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The Brotherhood of Light lessons presented on this site are a presentation of the Hermetic Philosophy. These lessons lead by easy steps from first principles to complete mastery of the most difficult occult subject. The most advanced student, as well as beginners, will receive new light from every lesson. They are issued with the definite purpose of providing a Philosophy based on 'How to find out for yourself'. This is a Philosophy of Natural Law, as understood and taught by the Hermetic Initiates of ancient Egypt and Chaldea. Like the ancients Philosophy and Science are the same in that they present facts and leave the individual to judge what is real. The Author of these lessons (CC Zain, aka Elbert Benjamine) passed to the Inner Planes of Life in 1950. He specifically asked for his work not to be changed by others. All new work and new discoveries of science and research that are added should be under the name of the author of those additional writings. We have begun the work of updating the Science and we are working on new research in Astrology, Alchemy and Control of Life. It is added to the Student PDF copies of the Lessons presented on this website. As in Ancient Masonry the rubble must be removed from the grave of the Master to find where Truth is present and provable. The Hermetic Order welcomes all to test the ideas and tools presented in these Teachings.
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I have pierced the illusion of matter and seen that I am Divine. -- Zanoni

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