Linden Leisge, Website Director

Linden Leisge is a teacher that specializes in Hermetic Philosophy. He became a member of the Brotherhood of Light in 1966. He has served as staff member, director and president of the International Church of Light when it was headquartered in Los Angeles, California. He is familiar with many areas of knowledge; Astrology, Alchemy, History, Alchemy of Consciousness. He has also been a student of Tai Chi Chuan for over 30 years. He is editor of the Rising Star on this site and has done research on Astrology. Along with the Webmaster, John Molfese, they both maintain the Light of Egypt website. Linden has lectured across the United States and traveled to Europe to teach and spread this philosophy. He has a lifetime commitment to this work as did Mildred Schuler and many others who love and work unceasingly for these teaching.

Mildred Schuler, Founder of the Rising Star Magazine

This picture is Mildred's 108th birthday. Jared Cerullo,a relative of Mildred's, is the young man standing next to her. Our work on the Rising Star here on the Light of Egypt is carrying on her desire for the spread of the Hermetic Philosophy by those who knew her work. One of us Linden Leisge the Editor of the Rising Star was a friend of hers for over 20 years. They worked together on many projects and hope to continue to move forward in the spirit of Cooperation with all who want to carry on the work. Mildred was a commercial artist by education and drew the cover of the Rising Star you see on the cover page. She did many illustrations and Oil paintings of many early pioneers of Hermetic Philosophy. Mildred printed the Rising Star for over 50 years in Wichita Kansas at her home. With the help of her brother and many volunteer writers the Rising Star spread the Hermetic Philosophy for all those years and we carry on in that tradition.

John Molfese, Light of Egypt Webmaster.

John Molfese has died on September 19, 2015. John is a hard working Sun conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, a Hermetician and 35 year member of the Brotherhood of Light, who wants you to be inspired and at home at the Light of Egypt website.
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