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We have presented 2 charts for Pluto. Both came from data published by Neil Michelsen. The 02-27-88 chart data was published in the 1980 edition of The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century, 1900 to 2000 at Midnight. The 02-26-88 chart was from data published in the 1990 edition of Tables of Planetary Phenomena 2nd Edition.

Both are presented here for the evaluation of the student. It is only by comparing the aspects of Pluto with world events that a correct conclusion regarding the correct data to use can be reached.

Because we know that the timing of the start for the Pluto Cycle is controversial, we invite input from anyone with additional timing data for that event.

We welcome and encourage such experimentation and hope you will share your results with us through Light Of Egypt.

Thank You.
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