the assimilation of calcium from the breakfast. and as a laxative. But it
should be remembered that the juice should be squeezed fresh from the fruit just prior
to drinking, as experiments have demonstrated that the vitamins and minerals of
juiced fruits are destroyed by oxidation within half an hour by exposure to the air.
--Green leaf vegetables, such as asparagus, lettuce, broccoli, endive, mustard
greens, water cress, parsley, and turnip greens, as well as green peas, green string
beans and green lima beans, contain the green coloring substance called chlorophyll.
Without chlorophyll neither plants nor animals could live on earth, for by
photosynthesis it is able, in the presence of light to convert the carbon dioxide of the
atmosphere and the water of the soil into the carbohydrates. These form the chief
substance of plants, and animals and plants possessing no chlorophyll must depend
on the chlorophyll possessing plants to manufacture the carbohydrates for them; for
these are the chief fuel foods, and neither plants nor animals can live without them.
In addition to its unique function of manufacturing the carbohydrates (starches and
sugars, ruled by Venus), chlorophyll is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B, and
the blood-clotting vitamin K. And chlorophyll possessing vegetables eaten
daily--preferably some raw in a green salad, plus one cooked --give more abundant
energy than can be obtained from non-green vegetables plus synthetic vitamins.
According to Dr. Boris Berkman, in a statement before the 13th annual meeting of
the National Farm Chemurgic Council at Omaha, Nebraska, on March 13, 1948, in
addition to possessing the power of photosynthesis, chlorophyll is a most powerful
oxidation catalyst. He believes it increases the oxidation of the cells of the body and
thus gives them additional life. Said he further:
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"As the ravages of old age are due mostly to decreased capacity of the cells and a
slowing down of the metabolism process, this introduction of the most powerful
natural oxidation catalyst would benefit humans by slowing down the degenerative
changes occurring with age.
Fresh green salads in which sliced avocados or unpared sliced green cucumbers may
be added to the other green vegetables and sliced ripe tomatoes, are good for vitality
and to assist proper elimination.
--There is a tendency on the part of most to overcook foods. Vitamin B-1, a nerve
necessity, is destroyed by long exposure to heat. Roast beef and beef which is stewed
an hour or more thus loses more than one-half its vitamin B. All 12 of the factors
embraced in vitamin B Complex, including B-1 and B-2, as well as vitamin C, are
water soluble. Therefore, in addition to the destruction caused by heat, when they are
boiled in considerable water over some time the vitamins are removed from the
vegetables by the water. Then, when the water in which the vegetables are cooked is
thrown away, these vitamins and the mineral salts which also are essential to health
and have been removed in the water, are lost.
Vegetables should be selected for their freshness and quality. They should be
prepared in a manner that will preserve not only the vitamins and minerals, and as
much of their electromagnetic energy as possible, but also their natural delicate
flavor. To do this, fresh vegetables should never be soaked in cold water before
cooking, and tuber vegetables and fruits should be cooked in their skins, and thus
served; as both vitamins and minerals are most abundant next to the skin.
The cooking time must vary with the vegetable. The more cellulose it contains the
longer it needs to be cooked, but most can be cooked properly within 4 to 12 minutes.
Fresh vegetables should be cooked in from one-fourth to one-half cup of boiling
water. To prevent the minerals and vitamins being leeched out, drop the vegetable in
boiling water. Cook no longer than necessary, and thus preserve the minerals,
vitamins, the electromagnetic energy, and the appearance and flavor which makes it
unusually appetizing. Any salt for seasoning should be added after the vegetable has
reached the table.
Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K are fat soluble. And their value is
impaired if the fat, such as butter or fish liver oil, becomes rancid.
Influence of the Foods Upon the Emotions
-- To recondition the thought-cell organization of the finer form it is necessary to be
able to induce appropriate emotions; for it is the feeling which accompanies thoughts
which determines whether they build harmonious or discordant thought-cells with
their thought-elements. And it is the psychokinetic activity of thought-cells that
brings most events of consequence into the life.
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When the nerves are lacking in calcium, or the parathyrin supply is so low that little
calcium is handled, the individual tends to be highly sensitive to the slightest discord
or hindrance. In spite of all his efforts he may be highly irritable. And when there is an
over abundant release of adrenaline, he may be unreasonably aggressive, abrupt and
When there is insufficient cortin secreted, he may become so fearful that he is unable
to keep from being a coward. And when the pineal hormone secretion is excessive in
proportion to adrenaline and cortin, he may be negative and effeminate in his
reactions to the conditions which arise. And each of these glandular conditions which
result in undesirable emotional reactions is influenced not merely by the inner-plane
weather mapped by astrology, and by the individual's efforts to direct his thinking,
but also by the physical foods he eats.
In Course XXI, Chapter 7 we give an illustration of the effect of foods on the emotions
in the life of Gandhi. But it should be recognized that, due to the different body chemistry
as revealed by their charts of birth, people react quite differently emotionally,
intellectually and physically to the same type of diet.
Relative to intellectual reactions the charts and lives of two men, George Bernard
Shaw and Herbert Spencer, both of whom have accomplished a tremendous amount
of mental work, may be cited. Shaw, who at this writing
(1949) is 92 years of age and still turning out good literary work, has been a strict
vegetarian. He has a brilliant wit, is a dramatist and an idealist. His plays have been
immensely successful. Neptune, which stimulates the pineal secretion which makes
the handling of proteins, and especially meat, very difficult, is unusually powerful. It
is elevated, semi-square Pluto, sextile Moon and Uranus, square Asc., trine Mercury,
and sesqui-square Sun and Venus. Also Mars, the planet of meat, is in his house of
illness (sixth).
Herbert Spencer turned out an equally tremendous amount
of mental work. He wrote a synthetic philosophy embracing the findings of science
in all its various branches. Although he had Neptune trine Sun and sextile Moon,
which with Uranus rising made him so sensitive that he had a sound proof room built
in which to write, and which induced him to try to live on a vegetarian diet, in this he
was unsuccessful. Mars in the seventh square Sun, and the Moon in the Mars sign
Scorpio, opposition Sun, made it impossible for him to generate enough energy to do
good work on a vegetable diet. He gave it a thorough trial for a year, but was
compelled to destroy and rewrite all he had written while living without meat,
because it lacked clearness and the customary vigor.
Vitamin B Complex
--B Complex is now known to consist of at least 12 separate factors, 10 of which
have been obtained in crystalline form. As some of these factors are highly
important, and have been discovered only recently, it seems well here to discuss them
briefly and thus bring the knowledge of vitamins up to date.
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Thiamin hydrochloride, commonly known as B-1, is a white crystalline substance
readily soluble in water. In the dry form it is quite stable and is not readily destroyed
by oxidation. But its activity is readily destroyed by sulfite, which probably explains
its loss during the sulphuring of fruit. It also is rapidly destroyed in dehydrated meats
and vegetables, when the moisture is about 5 per cent. Beriberi is primarily due to an
insufficient supply of thiamin. It is essential for nerves and brain.
Riboflavin, once called vitamin G, but now called vitamin B-2, is a practically
odorless orange-yellow crystalline compound which is water soluble. It is rather heat
stable, but deteriorates rapidly when exposed to light. Its deficiency results in
pellagra. It is essential to the thymus gland and the proper production of lymphatic
Nicotinic acid, once called vitamin P-P, occurs as white needle-like crystals. Due to
the similarity in sound to nicotine, the acid is commonly referred to as niacin and the
amide as niacin amide. Its deficiency gives rise to pellagra. Corn meal and patent
flour contain from 1 to 1.5 mg. per 100 Gm. of this vitamin, and to meet minimum
requirements one would have to consume 1,000 Gm. which is impossible, and
indicates why those living on such food develop pellagra. By way of contrast, wheat
contains 5 to 7 mg. per 100 Gm. and is a reliable source of this vitamin. But in milling
ordinary white flour 80 to 90 percent is removed. One serving of liver will supply the
daily allowance, and one serving of lean meat will supply over half the daily
Pyridoxine hydrochloride, once known as vitamin B-6, is a white crystalline powder,
odorless and slightly bitter to the taste. Its deficiency leads to acrodyna and retarded
growth in rats, and to hypochromic anemia in dogs.
Pantothenic Acid, is fairly stable when subjected to moist heat, but is destroyed by
prolonged dry heat.
Its deficiency in chicks leads to a typical dermatitis, in rats to poor growth, necrosis
of the adrenal cortex and graying of the hair, in dogs to sudden collapse associated
with changes in the blood content.
Choline, is a colorless, viscous fluid. Its function has to do with the mobilization of
fatty acids in the body. Young rats on low choline diets develop renal hemorrhagic
degeneration and deposition of fat in the liver.
Biotin, apparently functions in making certain chemical changes in the body, but
little is yet definitely known about it.
Inositol, is a crystalline substance with a sweet taste. That it is essential in animal
nutrition has been established, but beyond that little is yet known.
Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, seems important in metabolism, but nothing about it is as
yet definitely known.
Folic Acid, is a yellow compound sparingly soluble in water. It has been used with
great success in the treatment of anemia and pernicious anemia.
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B-10 and B-11, are so closely related to folic acid that new techniques must be
developed to determine their functions.
B-12, is a crystalline compound which has been isolated from livers. It is highly
active in patients with Addisonian pernicious anemia. But its function and possible
value must await experimental work.
The High Mortality Diseases
--In the United States more people die of heart disease than from any other, next in
number are those who die from cancer, third those who die of kidney disease, and
fourth those who die from cerebral hemorrhage.
Cancer needs to be considered separately, as its relation to these other three diseases
is not plain. It is given detailed discussion based upon the statistical analysis of the
birthcharts of 100 people who had cancer, in the reference book Body Disease And
Its Stellar Treatment. It is evident that diet may increase the predisposition toward
the development of cancer, and that negative thinking precedes its development.
There are cancer clinics now in the larger cities, and people should understand that if
they go to such a clinic early enough that cancer can definitely be cured.
While at first glance it might seem that each of the other three diseases had little
bearing on the other, a little closer scrutiny reveals that the underlying cause of each
may be quite similar and that the disease which finally results in death in many
instances may be due to which is the weaker, the heart, the kidneys or the blood
As in time, with our present knowledge, no matter how well an individual regulates
his physical diet, his mental diet, and the other circumstances of his life, an individual
finally loses his physical body, and as these three diseases tend to develop with age
when the physical machine begins to wear out, in order to prolong health and life on
earth and thus add to one's usefulness, it seems well to know why so many people as
they advance in years succumb to one of these three diseases, and what are the best
precautionary actions to take relative to each of them.
According to the American Heart Assn. Inc., three times as many people die from
heart trouble as from cancer, and eleven times as many as die from tuberculosis. In
1948 it stated 3,700,000 Americans were victims of heart disease, and the same
number suffered from arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood
pressure (hypertension). These two difficulties together also cause more chronic
illness than any other single disease. Hypertension not only contributes to heart
difficulties, but as will be explained, it contributes markedly also to kidney trouble
and cerebral hemorrhage. As a common contributing factor to three of the four most
common causes of death, it needs careful consideration.
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Kidney Trouble
--Starting with kidney difficulties, let us try to get a general picture of why so many
people die from heart disease, kidney trouble or cerebral hemorrhage. The upper part
of the kidneys is ruled by Venus and the lower part is ruled by Mars. The tissues of the
body are bathed in fluid. The life processes of the body call not merely for a constant
burning of fuel through combination with oxygen, but also a gradual destruction and
replacement of tissue cells.
The by-products of these processes are picked up by the blood stream. Most of the
carbon finds its way into the open air through the mucous membrane of the lungs. But
the other toxins, especially the acids, irritate the mucous membranes. The pores of
the skin allow some of them to be eliminated, but the kidneys must remain chiefly
responsible for filtering these toxins and acids from the blood stream. And the blood
stream must get rid of them; for if its normal chemical composition is changed in any
marked degree the individual becomes seriously ill. Thyroxin, adrenaline and cortin
all act to neutralize the acids in the blood stream so that it can retain its normal
chemical composition without placing too great strain on the filtering power of the
Under ordinary circumstances one healthy kidney can filter the toxins from the blood
stream with sufficient efficiency to keep the individual in fair health; but if both are
removed or incapacitated the individual cannot get rid of the poisons which gather in
the blood stream and he soon dies.
It takes cortin properly to handle the proteins; and when there is too much protein in
the foods it places too great a strain on the cortin supply and on the kidneys. Alcohol
is very hard on the kidneys Some, with unusually strong kidneys, drink to excess all
their lives and live to a ripe old age. But it is far more common to find kidney trouble
developing in those who have drunk heavily and steadily over the years. This applies
in less degree to those who go on periodical drunks, and do not touch liquor in
between sprees, than to those who never are drunk, but consume alcohol daily just up
to the point where it noticeably affects their behavior. A system thus saturated with
alcohol must have unusual kidneys not to deteriorate when they are constantly called
upon to filter so much alcohol and its by-products.
Some people also can apparently handle an almost unlimited amount of the uric acid
of red meat; but other people, with weaker kidneys, find either much red meat or
much alcohol places too much strain on their kidneys, and if they continue to indulge
in either kidney trouble develops.
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The thyroid gland responds immediately either to Sun thinking or to Venus thinking.
Under discordant Sun emotions or discordant Venus emotions thyroxin is poured
into the blood stream. This tends to cause contraction of the arterial blood vessels,
hindering blood flow, especially the flow to the kidneys. Thus do emotions which
cause the release of considerable thyroxin contribute to kidney trouble and heart
trouble; for without an ample blood supply the kidneys become depleted, and with
arteries contracted the heart must work harder to force the blood through them.
The arterial system is composed of miles of elastic hose from about an inch in
diameter to one-twenty-five-thousandth of an inch in diameter, reaching every tissue
and every particle of skin in the body. The heart must pump blood continuously
through these miles of elastic hose. They should expand to permit an easier flow. The
pressure depends upon the power with which the blood is pumped(Sun) and the
resistance offered by the elastic hose. The hormone of the thyroid gland stimulates
the heart and contracts the blood vessels, and the hormone of the gonad glands does
likewise through its action upon adrenaline.
Cortin, which responds directly to Mars thoughts, and adrenaline, which is secreted
by thoughts of anger, irritation, the feeling of rush, worry, anxiety or fear, contract
the arterial blood vessels and raise the blood pressure even more violently than does
thyroxin. Then, after the kidneys have been debilitated through depriving them of
blood, the person who chronically holds the attitude of emotional excitement uses up
his thyroxin, and the person who keeps in a dither of irritation or anger uses up his
adrenaline and cortin, and the person who gives way chronically to worry or fear uses
up his adrenaline.
These are the three chemicals he must depend on to fight infection and to neutralize
the toxins of the blood stream. The kidneys already have become impaired; but now
they are called upon to filter out stronger acids. When such acids become too
concentrated they attack the tissues of the kidneys, causing a sloughing of the
membranes and their general disintegration.
The weaker the kidneys are the more quickly they thus disintegrate when called upon
to filter too much acid. The region of the kidneys is mapped by Libra and Scorpio,
Libra mapping the upper part and Scorpio the lower. Venus rules the upper part of the
kidneys and Mars rules the lower part. Thus we find through statistical analysis of the
charts of those who have had kidney trouble that its birthchart constants are a planet
severely afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, or Venus or Mars severely afflicted.
To the extent such afflictions are shown in the birthchart are the individual's kidneys
weak and predisposed to disease.
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The progressed constants of kidney trouble are an aspect, usually an affliction,
involving the planet in Libra or Scorpio, or involving Venus or Mars. One
predisposed to kidney trouble, therefore, should take special precaution to keep his
blood stream slightly alkaline, and to avoid emotional excitement, as well as to use
the proper harmonious thoughts to neutralize the influence of the planet afflicted by
progression, during periods when the progressed constants of kidney trouble are
High Blood Pressure
--Pituitrin from the back pituitary, secreted over abundantly in emotional
disturbances affecting family life (Moon) also contracts the blood vessels, except
those of the kidneys. And an acid blood stream irritates the lining of the vessels
causing them to constrict. With age chemical imbalances may cause their walls to
become coated with calcium and other deposits, making them brittle and raising the
blood pressure.
It is now also believed that a high fat diet is related to hardening of the arteries. Both
the arteries and fat are ruled by Jupiter. Recent investigation has shown that those
suffering from hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) have these hardened
arteries coated with minute globules of fat which deprives them of elasticity. And it
has been shown that arterial hardening is more common in fat, over nourished people
than in lean under nourished people. Peoples who eat low fat, or almost fat-free diets,
such as the Chinese and Okinawans, seldom have arterial hardening, and in Germany
during the fat-shortage years following World War I, it decreased markedly.
The birthchart constants of hardening of the arteries are Jupiter and the upper-octave
planets prominent and usually afflicted. Anyone with these constants in his chart of
birth should keep his diet free from too much fat and other rich foods, so as not to
develop the ketosis type of acid blood stream, which seems to make minute fat
deposits on the arterial walls. And he should see that he has plenty of calcium,
vitamin B-1, and vitamin D in his food so that he handles the calcium properly.
Hardening of the arteries, through reducing their elasticity raises the blood pressure.
And, of course, emotional disturbances which release either thyroxin, adrenaline or
cortin, cause the heart to beat more rapidly and the blood pressure to rise.
Relative to blood pressure, there are two, the systolic pressure created by the
pumping force of the heart, and the diastolic pressure when the heart is at rest. The
systolic pressure is the high one, and the one people with high blood pressure usually
worry about. Under such pressure the brittle or weakened walls of the blood vessels
may break, and if the break is in those of the brain there is a stroke, or apoplexy,
resulting from cerebral hemorrhage. Such high pressure may also overwork the heart
and bring about its enlargement and wear it down.
But high diastolic pressure is also important, for it seems often associated with
degeneration of the tiny arterioles and damage to the kidneys.
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Cerebral Hemorrhage
--The birthchart constants of this disease, which is fourth in the number of lives it
takes, are Uranus prominent, usually an afflicted Mars, and commonly an afflicted
planet in Aries. The afflicted planet in Aries, when it is present, maps thought-cell
activities in the region of the head which gives a predisposition to diseases affecting
this region in preference to some other. As Mars is the ruler of Aries, in less degree
the afflicted Mars indicates the same predisposition. But the afflicted Mars also
indicates that at times the cortin and adrenaline supply are either over active or
deficient. As the progressed constants are an aspect involving Uranus, and an aspect
involving Mars, it is the tendency of the thought-cells these two planets map that
needs special attention.
Aspects involving Uranus are coincident with a type of electrification which gives
the highest nerve tension of all. The electrical energies flowing over the nerves not
only give a high degree of nervous excitement, but they are subject to abrupt and
erratic changes. Under the influence of the Uranus thought-cells people often
become unreasonably enthusiastic, or unusually emphatic, about conditions and
events that other people take more matter of factly, for Uranus is the planet of
The danger from cerebral hemorrhage increases with age, because commonly the
blood vessels are more brittle, or are weaker, due to age. And if they have been
weakened by acids in the blood stream, or if they have become brittle through
insufficient parathyrin to handle calcium, or if they have become inelastic through
coatings of minute globules of fat, even a little sudden increase in the circulation may
cause their rupture. If the rupture is in the brain, the pressure on the brain where it
occurs usually results in a stroke in which some section of the body is paralyzed.
The precautionary action where such predisposition is indicated is through the diet to
strengthen the walls of the blood vessels by not too much fat and rich foods, and by
sufficient alkali residue foods. And to see to it that the calcium is properly handled
through supplying it in the food along with vitamin D. Nor should B-1 be neglected,
which is essential when Uranus is involved to keep the nerves stable. If the nerves
become irritated it is more difficult to keep from high tension nervous states, and
from experiencing emotion.
Excitement of any kind should be avoided, and undue strain, for thyroxin, adrenaline
or cortin released into the blood stream increases the circulation and raises the blood
pressure; and under excitement or strain one or more of these are thus released. And
in addition the thoughts should be cultivated which are the antidotes of Uranus and
Mars; harmonious Jupiter thoughts for Uranus, and harmonious Moon thoughts for
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Heart Trouble
--Heart trouble is of various kinds, but for all of them three birthchart and three
progressed constants are present; an aspect involving the Sun, an aspect involving
Mars, and an aspect involving Venus. In some types of heart disease other constants
are present. In coronary thrombosis, for instance, both in the birthchart and by
progression, either Neptune or Pluto, and often Jupiter, is involved. And in valvular
trouble resulting from rheumatic fever, Saturn is involved at the time the fever
The Sun rules the heart, therefore it is not surprising the thought-cells it maps are
always involved in heart difficulty. And the thyroid gland responds to either Sun
thought-cell activity or to Venus thought-cell activity. It is the gland of energy
production, and has a direct effect upon the speed of metabolism. The more of its
secretion, thyroxin, there is in the blood, the more fuel is consumed and the faster one
lives. And the faster one lives the more work the heart must do. Through their power
to release thyroxin, and thus affect the amount of work the heart must do, both the
Sun and Venus have a direct relation to heart difficulties.
Mars rules the muscles, and as the heart is the most important muscle of the body, it is
influenced by Mars. But also two other hormones of energy production are released
by Mars thought-cell activity; adrenaline, the hormone of emergency energy, and
cortin, the hormone of courage. These not only speed up the heart action, but they
also contract the blood vessels and thus contribute to the most common form of heart
trouble, that which accompanies hypertension (high blood pressure).
Coronary occlusion, or thrombosis, is another form of heart trouble. A clot forms on
an artery in the heart, or moves there from some other region, and increases in size
until it blocks the flow of blood. 20% of the people to whom this happens die within a
few hours. In other instances the clot moves on, but usually scar tissue forms which
decreases the efficiency of the heart.
Rheumatic heart, which so often leaves a murmur, is due to this infection of the heart
muscle by the organism which causes rheumatic fever. It attacks the heart,
destroying considerable muscle and injuring the valves. With defective valves, the
heart has to work too hard to keep the circulation normal, and may wear out and
Hardening of the arteries causes them to become smaller and less elastic. Unless the
blood pressure is raised to compensate for the smaller aperture through which the
blood must move, not only other organs, but the heart also, receives too little
nourishment. Thus starved, scar tissue forms in the heart and cuts down its
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I suppose I should also mention the common term angina pectoris. This consists of
stabbing pains which indicate the heart is not getting enough blood. But instead of
itself being a specific disease, it is a symptom which makes known a condition of the
heart which may result from any of the four heart diseases mentioned. About half a
million Americans die of heart trouble each year. In those cases where Neptune,
Pluto, Saturn or Jupiter is a constant, both the mental ant the physical diets should
also be used which are the precautionary measures for afflictions involving these
planets. But for heart trouble in general, it is clear enough that the physical diet
should be such as to keep the blood stream properly alkaline--for acids in the blood
cause the blood vessels to contract--and that it should not contain too rich foods or
too much fat to coat the blood vessels with small globules and thus harden them. The
blood vessels should be kept elastic, so the heart will not be overworked in forcing
the blood through them.
The diet should contain the Sun requirements; iodine for the thyroid, and manganese,
vitamin B Complex and vitamin A. It should contain the Mars requirements, to keep
the muscle healthy and to keep it from being undernourished through impoverished
blood. These requirements are vitamin A, vitamin B-1, vitamin C, iron, and not too
much protein, but ample variety of protein. And it should contain the Venus
requirements; vitamin A, iodine for the thyroid, copper for the blood, and vitamin E.
As this is written there is a big controversy in the medical profession as to the
effectiveness of vitamin E in restoring heart patients to health. But in nearly all the
functions in which either Mars or Venus takes part the other in some manner
cooperates. Vitamin E is the most important Venus vitamin. It is believed to exercise
control of oxidation of the tissues. And as both Venus and Mars are constants of heart
trouble, it seems the part of wisdom for those with a predisposition to heart difficulty,
and those suffering from it, to see to it that they get abundant vitamin E.
Of course, physical foods are only the minor half of the problem of preventing heart
disease. The major half of the problem lies with the inner-plane, or thought foods.
As emotional excitement of any kind tends to release one or more of the hormones
into the blood which contracts the blood vessels and thus causes the heart to
overwork, calm and harmonious thoughts should be cultivated to replace worry, fear,
anger, irritation, sorrow, and any thoughts which tend toward excitement. Domestic
problems should not be permitted to cause discordant thoughts.
Not only should the thoughts and feelings be kept such that no excessive amount of
pituitrin, thyroxin, adrenaline, or cortin will be released into the blood to increase the
circulation or contract the blood vessels; but harmonious Sun thoughts should be
cultivated. Instead of disappointment and dissatisfaction with the significance
attained, and placing oneself under pressure to gain more significance, when one has
done his best, and without too much strain, he should cultivate a feeling of
satisfaction in it. This will recondition the Sun thought-cells to seek more
harmonious expression.
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For the Mars thought-cells, whenever anger, irritation, lust, the feeling of
antagonism or the tendency to strife, undue haste, or undue expenditure of energy
begins to be felt, the individual should turn his thoughts pleasantly to some project
having to do with the comfort of his family, or which contributes to the welfare of the
aged or young or those otherwise helpless. This will divert their psychokinetic power
into more healthful channels.
For the Venus thought-cells which tend to cause undue emotion; when emotions start
to develop, harmonious Saturn thoughts should be brought into the mind to displace
them. For this purpose there can be used thoughts of caution, of system and
forethought; the recognition that permitting emotion of any intensity or excitement
of any kind is unwise, and quite unnecessary to live a long and happy life. Such
thoughts thus applied will modify the Venus thought-cells and cause them to work
for health and other beneficial things.